Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Good Grief” – 10/9/12

Violet attends group grief counseling and proves that she has returned to work too early when a patient’s actions hit close to home. Addison tries to privately mourn the loss of Mark Sloan.


Violet attends a session of group grief counseling.

Addison’s crying while Jake attends to Henry.

Sam and his nurse exchange backstories. Well, Sam leaves out a lot.

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Charlotte is three months pregnant and still doesn’t want to share the news, while Cooper is bursting at the seams, holding in the good news.

Lucas and Violet are finally moving out, and despite her best efforts to tell Lucas that Pete is gone, Lucas doesn’t quite get that Daddy isn’t coming home.

Addison finds out that Amelia was also intimate with Mark Sloan and apparently hasn’t divulged her relationship with him to Jake.

Speaking of past relationships, Sam is going to have a hard time keeping his from Stephanie. He refuses to tell her that his next door neighbor is his ex.

Sam wants to check Sheldon for prostate cancer, given his family history, but Sheldon is against it.

Violet’s patient, Adam, has a problem with anger. Any little thing sets him off. He has something to confess but wants to make sure that Violet will keep it in confidence. Once he hears that he’s protected by doctor-patient confidentiality, he confesses to shooting someone 11 years ago.

Violet is back in the grief group and listens to a man tell his story; he delayed the news of his wife’s death to keep his daughter happy.

At 18, Adam was caring for his 13-year-old brother and in desperation, bought a gun and used it to threaten those that he robbed. One guy wouldn’t give up his money, so he shot him. He doesn’t know what happened and doesn’t want to know.

Cooper, the ever sweet husband, brings Charlotte lunch and advises that she hire someone instead of filling in for the short-staffed hospital.

Violet wants Sheldon to agree that she should look into Adam’s crime to see if the man is still alive, but Adam clearly said that he didn’t want to know about it. If the man is alive, then, yes, it could relieve him. But if she finds that Adam is a murderer, it will change their relationship.

Violet tries to ask Cooper for hypothetical advice, but he’s too focused on the unhappy pregnant woman he lives with.

Because Violet is Violet and can’t leave ANYTHING alone, she goes home and views the news footage of Adam’s crime and finds that he is a murderer. The man he killed left behind a wife and two young children.

Back at the grief group, a woman tells of how she found out about her husband’s two-year affair after his death.

While cleaning out Pete’s office, Addison comes to Violet for advice; she feels like she’s cheating on Jake by grieving for Mark.

Stephanie jokes about Sam’s secretive nature, and he takes offense.

Violet cuts Adam’s session short; his relief and her knowledge of the truth don’t mix well. After completely ignoring his advice, Violet seeks Sheldon’s help on how to fix her mistake. He suggests referring Adam to another therapist.

Addison starts to tell Jake the truth about her relationship with Mark but can’t bring herself to say it.

Violet cleans out Pete’s locker, handing over his stethoscope to Charlotte as well as the okay to hire someone in Pete’s place.

Jake seeks out Sam to help reach Addison, but he refuses. Well, he semi-refuses; he tells Addison to confide in Jake. The secrets will tear their relationship apart.

Cooper finds Charlotte napping on a gurney and, after everything that’s happened, needs her to slow down and allow him to care for her.

Sheldon’s father had prostate cancer, and while he didn’t die from it, the diagnosis ate him up. Sheldon’s worried that he’ll react the same way.

Adam is feeling great, and Violet is more than pissed off about it. She can’t contain her anger and grief and explodes at Adam, leaving him in tears. Once she realizes her huge flub, she recommends that he see a new therapist.

Jake and Sam bring Violet tea at the same time. They confess to having been sent by Amelia to comfort her.

Charlotte hired a new ER doc and allows Cooper to talk her belly – only once a day, but its a start!

Sam & Stephanie make up, even though he’s still very vague about his past.

Addison summons up the courage to tell Jake about her affair with Mark during her marriage to Derek and gives him the opportunity to leave. The ever-so-awesome Jake comforts Addison.

It’s Violet’s turn at group, and she tells of her recent struggles getting Lucas to understand that Pete is gone. Now that he’s accepted the loss of his father, it makes her feel worse.

Not sure that I understand how Violet is allowed to practice medicine; she refuses to change her behavior, even after she sees what it does to her patients. Will we see some realistic consequences for her?

It was an okay episode. I look forward to more hormonal quips from pregnant Charlotte.

– Lindsay

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