The X Factor — Top 12

Last night, the top 12 performers took the stage on The X Factor, with the theme of Divas. I have been enjoying the show far this season, but some singers have won my favor over others.

Speaking of people who I don’t like… Khloe Kardashian is basically on the stage because she’s cute and is a Kardashian—not because she has an ounce of talent. She is a terrible host, and I know second graders that could read from a teleprompter with more fluency than she does. Thank God Mario Lopez is there to help so we actually know what’s going on.

Rambling about hosts over for now, so let’s take a look at last night’s performances and my thoughts on them after the jump.


Diamond White
My Thoughts: She is incredible and is gifted with a fabulous voice. That said, I find her very predictable, and her performances sometimes make me want to fast forward.
Judges: L.A. thought she started off shaky; Demi said it’s the perfect week because she’s a total diva; and Simon thinks she needs to not walk and sing at the same time.
Beatrice Miller
Time after Time
My Thoughts: She has a very unique-sounding voice, one that would almost lend itself better to a more Alternative/Punk style like Avril Lavigne or Pink. Her voice sounded really emotional and pure on this song.
Judges: L.A. didn’t love that song choice. Demi liked the song choice for showcasing her soulful sound. Simon thought it was better than last week and liked her in the lower registers, but that the song was boring. He called Britney out on her poor song choices for Beatrice.
Arin Ray
Crazy for You
My Thoughts: His vocals are not as strong as some of the other contestants; however, his stage presence is why he’s still here. He’s a charmer. If you compare him to the other male singers in the competition, he doesn’t necessarily rank as well as they do. This was a weak performance.
Judges: L.A. said he thinks he’s amazing but that wasn’t a good performance. Demi found it boring. Simon thinks that Arin hated the song, as well.
Carly Rose Sonenclar
My Heart Will Go On
My Thoughts: Ironic that both The Voice and The X Factor had singers tackle this iconic song. What is amazing is that this 13-year-old girl just owned this song. She was astounding.
Judges: L.A. thinks we could be looking at the winner. Demi doesn’t think it makes sense that she’s so incredibly good. Simon said she doesn’t believe she’s human because she shouldn’t be able to do that at 13. Britney is so proud.

Over 25

Tate Stevens
From This Moment
My Thoughts: He has such a strong voice, and he charms a crowd so easily. I loved his performance, and I really find that when he sings, his personality just pours out. It’s near impossible not to love him, even if you don’t like country music.
Judges: Britney loved how heartfelt it was. Demi said it was very good, and Simon said it was even better than last week. Simon also said he’d be happy to write him the $5 million check.
Vino Alan
Let’s Stay Together
My Thoughts: His voice is like crushed velvet, and I love listening to him. I could see him fronting a band like Theory of a Deadman or Shinedown. He has that raw, soulful quality to his voice that gives me chills. Definitely one of my favorites. I wasn’t a huge fan of this song choice, but I would listen to him sing the phonebook.
Judges: Britney loves his soulful voice. Demi liked the performance, but she was a little bored. Simon doesn’t think this song was the right choice. L.A. thinks he put his soul into it.

Young Adults

Jannel Garcia
Proud Mary
My Thoughts: I’m going to overlook the fact that this is an incredibly over done song and give her credit for her ability to work the stage. Her vocals were not as strong as they were in the audition rounds, but she was still decent to listen to.
Judges: L.A., Britney, and Simon all loved it. Demi was proud of her.
Paige Thomas
Last Dance
My Thoughts: There is no doubt she has a powerful and sexy voice, and this performance was was one of her better ones recently. I like her, but I don’t always like the stage show that Demi puts on for her contestants.
Judges: Everyone thinks it was her best performance yet.
CeCe Frey
All By Myself
My Thoughts: This girl has been at the top of my dislike list from the beginning, but not because she can’t sing, because she can. I just despise her attitude—it’s too much. This week was a little weak for her, and she could have just sealed her fate.
Judges: L.A. thinks there was an improvement. Simon thinks it was very cabaret and too gimmicky. Demi thinks she nailed it.


Lyric 145
We Will Rock You/E.T.
My Thoughts: There are a lot of people who don’t think what they do is music or that rap doesn’t belong in a singing competition—they’d be wrong. These young people are so incredibly talented at what they do. It is not easy to make a compilation between 2 songs, and to make it flow like they do is amazing. I loved it.
Judges: L.A. thought it was better than last week, but he thinks they lost their way. Demi didn’t get it.
Fifth Harmony
My Thoughts: Lauren has one of my favorite voices of the group, but I do love the harmonies. It’s been awhile since the charts have seen a good female group, and these girls just might be it. I enjoyed this performance.
Judges: Britney thought they did a great job, and Demi thinks their vocals were awesome. Simon thinks they were brilliant.
No One
My Thoughts: Honestly, whether they win this competition or not, they are going to be a big thing. They all have nice voices, and their harmonies are spot on. I didn’t love this performance as much as I have others, and I think it was missing the fun rhymes thrown down in the middle.
Judges: L.A. thinks they are super stars. Simon thinks we’re going to see them at the top of the list this week.
There you have my opinions. Don’t agree? Good… Sound off below! If you do agree, you can also sound off below with praise. 😉

Tune into FOX tonight at 8/7c for the results and which of these hopefuls have their dreams crushed.

– Megan

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