If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/16/12

Happy Friday! Less than a week away from Thanksgiving, so things are getting a little hectic—at least in my house! 🙂 Because of the holiday and because of how hard these guys work to provide help for me and their outstanding opinions for you, I’m giving us all a week off from the Remote posts next week. Don’t worry, even though lots of shows will be off next week, I’ll still put up the schedules, but we’ll be back on Sunday, November 25, for the next Remote post. Until then, enjoy. 😉

Jenny’s Choice

Thankfully, Mac on CSI: NY is beginning to come around—at least, he apologized to Jo for treating her like he did, and he made up with Christine, even admitting to her what problems he’s been having and he said I love you to her for the first time. It’s so great to see him in a relationship. I wanted him with Melina Kanakaredes’ character, Stella, and then with Sela Wards’ Jo Danville. But I think that’s just because I always love seeing the main characters on my shows get together. LOL But I quickly grew to like Christine, and I like how they are together. He’s truly happy in a relationship for the first time since his wife died on 9/11, and I think that’s great. Now if he can get better so he doesn’t have to leave the job (and the show), I would love that.

The last episode was really, really good. One of my favorites in a while, actually, for several reasons. One, it was based on the board game Clue. A young man off his meds was re-enacting the game using real people, real weapons, and real places. Sick, but kind of awesome. (Not in a way that I’d want to see in real life, of course. But as a premise for a murder on the television, it was fun to watch.) And then when Lindsay put her face up to a microscope and got rings around her eyes (they looked like black eyes. lol), she went all “CSI” on the thing. Eventually, Danny admitted to having been the one to do it, but said it was aimed at Adam, not her. She forgave him, even finding it amusing, and I just loved seeing the Danny/Lindsay banter. I’ve loved them as a couple since before they got married, so moments like that are always cute.

On tonight’s episode, “Late Admissions,” the CSI team gets involved in the high-pressure world of an elite prep school when a student is found murdered while studying for the SATs. Lindsay makes a trip back home to Montana to visit her father and deal with some past issues. James Read (Charmed) guest stars as Lindsay’s father, Robert Monroe. Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives, Mad Men) guest stars as teacher Blake Connors.

See what Lindsay has to deal with while the team is dealing with rich, entitled high schoolers on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of CSI: NY @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Last Man Standing, Malibu Country, Fringe, Grimm, Mystery Diners, Health Inspectors, & Hunted.
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Megan’s Choice

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the week than sitting back and watching Kitchen Nightmares… Ramsay makes me happy, no matter what’s going on. When people say that Ramsay is harsh and pompous, I laugh because he’s honestly one of the sweetest men ever. He just has a passion for good food, great service, and a restaurant that runs well. If my restaurant was failing, he would be the one I would want to be there to help me. What about you?

On tonight’s episode, “Ms. Jean’s Southern Cuisine,” Ramsay heads to Pennsylvania to help Ms. Jean’s Southern Cuisine.

To see if Ramsay can save them, tune into FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Kitchen Nightmares @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Grimm, CSI: NY, and Haven.

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s Grimm, Hank—now wise to the existence of Wesen—reopened an old case. He suspected that his testimony may have helped to convict an innocent man who was now about to be executed. Meanwhile, Renard and Juliette headed to the spice shop to find a cure for their love curse. When Monroe walked out of the back room to find Renard embracing a woman, he was shocked to see Juliette turn around.

So will Monroe tell Nick about Juliiette and Renard, or will he just give them the potion and hopefully just sweep it under the rug? When will Juliette finally learn the truth about Nick, especially now that she is a part of this magical world? And when will Monroe’s girlfriend return to run her shop? This has been an interesting season, but I’m ready for Juliette to get her memory back at the very least, and hopefully learn the full story.

On tonight’s episode, “Season of the Hexenbiest,” Adalind returns to Portland, seeking revenge, specifically targeting Nick, Hank, and Juliette. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard’s obsession grows; Monroe gets a surprise at the spice shop. Jason Gedrick guest stars.

See what bad things Adalind can stir up tonight on NBC at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Grimm @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Fringe, Haven, Hunted, Undercover Boss, and Kitchen Nightmares.

JJ’s Choice

This season has been amazing so far, and Etta’s death was so emotional! But last week was kind of a doozy, with the “alternate universe” and the guy living there. Maybe my expectations are too high, but with only 13 episodes this season, every episode should work toward the finale.

On tonight’s episode, “Five-Twenty-Ten,” a member our team orchestrates a Fringe event of his own.

See if it works on FOX at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Fringe @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching Haven.

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