Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “And the Law Won” – 10/7/12

Will’s trying his first case since suspension and turns down a hefty settlement offer, annoying the firm’s trustee. Kalinda’s relationship with Nick is starting to affect her professional relationships.


Hayden puts the lawyers in the hot seat, asking each why they should be kept as opposed to their fellow lawyers. Alicia’s response: she’s good, and she won’t compare herself to anyone else.

Will is trying his first case since suspension. He’s suing for wrongful death and shows the video of his client’s son, Tyler, tasered during a protest. Officer Mailen, responsible for the boy’s death, says that he had no other choice but to taser Tyler as he was charging at the officer.

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They receive an initial offer for $800,000, and while Hayden and Diane feel that it’s sufficient, Will wants to try for more. Hayden says no, but as Diane points out, it’s up to their client to accept or deny an offer. Their greed and overconfidence passion for justice is how they’ve ended up in the hole.

Hayden cut the boastful John he interviewed that morning, and Diane assigns Alicia to Will’s case in his place. She’s using their attraction to ensure that Will stays at the top of his game.

Kalinda is missing from work again because of her hot psychopath hubby, Nick, so they can share ice cream, among other things.

Diane approaches Maddie Hayward, the owner of the building, to see if the firm can lighten their real estate load. Maddie will hear their plea but wants to hear it from Alicia.

Tyler’s fiancé, Christine, is now on the stand to elicit sympathy from the jurors, and she’s doing a beautiful job, sobbing at length on the stand. And all is going well until Judge Temple allows a question from one of the jurors. They want to know why she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring on the day of the protest. Will helps Christine, obviously flustered, into her answer; she was worried about theft. And there goes the sympathy!

Hayden strongly suggests that they snatch up the offer before they lose the case.

Kalinda is finally back, and Will is less than welcoming; she doesn’t even know what case he’s working on! He needs her to find out which juror has inside information on the case.

Alicia gives Nick the heave-ho when she finds out that he’s Kalinda’s dangerous husband. He walks out calmly, “accidentally” knocking over an art piece by the elevator.

Alicia hasn’t heard back from Maddie, so Diane requests that she phone her to speed things along.

Hayden let the entire team of Mergers and Acquisitions go except for Alison Saybeck – the one person Alicia recommended.

Maddie approaches Eli, offering a contribution to Peter’s campaign. Usually, she only supports female candidates, but she likes Alicia.

Having already established that he’s a tried-and-true Harvard man, Alicia points out the medical examiner’s educational background to Judge Temple. He points out the harmful effects of the electric volts.

At Diane’s insistence, Alicia presents the firm’s restructuring plan. She says they’re having a “momentary cash flow problem.” (That sounds so much better than “We’re drowning in debt.”) But Ms. Hayward is more interested in Alicia’s personal life. She wants to know if Alicia agrees with Peter’s politics.

After hearing that Tyler’s tox screen came back negative, another question arrives from the jury – would antidepressants show up on the tox screen? This sends off a little lightbulb in Defense Attorney Deerfield; he has one last question, or rather, assumption, for the doctor. If Tyler was depressed, the sudden breakup of the engagement could’ve caused him to act irrationally.

Judge Temple meets with counsel in chambers, reprimanding Will and Alicia and insists that they hand over Tyler’s complete medical history. They’re losing, and Deerfield knows it, as the original offer of $800,000 is off the table.

Tyler’s former psychiatrist confirms that Tyler was not on medication at the time of his death. He had prescribed Elvatyl three years prior, for anxiety, not depression. When the defense has the opportunity to cross-examine the doc, he brings up a study that linked that drug to increasing symptoms of depression. And the study was from Harvard, peaking the interest of Judge Temple, of course. However, Deerfield takes it too far when he asks if the drug could possibly lead Tyler to try to commit suicide by cop. Suddenly, each juror has a question. This trial will never end if this continues.

Kalinda comes home to find her loving husband waiting for her, gun drawn. When she rushes into her bedroom, Nick smashes his hand into a mirror, causing Kalinda to come to his aid.

Kalinda speaks with Carl Bayliss; he was there the day of the protest. According to Carl, Tyler was calm that day and was only there for his fiancé. He even thought it was funny that Tyler was “stickered.” Undercover cops place red stickers on the backs of those thought to be troublemakers.

When she goes back to view footage of the protest, you can see a red circle on Tyler’s backpack, but its a happy face button, not a red sticker. And seconds after Tyler started seizing, the button appears to have disappeared.

Eli thanks a confused Alicia for recruiting Maddie Hayward for Peter’s campaign.

Hayden meets with Alicia once more, giving her three more names. Feeling the pressure, Alicia says she likes all of them. Hayden assures Alicia that it’s not her opinion alone that decides the fate of the staff.

Maddie approaches Alicia before court to ask her out for drinks because she needs a friend. I don’t trust her…

Officer Mailen is back on the stand and is questioned about a still from the video of the protest. Tyler’s backpack is shown from afar with the red circle on it. When asked if he can see it, Mailen denies it twice! After Deerfield clears his throat, he can see the light. Will fast forwards a few minutes into the video, where the button has disappeared. Mailen denies removing it but is clearly agitated when he exclaims that it only mattered that the button was there in the beginning. The same button he denied seeing two seconds ago?

Hayden won’t let Alicia drop Nick as a client. The (paying) crazy man stays!

Even though she’s currently fawning over Alicia, Maddie denies the firm’s restructuring plan.

Will garners a hefty $3.5 million settlement from the Beecham case!

We end with an unusually calm and happy Peter, Alicia, and of course Eli over their recent successes. Is this the calm before the storm?

I’m in the minority on this one, but I like Nick; maybe it’s just the accent, but we’ve never seen Kalinda unravel in the face of a man. Yes, she’s strong and a fierce woman, blah blah blah. She’s devoured every other potential love interest (men and women). Yet, with Nick, she’s unstable, prompting Will’s lecture, and while I wouldn’t like her to stay that way, I’m curious enough to see where the writers take us with these two. (I may stay away from ice cream for a while, but who needs the calories?)

– Lindsay

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