Interview with Chris Anderson and Robbie Biershenk from Chasing the Dream

Recently, I stepped into the world of The Golf Channel as a favor to a publicist who’s always been good to us here at However, much to my surprise, I found myself hooked on a couple of the reality shows they have airing currently.

Thanks to that same publicist, I had the opportunity to chat with the two talented men, Chris Anderson and Robbie Biershenk, from Chasing the Dream, and I have to say that they are both an inspiration for anyone trying to realize their lifelong dreams.

Jump ahead with me to read a bit about these intriguing men and what their journeys might have to teach all of us about perseverance and attaining the unlikely dream.

For some, golf may still seem like an old man’s game, filled with plaid shorts, collared shirts, and pom-pom hats (Come on… You know you have that picture in your head. 😉 ), but for others, it’s the core of who they are. Personally, I’m terrible at the game, but just like the way writing is at the center of who I am, golf is the core of who Chris and Robbie are.

At first, I read the bios quickly, prepping for the interview as I do most, but then I stopped when I read the line: “A revamped, re-dedicated, better version of myself. Chris Anderson 2.0.”. It seems like such a silly line to some, but to others, it’s a point of truth. Aren’t we all striving to be better versions of ourselves?

Naturally, I asked Chris about what he would have to do to become the Chris he wants to be, and the answer was both surprising and honest. “I’d have to quit my job and leave my family. In all honesty, you have to be fully committed and fully invested. [It’s a challenge] trying to balance it all.”

So in order to be the golfer he needs to be and ultimately be the Chris 2.0 he strives for, he needs to put his life on hold—such dedication surely deserves a second chance.

You see, Chris had a stint on the PGA tour, but unfortunately, inconsistencies and small blips shook him off course, and he ended up heading home to help run the family shipping company. Now, he’s a successful Vice President of the company, as well as a devoted father and loving husband—but there’s something missing. As he said in his bio, “Golf is a part [of who he is].”

That led me to question him on what he would do differently if a luxury such as a time machine actually existed, and his answer was, again, bare honesty.

“I’d go back to the 2005 season on the PGA tour. I wouldn’t make the radical changes to my game that I made. I wasn’t satisfied, and I wanted to be much better, but I should have been happy with what I had.”

Indeed, that’s the lesson Chris imparted to me and to all of us—work with what we have. Don’t attempt to be someone other than who we are because it won’t work—just perfect who you are.

Is Chris a perfect person? Of course not. He has vices like the rest of us—such as some Coors Light and Nicotine gum—which is what makes him a great role model for people trying to reach their dreams in general. We aren’t perfect, but take what you have and make it work for you.

At the end of the day, Chris is a golfer, a business man, and a family man just trying to be a better him. He also “thanks his family and friends for all the support while he’s been off pursuing his dreams.”

Moving on to Robbie, who may share the guilty pleasure of some nicotine and Chris’s love for the game, although his views on things are slightly different. He’s been on The Golf Channel reality circuit before when he competed on Big Break Indian Wells but was eliminated after week six.

Robbie is also the younger brother of PGA Tour professional Tommy Biershenk, which I thought could be a sore spot for the little brother—but Robbie’s character shone through.

When I inquired how he felt about his brother being on the tour when he wasn’t, he was quick to praise his brother. “He’s an inspiration. I’m his biggest fan. He did the smart thing and took advantage of being young. It took me some time to grow up. Thanks to him, I have learned a lot, and I’ve been blessed.”

That’s a rare stance for a man to admit, but he seems happy to learn from his mistakes and take them in stride.

I approached the subject of changing something from his past, and Robbie was humble and said, “No, because God has blessed me, and he took me through a journey, and everything is meant to be for a reason. My best life is ahead.”

Truthfully, I’d have to agree we are who we are because of what we’ve been through, and I think Robbie is an inspiration to many because of his work ethic and dedication to the game.

When I asked Robbie about what advice he’d give to people looking to pursue their dreams, he stated quickly, “Never give up, and take advantage of your youth.”

Wise advice indeed.

Whether you love golf, hate it, or, like me, had no real feelings towards the game, I recommend tuning in to The Golf Channel to watch Chasing the Dream. It’s not just a game to these men. It’s a life’s dream, and while watching them pursue it, you may just find the path to pursuing your own dreams, as well.

Chasing the Dream airs on The Golf Channel Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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