Modern Family Season 3 Blu-ray Review

Modern Family Season 3 came out on DVD & Blu-ray on September 18th. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, it’s a must for any fan of the show. Not only do you get all the great episodes (which include the season premiere of the family trip to Wyoming and the family’s trip to Disneyland, as well as the more grown-up Lily and Gloria finding out she’s pregnant), but you get tons of great extras, as well—and those are what I’ll run through quickly for you.

One thing before I do, though… I appreciated the fact that the listings for everything on each disc weren’t hidden behind anything. When you open the case for the Blu-ray, they are all listed there on the back of the front cover, not hidden by any of the discs themselves. Very helpful if you’re looking for a specific episode or extra.

Now, jump with me to check out the extras.

Disc One:

Disc one includes episodes one through nine, as well as deleted & alternate scenes for seven of the nine episodes. Each set of deleted/alternate scenes are labeled with the episode number, which is great because if I want to go look up the episode, I can. None of these were very long scenes, and there are just one or two per episode. But the one for episode two was my favorite. It’s Cam talking about coddling Lily, showing him carrying her everywhere. Like most things having to do with Cam, it is over-the-top and hysterical.

Also included in disc one was “Destination Wyoming,” a behind the scenes look about getting the whole cast there to Jackson Hole, why they chose to film there (two of the writers took their families to a dude ranch over vacation), and details about each of the story lines. It was fun to revisit that one and made me want to watch the episode again to see how it all flowed.

The disc also includes “A Day on the Set with Ty,” which was pretty darn funny and…very Phil-like. The episode they were filming that day was where everyone is trying to get Claire elected to Town Council. Bryan Cranston (from Breaking Bad) directed that episode, and it seemed like he & Ty really had a good relationship.

Finally, the last extra on this disc is “Adventures of the Modern Family Kids,” which wasn’t quite as exciting as I’d thought it might be. It’s a behind-the-scenes look with the kids in Wyoming. It shows them having fun while not shooting the episode itself (hang gliding, bungee trampolining, going up on a gondola-type thing, rock climbing, and bobsledding on a skate thing). Sarah Hyland is the only “kid” not included (because she’s not technically a kid, I guess?). This showed clips of Ariel Winter (Alex), Nolan Gould (Luke), Rico Rodriguez (Manny), and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily).
Disc Two:

Disc two includes episodes ten through eighteen, as well as deleted & alternate scenes for only three episodes (twelve, thirteen, & fifteen), but each featured multiple scenes. I liked this better, I think, than having one or two short ones for seven different episodes.

Also included on disc two is “A Modern Family Christmas,” where you go behind the scenes with each of the different groups that are getting prepared for Christmas, as well as how they got the “snow” in 85 degree weather (Hint: a BUNCH of ice and a wood chipper-type machine. lol).

One of the cutest parts of any of the discs was “Driving Lessons,” where they went behind the scenes as Manny & Luke “borrow” Cam’s car that they are supposed to be washing so they can let Manny show off his driving to the girl he thinks is cute. It was fun watching Nolan & Rico be suave & excited about it.

Finally, I enjoyed watched “Ed O’Neill Gets a Star,” where they showed Ed (Jay) getting a star on the Walk of Fame because of his long success in Hollywood, first on Married with Children, and now with Modern Family. Steven Levitan (Creator/Executive Producer for Modern Family) speaks about Ed first, then Katey Sagal (his wife on Married with Children) & Sophia Vergara (Gloria on Modern Family), and then finally, Ed himself. It was fun watching Katey & Sophia tease him.
Disc Three:

Finally, disc three includes episodes nineteen through twenty-four. One again, there are only three episodes worth of deleted & alternate scenes on disc three, but it included one of my favorites… In episode twenty-four, the season finale, Haley & Dylan are preparing dinner for her parents to tell them they are moving in together, and they make jokes that…are a little naughty. They were very funny.

Also included is “Modern Family goes to Disneyland Resort,” a behind-the-scenes look as the cast goes to Disneyland to film the episode. It seemed to go pretty smoothly, even for such a huge, busy place, so that was fun to see.

Finally…the “Gag Reel,” which is always my favorite part of TV on DVD/Blu-ray. There was some great, amusing stuff, but I think my favorite was watching Sophia figure out some of Gloria’s lines. I love her, and these were great.
Overall, the Modern Family Season 3 Blu-ray is well worth the money you have to spend to get it. This show is one you can enjoy over and over again and find it just as funny as the first time.

If you want to buy it, check it out on Amazon here: Modern Family Season 3 on Blu-ray.

The new season started last week, so don’t miss new episodes on Wednesdays on ABC at 9/8c.

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