Recap/Review – Survivor – “Don’t Be Blinded By The Headlights” – 9/26/12

Last episode, we met the veterans and new castmates, caught up with Jeff, and saw Zane leave after Matsing lost the challenge. From last episode, my favourite was Malcolm.

Contestant Drama:

Matsing (blue):
Coming home from tribal, and Russell can’t stop talking about how he thought he was going to be voted out. He says he wants to step back now, but that seems very doubtful. Angie and Malcolm are cuddling, as it’s pouring rain outside. The first thing I thought of was Rob and Amber and their romance that formed from it, but what is really occurring is Angie manipulated Malcolm. Or as Malcolm referred to it, “booty blindness.” When Roxy discovers them, she starts thinking about how to get rid of them, and she informs Russell of the information.

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Tandang (yellow):
While checking to make sure the rice wasn’t getting moldy, RC finds the clue and shares it with Abi-Maria (AM). AM is concerned about the relationship between RC and Michael, and when she confronts RC about it, their relationship seems to be hurt by it. Someone needs to keep watch over Michael… He keeps injuring himself; it’s like he just wants the attention from it.

Kalabaw (red):
Jeff is one of the only people happy about the rain because it helps him deal with his knee. I really hope he’s able to continue on this show without it becoming a factor because I like him. Jonathan is still obsessing over the immunity idol clue he found. After digging through the sand and making a bit of a mess of camp, he rethinks the clue’s wording of “right under your nose,” which he realizes means it’s on the rise container. After finding the idol, Jonathan seems aware of the ways that many people go wrong because of cockiness, and although he doesn’t say he won’t make those mistakes, he seems to have learned from them.

In groups of two, people must run out dragging a flat and pile it with puzzle pieces. After doing this three times, two people from the tribe (that have already done the dragging) then make the three puzzles. First place gets tarp and blankets, second gets a tarp, and third is forced to tribal council.

Matsing is just a hot mess with Russell and Angie dragging the flat until Malcolm pulls it all by himself on his round. He brings them from way last to second when starting the puzzles, but they drop back again when the other teams work better on their puzzles. At some point in this challenge, every team has been behind and then picked it back up. Tandang finishes first, Kalabaw pulls it together in the final few seconds, and Matsing is going back to tribal. Russell starts ranting about how no one on his team is going 100% other than him, and they need to do better. Perhaps he just isn’t listening to his tribe.

Russell wants Roxy or Angie to leave, and as Roxy is his eyes and ears in camp, he thinks about getting rid of Angie. Angie and Malcolm are concerned that they’ll be the ones to leave, and they want Roxy to leave because she doesn’t do anything. Malcolm recognizes the bad position that he’s put himself in and hopes it doesn’t hurt him. Denise is the swing vote in this tribal, and she sees reasons for voting out both.
Tribal Council:

Jeff asks what is the one thing Roxy could change about camp. Her response makes everyone a little uneasy, when she says that after losing challenges, they need to stop working. Isn’t that exactly the opposite of what you should be doing? When posing the question to Angie, Jeff definitely didn’t expect her to say cookies. The ensuing expressions on Jeff and the rest of her tribe was hilarious. So dumbfounded by her response, it brought up even more tribal council drama. Roxy calls Angie and Malcolm out on their snuggling at night, which puts the pressure on Angie to dig herself out of this hole, which she never really does. The animosity on this tribe is ridiculous. You need to be uniform to succeed, and they definitely are not that.

Thankfully, the votes went 4-1 Roxy. Although Angie may be as daft as a brush, her relationship with Malcolm doesn’t seem to be as awful as an inactive teammate. Did being dumb save Angie this time?
More Thoughts:

I feel like Michael’s injuries are just a form of him getting attention. It’s what he’s known for, and it’s something that will bring everybody’s attention to him whether they like him or not. I don’t want him to get seriously injured again, but I also don’t want to deal with seeing these minor accidents, either.

I don’t feel very confident that Matsing can pull it together and start winning challenges. Not to already think about the merge, but you need numbers when you go into it, or it’s a sure bet that you’ll lose out, and with Malcolm on a losing tribe that’s falling apart, it doesn’t seem likely at the moment.
Next Episode:

Michael injures himself more, Russell starts losing hope in the game, and Lisa tries to figure out how to play.

What did you think of the episode?

– Lauren

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