Recap/Review – Private Practice – “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone” – 10/23/12

It’s a busy day at the E.R. and worsens when a young patient disappears. Charlotte finally hires a new doctor to replace Pete.


Charlotte tries to woo Dr. James Peterson into heading her E.R. in between bouts of morning sickness.

Rain and its detrimental effects in Los Angeles keep our favorite docs busy in the E.R.

It’s James’s first day, and he’s already saddled with patients and has bits of Charlotte’s vomit on his shoes. So welcoming!

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A budding Olympic gymnast and one of Cooper’s regular patients, Sara, is in the E.R. with a fractured wrist; she was practicing high jumps on the stairs. Peterson wants to keep Sara there and alert DCFS, as this is Sara’s third visit to the E.R. in a month. Cooper, protective of his patients, feels that it’s unnecessary but says that he’ll handle it.

Other patients in the E.R. include a very pregnant woman and her husband. He develops sympathetic symptoms each time his wife has been pregnant. James decides to order a neuro consult on the husband, Todd Reiter, just to be safe. Amelia takes one look at the file, doesn’t think that the issue is pressing, and says she’ll follow up. James orders the CT scan anyway.

Nick Calhoun, Sheldon’s budding pedo patient, is another ER patient; he’s had an adverse reaction to the new medication he’s on to control his sexual urges. The meds are working, and he wants to continue using them despite their harsh side effects.

Pam, Todd’s wife, unknowingly spills the beans to Stephanie about Sam and Addison’s relationship. Oopsy!

Jake’s patient, Megan, has had her fourth miscarriage and wants to know how soon she can try again.

Instead of calling DCFS, Cooper called Violet to speak to Sara, and James isn’t happy about it. Sara’s mother has arrived now, too, and a screaming match begins between the two parents over Sara’s safety.

In speaking to Sara, Violet finds while that the parents aren’t physically hurting her, their fighting is taking its toll.

Peterson wants Nick discharged immediately once he sees his file. He has pretty strong feelings on the matter and doesn’t believe that Nick can be helped.

Without a babysitter, Mason’s stuck in the hospital and overhears Sara’s parents arguing. He’s worried about what will happen to him and his three future siblings if Cooper and Charlotte divorce. Cooper’s response: they’re too badass to ever separate.

Addison tries to bandage the wound caused by their well-meaning patient and really just makes thing worse. Stephanie didn’t know that she and Sam were neighbors or that they’d known each other for 20 years. Somebody’s in trouble!

Violet speaks to Sara’s father first. He cheated on his wife, she threw him out and now is slowly decreasing the amount of time he can see his daughter.

Addison tells Sam the not-so-good news, and he’s not happy.

Jake tells Addison of Megan’s fourth miscarriage, and she advises him to help her seek other options. He wants to keep trying and sees no reason to stop as long as his patient is willing.

Violet warns Sara’s parents that their fighting will damage their daughter’s future relationships and mental health. When they go to check in on Sara, she’s nowhere to be found.

As the rest of the doctors scour the hospital looking for Sara, James looks for Amelia; Todd’s scans came back, and it’s not good news. Todd is rushed to the O.R. due to an infection on his spinal cord, while Pam must deliver her baby in the E.R.

When Sheldon hears that Sara is missing, he looks for Nick and thankfully finds that he doesn’t have her. Sheldon’s suspicions are quite obvious to Nick, and he leaves quickly.

Due to a Pam’s uterine artery laceration, Jake is called to help Addison in the makeshift delivery room. Megan, sadly, is just one bed over, and hearing the cry of a newborn baby is too much for her.

James’s presence makes Violet and Cooper miss Pete. Because they’re so much alike?

Charlotte is under the impression that Amelia saved Todd on her own. She owes James a big fat thank you!

Sara’s purple raincoat has been found, but she’s not in it. It was found on a bench outside the hospital, and now the police have taken over the case.

Sam must confess to Stephanie that he proposed to Addison just four months ago, and she’s concerned that she’ll only be the rebound when she wants to be in it for the long haul.

Jake finally takes Addison’s advice and talks to Megan about her other options.

Amelia thanks James for the credit but asks that he keep it next time. When he asks her out for drinks, she turns him down, summing up the hard times she’s gone through this past year.

Violet finds Sara’s parents sitting in the hospital long after the police have left. She tells them to go home.

I like Dr. James Peterson. He’s very much like Pete, opinionated, but at least with James, it’s about following the rules. I sensed some early chemistry with Amelia, but she shot him down so quickly! She only has 9 episodes to find happiness; I hope she does.

I liked this episode, even if it was heartbreaking to watch Sara’s mom frantically search for her daughter. The connecting stories and hectic E.R. were nicely reminiscent of early episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Till next week!

– Lindsay

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