Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “Second Chance” – 9/17/12

I’m sorry, everyone. Been off my game a bit with starting to combine work and school. Here’s my recap & review for last week’s Warehouse 13. Better late than never! 😉


We start the episde off with Myka, Pete, and Artie arguing about Brother Adrian, when Artie gets a ping about a man who is rusting. He sends a protesting Pete and Myka off to find the artifact. As soon as they leave, Steve and Claudia come bother Artie about Adrian. He distracts them with information about the metronome and sends them off with a possible way to cut Steve loose from it. As they hurry off, Mrs. Frederic, H.G. Wells, and Leena show up. Artie finally caves in and tells them everything. Mrs. F says she would have done the same thing in his situation.

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They all ponder over what this evil might be that Artie had created. Artie tells them his fear and the vision showed him that it might be Claudia. Mrs. F is sure it isn’t Claudia; she would have felt that. They figure it might actually be Brother Adrian. H.G. thinks it makes sense, and Mrs. F figures that the vision Artie had about Claudia may have been implanted in his head.

In the end, Mrs. F and H.G. are at the hiding place of the astrolabe. Leena had seen in a vision where it was hidden. Mrs. F hands it to H.G. and tells her to disappear with it; she can’t contact any of the Warehouse agents in order to keep everyone safe.

In the meantime, Pete and Myka travel down to Dalton, West Virginia. They visit the rusting man, Leonard Bukowski, but he doesn’t know how this could have happened.

When they visit the steel mill where Leonard works, there is a strike going on. After talking to the men for a second, one of them starts getting sick and rusting, as well. Their first suspect turns up, as well: the owner of the mill, Sisco.

Inside the mill, Myka talks to the owner about the accident with the foreman the week before, accusing him of staging it. In the meantime, Pete goes through his office but comes up emptyhanded. They are back at square one again as a third victim presents itself, one that has never been to the steel mill. When they go and visit the third victim, they find that every victim has a connection with a boxing gym in town. Arriving at the gym, they find everyone quite hostile, and Pete decides to box against them to try to get some information. He gets hit pretty hard a couple of times. When he asks a couple of times too many about the union leader, Sam Geraty, Sam comes into the ring to ask what is going on. Cody Bell then enters the ring and steps up to fight for Sam. Cody is unusually strong, and Myka notices that something seems to happen to Cody during the fight as he knocks Pete out. They learn that Cody’s dad was the foreman who had the accident the week before. After accusing Sam, he gets sick while Cody wins the fight. On a video Myka shot, they can see clearly that something happens to Cody when he gives the final blow to the other guy.

Pete and Myka talk to Cody’s father in the hospital, where they learn that it was Cody who saved his life in the accident. Cody pulled him up with just one arm. After talking to Artie about it, they figure it must be a piece of shrapnel coming from an Afghan museum, where Cody saved the lives of two of his fellow soldiers. Cody overhears them and flees away from them.

At the mill, Cody has poisoned two guards while he is threatening Sisco. Pete comes in between them, and Sisco runs off. Pete and Cody fight, and Pete gets poisoned. While they’re fighting, Myka stops Sisco and tells him she knows who he really is, and he admits to causing the accident for the insurance. After this, she hurries off to Pete and Cody to find Pete sick and fighting Cody. Since the shrapnel is against Cody’s heart, they can’t remove it, so Myka takes a needle and injects the purple “goo” into his chest in the hopes that this will work. Luckily, it does, and everyone starts to feel all right again.

They even managed to make the work conditions better by talking to Sisco earlier. Once again, Pete and Myka saved the day.

Steve and Claudia go to his mom’s house after learning a riddle about how Steve might get off the metronome. He hasn’t been there for ages and didn’t exactly leave on good terms. While drinking tea, Steve is extremely uncomfortable and doesn’t want to talk about what happened between them.

Steve and Claudia try the ritual the same way they did to get him back to life. When they try to see if it worked, they both start choking when they stop the metronome. Luckily, they manage to turn it back on. Steve is mad and storms out. Claudia and Steve’s mom start talking about what is happening to Steve, and Claudia learns that they had a fallout over his sister Olivia’s death. She had stopped the murderer from getting the death penalty because she couldn’t add his family’s pain to her own, and Steve never understood and never forgave her for that.

Claudia goes to Olivia’s room, where she finds Steve. He is upset. She explains that it might not be the house that can set him free, but his mom. He says that he is screwed, then, because he can’t forgive her. His mom comes in and explains everything again. She says she doesn’t think about the murderer but about Olivia every day, and that is what makes it possible for her to get on with her life and why she didn’t send that boy to death row.

When they hug to make up, they accidentally all three touch the metronome, and his mom starts chocking. Without a moment of hesitation, Steve throws the metronome across the room, and it smashes into pieces. It takes them a moment, but they then realise that Steve is off the metronome, and he is free and alive.

I liked H.G. being back, so I didn’t like it she has to disappear again with the astrolabe, and I keep wondering if we can really trust her. If I was Mrs. F, I might not have send off H.G. with the ONE thing that can ruin the world again. Can’t help but wonder if this is going to bite them in the ass at some point.

I love that Artie came clean to H.G., Mrs. F, and Leena, and I am happy they agree with him. I also love that it is not Claudia who is the evil—I would really have hated that. It makes more sense that it would actually be Brother Adrian. I’m curious to see how this is going to explode in the season finale. I’m hoping he tells Pete, Myka, Claudia, and Steve soon, as well. I like them as a team, and now, they are split up because of this.

I also like this set up for the episode—two long-term arcs and one within the episode solved a problem.

– Charlotte

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