Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Mourning Sickness” – 10/2/12

Violet is bombarded with sob stories from Pete’s former patients during the Balinese send-off held at Addison’s home; Sheldon’s patient throws him a curveball at the end of their session.


As Violet prepares for Pete’s cremation and funeral, we hear her read his last will and testament. Pete’s last wishes were that his ashes be scattered in the ocean and a Balinese party be held in his honor; he doesn’t want anyone to mourn his passing.

The Balinese party is held at Addison’s beach-front home; Violet’s home of unfortunate memories is officially on the market. Violet hands off a few of Pete’s personal items to the guys before it’s time for karaoke. (Hopefully, only Sam will sing!) Amelia suggests they take the kids somewhere else as the weird funeral party continues.

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Sheldon is wrapping up his meeting with his patient, Nick. Nick is dumbfounded by the happiness of the people around him and doesn’t know how to attain it. He won’t be coming back to see Sheldon, as he’s decided to kill himself.

Back at the party, Cooper suggests that he and Charlotte liven up the party with the news of Charlotte’s pregnancy. But she isn’t ready to share the news of the three “bloodsucking tics” in her uterus. And the mom of the year award goes to…

Violet barely listens to one of Pete’s former patients drone on about her selfless husband while another woman weeps behind him. This has got Violet thinking about the future, prompting her to ask Cooper to be Lucas’s guardian if something should happen to her.

Back at Seaside, Nick tells Sheldon of his suicide plan and the event that prompted his desire to end his life. He recently met a woman, Gail, at a coffee shop, and they hit it off immediately. They went out on a date and afterwards went back to his place. Nick said he felt no sexual desire for Gail until he thought of Stella. Sheldon is quick to tell Nick of the normalcy in this situation until he learns that Stella is Nick’s eight-year-old goddaughter.

Cooper tells Charlotte of Violet’s request, and she, already less than thrilled over her future as mom to FOUR children, has no desire to add a possible fifth child into the mix.

Nick has never acted on his desires but has to pass by an elementary school each morning, making things…difficult for him. Sheldon says that his self-restraint will lessen as he fantasizes about these girls, and that’s what worries him.

It’s “Pete saved my life” palooza at Addison’s. Everyone seems to think Violet wants to hear of their encounters with Pete. Violet escapes to the back porch, finding comfort from Mason, the youngest and possibly wisest one at the party.

Sam and Addison decide that espresso beans will be their topic of choice as they venture from exes to friends again.

Nick doesn’t see a point in living; there are no support groups or quick-fixes that can remove this problem. Sheldon struggles to help Nick maintain a positive outlook; while it’s true that there is no magic pill for this, with intensive therapies and finding ways to keep himself busy, Nick can survive. Nick didn’t expect this reaction from Sheldon and doubles over; he overdosed on acetaminophen before coming to see the doc because he didn’t want to die alone.

Sam finds marijuana in Pete’s leather jacket. Violet takes it and heads upstairs, cutting off one of Pete’s friends in the middle of his very own Pete-story.

Addison finds a very high Violet in the bathroom. Cooper joins too, and soon, he and Violet are having cravings for cheese in the bathtub. Jake orders pizza for the two of them while Sam lectures them on the unhealthiness of their ways.

Nick is alive but barely. Sheldon leaves him at the hospital but will be back to work on his future.

Violet has had enough of hearing about how wonderful her husband was and lets everyone know of how selfish and angry he was at home. Addison gets the call about Mark Sloan, and she bursts into tears, leaving Violet to angrily start karaoke on her own.

Addison must tell Amelia of Mark’s passing and also asks her to be Henry’s guardian.

Sheldon confides in Jake about his skepticism over saving Nick.

Violet breaks down in Cooper’s arms as she scatters Pete’s ashes into the ocean.

This episode was surprisingly enjoyable and disturbing all at once. Kudos to the writers for their depiction of an actual session of therapy and to the actor who played Nick; he was entirely too believable.

Pregnant Charlotte and high Cooper and Violet claimed all the funny for this episode. It’s very hard for me to imagine tiny Charlotte birthing three babies at once.

Jake and Addison are oh-so-happy for a whole episode, so you know there must be trouble lurking around the corner.

Till next week!

– Lindsay

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