Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “I Fought The Law” – 9/30/12

Alicia must defend her son in court when an overeager cop arrests Zachary; Diane and Will have been assigned a trustee to help manage their large debt.


We pick up right where Season 3 left off – Kalinda waiting for her volatile husband to knock down her door. But it’s Bill, presumably one of his henchmen that’s been sent to give Kalinda a message. He claims to come in peace, but the large gun Kalinda pulls out of his jacket says otherwise. Apparently, it was he that called Alicia at home, and Kalinda gives him a black eye as a thank you.

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Zach, driving Grace and a sleeping Alicia, is stopped by Officer Rob; he wants to check the car for drug paraphernalia. Annoyed, the three exit the car and watch Rob and his dog search the car. According to Rob, his dog started pawing on the passenger side of the car, prompting a legal search. Rob says that he found a marijuana shake but will let them off with a ticket and warning. He notices that Zach is recording the conversation with his iPhone and demands that he delete the recording; it’s illegal to record an officer. Instead of deleting the recording, that familiar whoosh sound of a sent email is heard, prompting Officer Rob to arrest Zach.

David Lee is leaving and suing the firm, despite knowing of their financal woes.

Peggy (Krisitin Chenoweth) arrives to interview Peter. Actually, she’s watching his reaction to Mike Kresteva’s family values campaign commercial and asks that oh-so-repeated question about his separation from his wife.

Lockhart and Gardner are 60 million dollars in debt, and the court has assigned a trustee to supervise and solve their management issues.

With all that debt, they leave Cary and Alicia to attend to their new client, Nick Sabarese. He wants the firm to vet two potential employees to see which of them will increase his chances of obtaining a government contract.

Peggy arrives at the firm, with Eli in tow, to interview Alicia. She asks about the separation, specifically as to how the two of them are “mending fences,” and how she feels about setting women back to the 50s. Alicia responds with very short, one-word answers and, when pestered, tells Peggy that her marriage is none of her business.

Diane informs the employees of the firm of the arrival of the trustee, Clarke Hayden (Nathan Lane). He suggests they redecorate the offices with less posh furniture, but their snooty clients will notice the downgrade and find new lawyers. Hayden decides to meet with the two partners separately and then, if necessary, reduce staff.

Zach’s illegal recording may not be so illegal after all; his phone recorded video and played that annoying track that was playing in the car before they were pulled over. And it’s only illegal to record audio, not video. Sensing their loss, the prosecutor then adds obstruction of justice to the charges and leaves Alicia only a day to gather evidence. Outside the courthouse, Alicia meets Phil Tapia, the State’s Attorney for Madison County; he’s has a cryptic message for Peter – “The police like their pensions.”

An expert claims that Officer Rob garnered a false positive from the dog by encouraging him.

Alicia and Cary advise Nick to go with the second applicant, but Nick is far more interested in the firm’s investigator and wants to speak with her. He gets in the elevator to leave and is followed by Kalinda. They take their scuffle down to the parking garage.

Hayden meets with Diane first and inquires about Will’s importance to the firm. After all, during his suspension, he was unable to bring any money into the firm, and it would serve the firm best, financially, to have only one name partner.

Zachary found a website dedicated to posting instances of police abuse and came across several posts mentioning Officer Rob.

Eli and Peter come home for a quick powwow. She doesn’t want the kids involved in the campaign at all. And she tells Peter of Tapia’s message, and he’s not too happy about it.

Will and Diane agree that they’ll have to reduce staff and find that Hayden fed them the same story – only one should be at the top.

Peter phones Tapia, demanding that he drop the case against his son, have the arrest expunged, and have Officer Rob apologize to Zach.

Kalinda and Nick are lovers, not fighters…or maybe a little bit of both? After Nick gets out of bed, Kalinda says that she wants him gone, forever. Something tells me he won’t leave so easily.

Will pulls Alicia to the side to tell her that Peggy wants to interview him, not Diane, about Alicia’s performance at work. They worry if she’s sensed their (long-gone) sexual tension.

Hayden meets with David Lee, who claims he’s owed three million dollars from the firm, but since he has decided to quit, that would make him a creditor, not an employee, and he would only receive 5 cents on the dollar, making his payment a measly $150,000.

Tapia ignores Peter’s request, and Alicia is back in court, defending Zach. She argues that the officers, while claiming to try to hinder the movement of drugs in their county are, in fact, confiscating money made from drug sales. Ninety percent of the stops made were on the north side, when it’s well known that the drugs arrive on the south side of the roadway.

Tapia, feeling cornered, threatens Peter, saying that he’s coming after Zachary.

David Lee has had a sudden change of heart and announces that he will stay on at the firm.

Zachary posts a video that becomes ever so popular of Officer Rob’s crimes, prompting an apologetic phone call from Rob and the end of his trial.

Since deciding to keep Will on as a name partner, Hayden’s next move is to cut 30% of their staff. Ouch!

Diane and Will count down to the end of Will’s suspension. He’s baaaaaaack! Apparently, Alicia had a similar idea in mind, as she leaves a bottle of champagne on a desk after seeing the two celebrate.

Great season premiere! Kalinda’s husband is all kinds of creepy/scary/sexy! Perfectly cast.

And we begin the season with two of my favorite actors as recurring(?) guest-stars: Kristin Chenoweth and Nathan Lane!

Since Matthew Perry is otherwise occupied, will Tapia step in as Enemy #1?

Can’t wait til next week!

– Lindsay

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