Recap/Review – Castle – “Secret’s Safe With Me” – 10/8/12

Castle and Beckett try to find the significance of a storage unit filled with seemingly meaningless items to the murder of a young woman. Alexis learns of Castle and Beckett’s secret relationship.


A woman hastily scribbles out a bloody message before she dies.

The all-knowing Martha has Castle tell Alexis of his secret love affair with Beckett before she goes off to college.

Wendy Dupree, from Philadelphia, is found dead in her hotel room. Before she died, she managed to write out the word “LIE” in her own blood. Inside her purse, they find a threatening note along with $4000 cash.

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Wendy stole the money from her boss, who admits that he came to the city to find her but did not murder her.

Wendy signed up for an auction on 8th Street; the market auctions off unclaimed storage units. That “LIE” found next to her was actually 317, the same number as a unit up for sale. Since they don’t have time to acquire a warrant for the unit, the cash-laden Castle bids on the unit. Alas, he doesn’t have enough cash, so Beckett acquires cash from a fellow bidder in exchange for a check and a character in Castle’s next novel to be named…Eunice (ha!), after his mother.

They dump the contents of the unit at the station, and Gates is none too happy until she finds a small doll among the mess. Figuring that he’s finally found his way into Gates’s heart, he gives her the doll. The owner of the unit, Johan Fleming, is actually Wendell Dupree, Wendy’s twin brother. Their parents died in a car crash, and Wendell became a drifter. He was hit by a subway train and died six weeks ago. Before his death, he called Wendy, saying their problems were solved. She believed his death was not an accident. She came here just for that storage unit, but they can’t seem to find anything of value in it.

Wendell worked as a chauffeur for socialite, Angelica Henley, and the two interrupt her lavish party to ask about Wendell. She knew him as Johan and says the police recently cleared him for the robbery of her $4million pink bracelet.

Alexis is upset, and Castle assumes that she must hate the new woman in his life.

Ryan and Esposito looked into the robbery and find that Wendell must’ve had a partner. Maybe that partner killed him for the bracelet? Beckett suspects that one of the eager bidders is Wendell’s partner. But he only buys the items to resell them. He declined an offer of $500 to bid on 317.

Gates asks Castle to autograph his book, still overjoyed that she was able to complete her creepy doll collection.

Ryan found Wendell’s partner, Marco Vinstrolli; he rented a storage unit next to 317 and broke in the morning of the auction, removing a large safe. They find him in his van, trying to crack it.

Vinstrolli admits to stealing the safe from the storage unit but didn’t know about the bracelet until after he heard about Tyler’s murder. When the detectives open the safe, they find nothing. Ms. Henley was scheduled for a bankruptcy hearing last week but canceled after she received a $2million payout from the insurance company. When they open the safe in Henley’s home, they find the bracelet.

Henley denies staging the robbery but confesses to insurance fraud.

It’s time for Castle to send his little girl off to college, and since he can’t kiss Beckett in public, they share the sweetest handshake ever!

Castle then finds that it’s not Beckett that Alexis hates; it’s the change that’s shaken her. Outside the school, Castle eyes a teddy bear backpack that sends a little light off in the writer’s head. He goes into Gates’s office and smashes her precious doll. Turns out it was the wrong doll, and since Gates is already fuming, he smashes the other one too, finding a glass eye and a USB drive.

The USB contains crime scene photos from a hit-and-run in Pennsylvania. The Dupree’s parents’ car crash left them trapped inside their car, where they bled to death. One of the photos is of a broken glass eye. Wendell went in search of his parents’ killer, looking for the owner of the eye.

Henley’s butler did it! Castle and Beckett confront Kirby at her home, and of course, he denies it until he hears that his DNA was on the eye and the shell casing that killed Wendy. He confesses to both murders.

Gates’s love-fest for Castle is now over, and things are back to normal.

After trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind Beckett’s stick figure, she relents and tells him the back-story. On the day of her mother’s funeral, her father took her to Coney Island, and she made the stick-guy out of the twigs they found.

Dear, sweet Martha has decided to make the “sacrifice” to stay with her son.

Great episode! It was nice to see a softer, albeit odd, side of Gates. She liked Castle for a whole 5 seconds! Castle and Beckett are cuter than ever with their double-meaning handshakes!

– Lindsay

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