Recap/Review – Revenge – “Destiny” – 9/30/12

Revenge is back! And I’m back recapping this show for you, but I’m sharing custody with Lot (Charlotte, who also recaps Warehouse 13) of this show. I’m starting this week, and we’ll probably be alternating each episode. I couldn’t be more happy that the show is back together with Once Upon a Time. And I’m happy to be starting the recaps again, but last week was a good exercise in time management with all my duties. So I’m sorry for getting this to you this late.

Jump with me to read the recap and my thoughts.


Flashing forward to three months from now, we see a diver exploring the Amanda, which has sunk due to an explosion, and they find a body in the wreck.

Three months ago, Emily was in Japan training with Takeda. During one of her trainings (being tied to a pole in the water, with the water slowly rising), she remembers things about her mother, but before she drowns, a mystery man saves her. Back on shore, she fights the mystery man and warns Takeda that she will exact revenge on everybody that kept information about her mother from her. After Emily leaves, the mystery man tells Takeda he will keep an eye on Emily and help her with her mission.

Back in the Hamptons, Charlotte has been in rehab since her attempted suicide but asks to visit the Memorial Day charity auction her mother used to organize, especially since she missed her mother’s funeral. Conrad allows it, and Dr. Thomas agrees to escort Charlotte.

Emily visits Nolan in New York, and she updates him about her new priorities (finding out what happened to her mother) and how Takeda enlisted Amanda to help her in her mission. Emily and Nolan decide to visit the hospital her mother was in. At the hospital, they find a Charlotte Clarke in the visitors’ log, and they figure it might be Victoria who visited. And maybe Victoria had Emily’s mother declared insane?

At Greyson Global, Conrad tells Daniel he can access his trust, but only if he invests this and his inheritance back into Greyson Global. Daniel is reluctant, but his father reminds him of the choices he made. Daniel eventually decides not to listen to Conrad because he isn’t willing to go down with the company, much to Conrad’s displeasure.

At the charity auction, Daniel and Ashley run into Emily for the first time, and they have an awkward first meeting since the breakup. When Charlotte arrives, Conrad asks if she wants to spend the summer in the city, and Charlotte implies they might sell the Hamptons manor. After the start of the auction, Charlotte takes the microphone to say a few sweet words about her mother, but quickly after she finishes, Dr. Thomas tells her that her blood work came back positive, and she has to go back to rehab. In the struggle, Charlotte breaks free and whispers something to Emily.

The next thing we see is Emily visiting Victoria in a small cabin. Victoria asks how Emily learned about her location, and Emily tells her that Charlotte told her after being forced to get back into rehab. Victoria tries to call Charlotte on a burner phone, but Dr. Thomas answers. Victoria figures Dr. Thomas will be on Conrad’s payroll to keep Charlotte locked up.

During a call between Conrad and Dr. Thomas, it turns out Conrad is paying the doctor to have Charlotte declared mentally unstable so he can get power of attorney and access her inheritance.

Back at her summer home, Emily asks Nolan to turn a small clam into a spy cam and run a deep background on Dr. Thomas. Nolan finds out that the doctor has a record of keeping patients locked up. Emily takes this information to Victoria and installs the spy cam in her cabin.

Watching the cam feed, Nolan and Emily see the white-haired man, and Victoria tells him to “eliminate the liability” concerning Emily.
In other story lines:

Jack had been having trouble accepting Amanda and becoming a father. And when Emily places a doubt in his mind about who’s the father, Jack asks Amanda for a paternity test. Meanwhile, The Stowaway is declared a health risk due to issues with the plumbing, which Jack decides to fix himself.

  • The mysterious man has ties to Emily.
  • Victoria is alive!
  • Daniel is turning to alcohol again.

    I’m very glad the season started with another flash forward. The structure worked well for the first season, and now we know someone will turn up dead and The Amanda will sink. The flash forward was a lot easier than last season’s, though, so I’m hoping the revelations from the investigation will be a little more intricate.

    Overall, the episode was informative. It filled in a lot of gaps after finishing the first season while leaving us with a nice set up for this season. Emily’s focus has shifted to finding out what happened to her mother, but the Greysons will play a pivotal role. But Nolan and Emily finding the visitors’ log at the long abandoned hospital felt a little convenient.

    I was glad to see that Daniel is still having doubts about Emily, because he and Ashley seem such a bad fit. And speaking of Ashley, why would she be still working at the Greysons after Victoria passed? I like having her around, but this might get a little too ridiculous. And speaking of bad fits, Jack and Amanda are probably heading for difficult times. Jack is clearly not over Emily yet.

    As for Emily and Amanda, I liked how Takeda informed Amanda and instructed her to support Emily. But I’m also glad Emily is very careful in accepting Amanda’s help because she still seems very unstable.

    Best line of the night definitely goes to Nolan looking at a large photo of Victoria: “Do you think she’s somewhere looking up at us?”

    Since the second episode, “Resurrection,” already aired, I will restrain from telling you what “will” happen. 😉

    Well, that’s it for the first episode of the season. What did you think? Are you glad Revenge is back? And do you like the pairing with Once Upon a Time? Look for Lot’s recap for the second episode, and you’ll see me for the episode after that.

    – JJ

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