Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “The Ones You Love” – 9/24/12

First of all, don’t read this if you haven’t watched the episode yet. I’m late, so chances are, you have watched it already. If so, keep calm and carry on. I have recapped all of the stories seperatly untill they come together at the end, so basically, every paragraph ends without an ending.

Artie is in the Warehouse, when Adrian shows up and tells him his plans: he is going to punish all of them. Myka and Pete come rushing over, but by the time they get there, Adrian is gone again. Artie is going to need all their help to fight this battle.

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Suddenly, there are three new hits on where artifacts have been sent. They don’t know what artifacts have been sent, but Pete, Myka, and Claudia recognize the adresses.

Yuma, Arizona is where Pete’s ex-wife Amanda lives. Colorado Springs, Colorado is where Tracy, Myka’s pregnant sister, lives, and the third is known only by Claudia: it is where her brother Joshua is living. They figure that this is the way Adrian is punishing them. Only problem is, nothing seems to be missing from the Warehouse. Pete, Myka, and Claudia rush off to save their loved ones, while Leena and Artie stay behind to find Brother Adrian.

After running into Adrian previously in the Warehouse, Artie decides to protect himself and loads a real gun, not one of the Warehouse guns. Leena is worried about all this, and when she’s on the phone with Claudia, she sends Trailer (the dog) to check on Artie. While he is on the phone with Myka, he discovers the system database is jammed and hangs up on her. He discovers Adrian again in the Warehouse and shoots him in the shoulder. He can’t make himself kill him because he isn’t that kind of person.

Amanda figures Pete showing up and her feeling awful aren’t a coincidence. She is running a fever and feeling worse every minute. Pete tries to figure out what could have caused it, but the only thing that arrived that day was a empty leather box, and that one doesn’t go *poof* when he bags it.

When Amanda’s condition keeps getting worse, they go to the hospital. When Pete hugs her because she is scared, he discovers that her tattoo is burning up more than the rest of her body. The only problem is, she doesn’t have a cat tattoo. All of a sudden, Amanda starts feeling better, while Pete is starting to feel worse. The tattoo moved to his body when he touched it and is finding its way to his shoulder. On the phone with Artie, they learn it is the tattoo of a Russian terrorist who assassinated Czar Alexander II. Artie tells him to get it off his body, to cut it off if necessary, because it will blow up. Amanda tries to do just that, but the tattoo seems to know and moves when she gets close with the knife. When an alarm sounds, Amanda tells him that that is the radiation dectector. Pete knows that if he blows up, he will take a lot of people with him, so Amanda locks him in a blast free bunker, after a dramatic, heartbreaking farewell. Amanda confesses that she never stopped loving him.

In the bunker, he calls Myka to say goodbye to her. Together, they figure that the tattoo can be transfered skin to skin, and if the leather box is in fact the terrorist’s skin, Pete might be able to get it off his body. After some failed attempts, he manages to get it back on the box and saves his own life. A shocked and crying Amanda is happy to see Pete walking out of the bunker again, and he asks her to get him a chopper.

Tracy is really happy to see Myka. Myka in return decides not to tell the real reason behind her visit. During a hug, some kind of static electricity seems to run through Tracy, and her eyes flicker green for a moment. Tracy says it’s the new carpet. Myka is trying to figure out what the artifact might be, as sneaky as she can. In the nursery, there are at least a couple dozen gifts, any of which could be the artifact. When Tracy goes down to make some tea, Myka tries to “spray whammy” a sweater set but ruins it when it doesn’t react. Tracy gets really upset about the ruined sweater set. Myka explains it is a government issued anti-fungel spray, and obviously the sweater set was covered in mold.

When Myka tries to walk away to answer Pete’s call, her cup of tea falls on the floor and burns through the floor. Myka gets a bit worried about this. When she’s on the phone with Pete, she discovers a knife missing from the knife rack in the kitchen and hangs up on him. She tries to get help from Artie, but other than stating it must be something sibling-related he is no help. Myka tries to explain what is happening to Tracy, but she just claims Myka is crazy and tries to kill Myka (again). During their fight, their comments to each other get personal. After a struggle, Myka manages to tie Tracy to the crib. She is still trying to figure out what the artifact is when Pete arrives. When he asks how she is doing, she answers that she is fine, but next Thanksgiving might be a bit problematic. When they go through the trash, they find a rope that looks old-timey, but it doesn’t react to being bagged. They decide to cut it in half, and luckily, that works. Tracy is back to normal, and Myka explains that the big mess in the baby room was caused by a wind storm that rushed by.

