Recap/Review – Castle – “Cloudy With A Chance of Murder” – 10/1/12

Beckett and Castle investigate the murder of a local weather girl; Castle accepts a dinner date invite after he and Beckett decide to maintain a single status in public.


Beckett and Castle decide to maintain their secret relationship but remain single in front of their coworkers. Five minutes into their single lifestyle, Castle screws up and forgets to bring Beckett coffee.

Mandy Michaels, the busty weather girl, was found dead in an alley. Her blouse is torn, and there are bruises on her arms. Her camera crew last saw her at 9:30 p.m.

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Esposito and Ryan find her cell phone and purse in the hands of Jonathan Goodheart, who claims to have found the purse on Lexington and East 9th. (There’s no such address here in the city, but we’ll overlook that.) The detectives find a note in her purse that reads, “If it gets out, I’ll kill you.”

Lanie determines that Mandy’s death was made to look like a mugging gone wrong, as she finds that her shirt was ripped after she was shot, and the bruising occurred postmortem. She also notices a difference in Kate and wants to know the name of her special someone.

Camera makeup was found on Mandy’s blouse, leading Beckett to speak to her station manager, seeking information on any enemies Mandy might’ve made there. Mandy argued with Rebecca Fog, the new meteorologist, last night.

Rebecca openly admits her dislike for Mandy; she sensed a twinge of jealousy from the weather girl as her forecasts were more accurate. She confronted Mandy last night when she found out that Mandy stole her equipment.

Castle and Beckett then talk to Mandy’s makeup artists. They say they’d figured out that Mandy had a secret lover from all her extra-private phone calls. Those calls came from a married sports star, Reggie Blake, and Mandy was last seen getting into his car before her murder.

Esposito and Ryan, still squabbling, try to show each other up when going after Reggie. Their overeager behavior gets them matching black eyes from Reggie’s bodyguards.

Reggie insists that he and Mandy were just friends; they were both on the charity board. He did offer her a ride last night, and she asked to be dropped off at Paley Park. Unfortunately for them, Reggie’s wife confirms his story, and they must look for a new suspect.

A surveillance camera across the street from Mandy’s apartment picked up footage of Miles Haxton, Mandy’s coworker, entering her apartment. Her neighbors overheard the two of them arguing a short time ago. Haxton claims that he was her secret lover; they had been dating for a couple of months, and since it was against office policy, they could tell no one.

Haxton then goes on to generalize all office relationships, saying that they’ll never work and eventually blow up, making Castle and Beckett awfully uncomfortable.

Reggie says that he picked up Mandy from the ER a week ago; she wasn’t injured. She had offered the station’s pilot $1000 to use the helicopter for twenty minutes. She took Rebecca’s equipment and had him fly over New Jersey. When she started to wheeze, he brought her to the hospital.

At the station, celebrity interviewer, Kristina Koterra, asks Castle if he’s seeing anyone. Since he’d taken a vow of “public-singleness” with Beckett, he accepts her invitation to dinner. Beckett is not happy.

The pilot flew over eight factories in New Jersey looking for one that emitted the chemical styrene over the legal limit. One factory, Cazuli Carpeting, emitted high levels of styrene, and if Mandy went public with that information, he’d be shut down.

Cazuli is brought in for questioning but refuses to say anything until his lawyer arrives, leaving Castle and Beckett to think aloud on his behalf. He doesn’t like the conclusions they are coming to, so he admits to sending her the threatening note but says that it was only meant to scare her.

Even with Cazuli’s submission, all of their evidence is circumstantial at best. They find a photo of the factory, taken at street level of the Cazuli factory. It doesn’t mean much until they notice the time-stamp; Mandy couldn’t have taken that photo; she must’ve had a partner.

While Esposito, Ryan, and Beckett try and find said partner, it’s time for Castle’s date with Kristina Koterra. She’s not interested in going out for dinner, as she’s showed up at Castle’s apartment with oysters; she’s hot-for-writer!

An adorable, fumbling Castle tries to delay the inevitable, and in his haste, butt-dials Beckett. To Beckett, it sounds as if Castle has encountered an intruder. She breaks down his door, gun drawn, to find a bikini-clad Koterra straddling Castle.

His encounter with Koterra proved useful in that he found out that the only (other) man to turn her down was Miles Haxton, as he has a boyfriend.

Haxton claims to have meant to only scare Mandy. She had initially promised that he could have the story to boost his career. She changed her mind after finding out about the children hurt by the high levels of styrene and wanted to turn over her findings to the EPA.

Ryan and Esposito renew their bromance after Esposito views the video footage of their beatdown; Ryan took a punch for Esposito. Aww.

Castle promises to not make Beckett worry about other women. We’ll see how that goes.

Caskett has got to be the most adorable couple ever! I’ll admit, I was nervous about a possible Moonlighting-esqe start to the season. However, they’ve still got it! Esposito’s always-perfect timing doesn’t hurt, either!

Can’t wait till next week!

– Lindsay

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