Recap/Review – Castle – “Murder He Wrote” – 10/15/12

Castle and Beckett’s romantic getaway is interrupted when a murder victim is found in Castle’s pool. Ryan and Esposito use their savvy detective skills to try to figure out the identity of Beckett’s secret beau.


Ryan and Esposito take it upon themselves to hunt down Beckett’s nameless boyfriend.

The love birds are off to the Hamptons. As the two prepare for a late night swim, a man, covered in blood, stumbles into the pool. Murder just seems to follow these two!

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Chief Brady responds to the scene and mistakes Beckett for a call girl but promises to be discreet. They’ve identified the victim as Randall Franklin, a regular Hampton weekender. And they’ve apprehended the murderer as well – Casius McRay; he was found on the beach with the victim’s wallet. Castle can’t help but notice that Casius doesn’t have a speck on blood on his body, but Brady refuses to acknowledge the obvious hole in his case.

Castle won’t rest (or do anything else, for that matter) until justice is served, and he convinces Beckett to join him in investigating Franklin’s murder. Franklin was last seen on the beach last night, arguing with an unknown woman, two hours before he was killed. Beckett is able to find that Franklin was a banker at Lehman Brothers and testified against several of his colleagues, sending them to prison. They’ve been released, giving them all motive for murder.

Esposito and Ryan are unsuccessful in their own little investigation and turn to Lanie for help. She doesn’t know, and even if she did, she probably wouldn’t tell. (Not knowing that they’re) Speaking of the devil, Castle needs their help, as Franklin’s wife is in the city.

Mrs. Franklin says that Randall stayed away from banking after the crash and was most likely arguing with his girlfriend, Natalia Roosevelt, the night of the murder.

Castle and Beckett officially give themselves the couple name of Caskett. How appropriate!

Natalia is a councilwoman and owner of the Sand Bar. Castle tries his best to casually ask her about her relationship with Franklin, but she catches on quick, calling Chief Brady over. Brady invites the lovebirds to spend their weekend jailed for interfering with an investigation. It must remind them of home!

Brady has a sudden change of heart when he finds out that his jailed call girl is actually a homicide detective and the lab results refute his meth-head-did-it theory. He needs help.

While Chief Banks agrees to drop the charges if they help out, Beckett is less than enthused about spending her vacation working; Castle is over the moon about it.

Ballistics suggests that Franklin was killed with a small, 30-caliber hunting rifle.

They first speak with Natalia Roosevelt; Brady didn’t know about the affair. Franklin recently dumped Natalia, conveniently after she voted in his favor to keep his prized helipad. He ran off at 8:30 after receiving a text, but it’s a dead end, as the text came from a burner phone.

The medical examiner finally turned in their report and find that Franklin’s lungs were filled with saltwater. He must’ve been shot off a boat. The only person who they know, for sure was on the beach is McMurray, the meth addict, and he remembers seeing a boat…being attacked by a red shark. He’s more helpful than he seems. Aaron Lerner, one of Franklin’s colleagues, owns a boat with a red shark emblazoned on the side, and the three find blood spatter on the deck.

It comes back as a match to Randall’s, but Lerner denies being on the boat last night. He even says the two became friends after being released from prison. He points to the neighbor as a possible suspect; he complained about Franklin’s noisy helipad. The neighbor is Vincent Cardano of the famous Cardano crime family. Banks instructs the two not to go near him, and we know how well Castle listens.

So they have dinner with Vinnie, who has no qualms over admitting how much he hated the guy. However, Vinnie is offended that anyone would think he’d murder someone so sloppily! The man has a reputation to uphold!

Banks finds out about their little meal with Vinnie and threatens to out them if they come near the case again. Ryan finds that Franklin’s booming real estate business wasn’t actually generating any legal income, so how were they able to stay afloat? Their search turns up several large meth labs.

Now that Castle’s ready to leave the investigating to everyone else, it’s Beckett’s turn to put off lovemaking in the interest of justice.

While Esposito looks up another possible Beckett love interest, Ryan interrogates the man who accompanied Franklin on his druggie helicopter rides every Tuesday: Aaron Lerner. In what must be the best interrogation scene ever, Lerner reveals to Ryan that Franklin had trouble with a local dealer in the Hamptons as well as the identity of Beckett’s secret love: Castle.

Ryan is way too proud of his findings and teases Castle with his discovery.

Ryan also got in touch with Banks; McMurray gave up Marty Bentley, the marina operator. They found the burner phone in his home and the gun and bags of meth on his boat. Bentley denies killing Franklin, and Castle is inclined to believe him. The knots that tied Lerner’s boat to the marina were sloppily done, but Bentley’s knots were perfectly finished. While Castle accuses Brady of planting the evidence, it was actually Deputy Jones that did so. He takes Bentley hostage but fails and is shot by Brady and handcuffed by Beckett.

They toast to Brady’s bravery and salvage what’s left of their short weekend.

Esposito has hit a roadblock, and Ryan advises him to give up on the search.

Finally, a Jessica Fletcher reference! I’ve been waiting forever for that one! The inexperienced chief was a nice touch, too. All in all, a very fun episode. I wonder how Lanie and Esposito will react when they find out that Ryan’s been holding out on them!

– Lindsay

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