Arriving at Joshua’s house, Claudia is still trying to reach him by phone, but when she enters his house, she sees his phone lying on a table in the hallway. Right after she spots Joshua standing in the living room, frozen in an amber-like substance. Claudia calls Leena for help since Artie won’t answer the call. Leena learns that Joshua must have been sent Pliny the Elder’s scroll. He theorized that amber went from liquid to solid. Unfortunately, Joshua is holding the scroll in his hand, and Claudia can’t bag it. She destroys the amber by heating it up and cooling it down really fast. This works, and she is able to bag the scroll and the amber around Joshua breaks, freeing him.

Claudia and Joshua talk about how Adrian could possibly know he was living there. She was the only one who knew. Joshua says he doesn’t understand, either, since Artie was very clear on the fact he couldn’t tell anyone. Claudia is confused because it seemed like Artie didn’t know anything about it earlier. Joshua remembers that Artie did act weird on the phone, almost as if he wasn’t himself. Claudia gets worried.

Steve and Mrs. Frederic are in Rome, trying to figure out what has happened to the Brotherhood. Steve gets a Warehouse gun from Mrs. F., specially made by Claudia. The library where the Brotherhood resides seems to have been left in a hurry, but no one ever saw them leave or has seemed to have seen them in four months. When looking for a hidden panel, Steve gets sucked up by a painting. Mrs. F. takes the painting out of the frame, and Steve pops back out. Mrs. F. explains the frame was made by Rembrandt’s master frame maker out of the tree of life. One by one, the members of the Brotherhood come popping out. Steve has to shoot the first couple of Brothers before they start listening to them. Mrs. F. explains to them that global disaster had struck, which forced one of her agents to use the astrolabe, and now one of their Brothers is attacking the Warehouse agents. The brothers ask who she is accusing of these attacks. When she says it is Brother Adrian, they tell her that that is impossible. Steve looks at the painting and knows they are not lying.

Pete is having a really big weird vibe. Claudia calls Pete, after he tells her about the vibe. She says she thinks she knows why. Artie has lied to her about Joshua. Pete says it’s weird that Artie had just hanged up on him. Myka remembers him saying the database was down. Claudia says that that is not possible because she set up a remote testing system, and she would have known about it being down.

Artie is in the process of bronzing Adrian. Leena finds a screen taken down off the wall with a cable hanging loose. When she reconnects it, it alerts her that something is going on with the bronzer. Trailer comes running, and he leads her to Artie. The bronzing of Adrian is complete, but then Adrian appears again out of the bronzer, and his bronze statue is gone from the bronzer. He tells Artie he is a fool. Artie tells Adrian to leave them alone and just leave. Artie tries to shoot him but fails. Leena comes running in and asks in panic what he is doing. Artie tells her to get out.

Meanwhile, in Rome, Brother Adrian comes out of the painting and knows something must have happenend. When Mrs. F. asks him if he’s ever been to South Dakota, he claims to never have been there. Steve confirms he is telling the truth. They wonder over who the Brother Adrian at the Warehouse might be.

Leena is crying while looking at Artie screaming at Adrian. She yells at him to stop it because nobody is there; it’s just him. All the puzzle pieces start to fall into place for Artie, and he freaks out. Leena is trying to calm him down by saying that they will figure it all out. Mrs. F. calls Leena to check up on her and to tell her to leave the Warehouse. Artie is going mad by now. It was all in his mind, and everything that has happenend and has been done to people, it was all him.

Leena asks him to let her help him, when he suddenly becomes calm and cold, stating “it’s in the dark vault.” Leena tries to stop him and asks him who he is while getting more and more scared. His only response is “You’re in my way.”

Pete and Myka are in the car, when he suddenly stops the car because he is having a really big vibe. Not since his father’s death has he had a vibe this big. He tells Myka to call the Warehouse. No one answers. The phone is ringing next to Leena, but she has been killed by a gunshot.

My god! I truly hope that they didn’t actually kill off Leena. We need a sane person in between all these extroverted people! I’m afraid they might have actually done it.

I think I sat in shock and sadness for at least 15 minutes after the episode ended. I didn’t see Artie’s revelation coming. At least not before Joshua’s and Claudia’s conversation about the weird phone call. I started to suspect something then, but not it being all Artie!

And now he has killed Leena, which makes everything a million times worse. They had managed to stop everything “Adrian” had done in time up until this point, but he has crossed a bridge he can never come back from now. Unless he really didn’t kill her. (I am staying hopeful!) And everything he has done before this could be forgiven, but I don’t see how they can overcome this when all is said and done. I don’t think they will in the one episode that is remaining, either.

Further, I loved everyone going out and saving their loved ones (and how I love that Amy Acker is Myka’s sister! Bring her back more!), and my heart almost started breaking when Pete tried to say goodbye to Myka in the bunker.

Special mention of the funniest line: “I’m fine, but next Thanksgiving might be a bit problematic.” Just laughed out loud at the way Myka said that.

– Charlotte

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