If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/17/12

I lied when I said that yesterday was our last Remote post until the 25th. Well, not LIED, but I forgot (again…) that I had something for Saturday. LOL So enjoy my pick for tonight. 😉

Jenny’s Choice

Last week was the series premiere of a new 1-hour comedy on TBS. Wedding Band stars Brian Austin Green, Harold Perrineau, Peter Cambor, Derek Miller, Melora Hardin, Jenny Wade, and Kathryn Fiore. The series follows four friends (Green, Perrineau, Cambor, & Miller)—three single, one married, all with day jobs—who escape their daily stress and responsibilities by playing “weekend rock gods” in Seattle’s premier wedding and events band, Mother of the Bride.

The pilot was so great. It’s funny and endearing, and hearing these guys rock in the band is fantastic. (It amazed me, really. It’s really them playing and singing, which is cool.) Plus, it’s truly a comedy, but it’s an hour long, which is really different and makes for a fun watch. In fact, my husband said after the pilot, “Dang, that didn’t feel like an hour-long show!” It goes by that fast and you can’t help but enjoy it so much that you lose track of time. If you missed the pilot, you can see it online here at TBS.com.

On tonight’s episode, “I Love College,” when Mother of the Bride plays a wedding at Comic-Con, Tommy’s performance draws the attention of sci-fi babe Alexa Jordan (guest star Megan Fox) of the hit television series “Plutopia.” When his confidence impresses two unpopular fan boys, they proposition Mother of the Bride to play a high school party in hopes that the band will make them cool enough to lose their virginity before heading off to college. Glee’s Josh Sussman also guest-stars.

Don’t miss it tonight on TBS at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Wedding Band @ Clicker.

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