Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Don’t Haze Me, Bro” – 10/21/12

Alicia and Diane are seeking to find a university responsible for the murder of one of its students and are met with every possible setback from the defense for the duration of the trial. Jackie is out of the hospital and wants to make up for lost time, supporting Peter and irritating Eli.


Jackie is back! Peter picks her up from the hospital, and she’ll be staying with Peter and Alicia. And they were getting along so well! Meanwhile, Eli and Kalinda are trying to establish Indira Starr as a big fat liar. Alicia is meeting with Mandy and company, trying not to burst into laughter at her supposed open marriage. According to Mandy and Indira, she and Peter were together August 21, in their home, and then again on September 30 at a hotel. Alicia is able to secure a timeline for Kalinda to investigate.

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Now at court, Diane is representing the Lawsons, parents of Tre Lawson, a student at Chicago Polytechnic, who was hazed to death by Wayne Crockett at a water polo party. Crockett is serving 8 years for his crime; however, they seek to hold the university responsible for their knowledge of the dangerous hazing of its students.

Coach Shank is first on the stand, and describes, while the jury watches the accompanying video, what’s known as “The Dunk,” where veteran polo players hold down the first years underwater for as long as they can hold their breath. He is quick to note that this isn’t approved by the school but does happen every year. During cross, Shank reveals that he instructed the team NOT to perform The Dunk this year, and they decided to take it off campus. Mr. Sultan, one of the polo players, is next on the stand and says that the team is told not to perform the stunt every year, and he received a text from Coach Shank the night of the incident, implying that he knew that it would take place despite his admonition. The Lawsons decline the initial offer of $500,000; they want $6 million.

Will has rid the firm of the 27th floor, though I wonder how, especially after Maddie refused their proposal.

Jackie tries her best to do what she thinks will help Peter in the race for governor, making him out to be a chick magnet. Eli is alerted of her remarks and tells her to leave the luncheon immediately, when Jackie does the unthinkable – hangs up on Eli!

Back in court, Mr. Andrews’ copy of a text, from Crockett to Sultan, referring to Tre as Mary, prompts him to argue that the university isn’t responsible for Tre’s death, as it was the result of a hate crime. The judge allows Andrews’ theory, and now Alicia and Diane must find evidence to the contrary.

The Lawsons see this as a setback, but Diane convinces them that they’ll work their hardest to prove that Tre wasn’t gay.

Feeling the fervor from her encounter with Andrews and the Lawsons, Diane barks at Hayden for even suggesting that she and Will share a partitioned office to make room for office-less lawyers.

Eli banishes Jackie to an unknown senior center until she learns to behave.

Maddie is concerned about the rumors circling Peter’s campaign, and Eli does his best to assure her that they are false, but she’s not truly convinced.

Cary, making a rare speaking appearance at Lockhart Gardner, is baited into Hayden’s confidence with the promise of an office by the end of day.

Beth Alexander is next on the stand to testify that she slept with Tre many times. In Andrews’ cross examination, he brings attention to the rumor that Tre was gay. He argues that Tre did not need to be gay; the killer only had to think that he was for this to qualify as a hate crime. And the judge agrees.

Eli wants Alicia to tell her friend, Maddie, that the rumors are false because everyone knows that while Eli lies, lawyers and wives of politicians do not. Oh, wait.

Hayden seeks out Alicia’s opinion once more, this time about Cary, and she confirms that he is indeed a great lawyer. Hayden takes that to mean that Alicia would love to share her office with him, and that’s what he makes them do.

The staff at the St. Martin hotel make Eli a liar; his door couldn’t have been open at the time of the alleged romp as a request must be put in to have the door open. Kalinda decides to see the room anyway and learns that Indira could’ve only accessed the floor with a concierge card.

Drunk Alicia can’t avoid telling Maddie about the false rumors and that may have hurt their budding friendship.

Kalinda, and the prospect of a federal charge adding 20 years to his sentence, convinces Crockett to help the case. Crockett’s gay friend, Chad Minson, is put on the stand.

Jackie’s next luncheon at the Senior Center of Morton Grove is one that’s much less refined than she’s used to, evidenced by the creepy crawlers on her speech. Peter isn’t happy if his mother isn’t happy and tells Eli to back off.

Minson’s inclusion just may hurt the Lawson’s defense when he testifies during Andrews’ cross that he was Crockett’s only gay friend and that he often mocked other men for their girlish behavior. This brings counsel in chambers, where Judge Brochard agrees with Andrews that it is up to the jury to decide whether Tre’s “swishiness” is enough to view this as a hate crime.

Since she was so successful in speaking with Maddie, Eli begs of Alicia to speak with her archenemy, Jackie Florrick. He should’ve asked when she was all liquored up! While she won’t speak with Jackie, she advises Eli to get back in Jackie’s good graces by making her feel useful.

Kalinda re-interviews Indira, and she insists that she went up, alone, in the elevator to see Peter and doesn’t even know what a concierge key is, until she finds that it’s the key (pun intended) to her story. Mandy remains unconvinced that she is lying.

Crockett is now on the stand to say that he didn’t like Tre because of his racial remarks; Tre claimed that Wade wasn’t black enough. This spurs Andrews to jump on a new hate-crime wagon – black on black crime. The two were in rival fraternities and fought often. Cary inserts his useful two cents – their previous fights would work in their favor.

Coach Shank is back on the stand, and while he claims to be in the dark on the rivalry between the two black fraternities, he was present in instances of conflict between the two. Andrews suddenly contends that Diane can’t argue the black on black crime. Why should she when he already did? Judge Brochard finally agrees with the prosecution that the black on black hate crime had already been established…by the defense; Diane just proved that the university was aware of it. They get their $6 million!

Mandy’s story has been squashed, but she still believes Indira.

Jackie is overcome with emotion upon seeing Alicia; maybe the creepy crawler in her wine has something to do with that.

And just when you’ve thought that the dust has settled, Eli receives a call from Jimmy V, a blogger from, who promises to post a piece about the unpublished story of Peter’s alleged second affair. Oh, dear.

This episode was all sorts of fun. The new judge, defense attorney with Einstein hair, and a million and one theories all made for a very fun(?) hate-crime case. Sir Eli Gold was in his prime: lies, snarky comments, over-the-top tantrums and all. His scenes with Jackie have always been my favorite. And it was so great to watch her reaction to the insects.

Apparently, Cary is sloooowly coming back into the fold; I’m curious to see how his relationship with Hayden will work, especially after putting the two bulls in the pen – it’s already maddening!

– Lindsay

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