Recap/Review – Survivor – “Create a Little Chaos” – 10/10/12

Last episode, Matsing lost and sent Angie home 3-1. Over in Tandang, Pete started a new alliance and later found the immunity idol.

The mood around Matsing’s camp is so terrible, but I guess that losing three tribe members in nine days does that to a team. Russell continues to look for the immunity idol but says the audience probably thinks he’s stupid. How could you tell? Both other tribes already found it. Pete from Tandang decides to disturb the peace in his tribe by revealing RC’s immunity idol clue so Abi-Marie will get mad at her, and boy, did it work. Abi is furious with RC, while RC is terribly confused. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it because they aren’t losing yet. Over on Kalabaw, Jeff and Carter have created an alliance with Jonathan because he has they idol, but neither expect to bring him to the end with them. Poor Jonathan; hopefully he clues in!

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At the challenge, both Tandang and Kalabaw have to sit out half their team, and they both choose their ladies. One at a time, people go through an obstacle course with two heavy chamber pots on a balancing rod which they must place on beams. After all three have come back to the start, they must make their way through the course again before one person aims a tetherball to break each chamber pot. Winners get steak, veggies, spices, and utensils, runner-up receives pot and utensils, and losers go to tribal council.

Malcolm goes through first for Matsing and really brings it, giving them a great lead (the first time all season), until Denise lowers them back down. Pete brought Tandang into the lead, and Jeff squeaked by with Kalabaw to snag second place, leaving Matsing in last again, bringing an outburst from Russell. That got awkward quickly.

In tribal council, Probst went to every person on Matsing to find out why they should and shouldn’t be sent home. Both men find that Denise is “so sweet.” They might have to send her home because of her social game, but Russell seems to know he’ll be going home. His reasoning behind staying is that he’s almost as good as Malcolm. Is that really a reason to keep somebody? No, definitely not. Clearly Denise and Malcolm agreed, as it ended 2-1 with Russell leaving.

With one veteran gone and only two people left on the Matsing tribe, who do you expect to leave next?

– Lauren

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