Recap/Review – Private Practice – “The World According to Jake” – 11/21/12

Hi, all! Unfortunately, Sandy took out my cable for quite a while. But the family is safe, so I guess living without television wasn’t the worst thing. Glad to be back!


Jake turns down Addison’s marriage proposal, holding tight to the memory of the wife he lost.

Addison has locked herself in the bathroom after suffering through the awkward silence when she proposed to Jake. He wants to wait, and she…will continue staying in the bathroom til further notice.

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We see why Jake isn’t so thrilled about marriage as he talks to his dead wife on the bench. He’s not ready to let her go.

Two weeks later, the couple is not speaking about the doomed proposal and is instead preparing to meet with the social worker since Jake has moved in, making him a part of Henry’s life.

It’s been six weeks since Sarah has gone missing, and Dana is numb from the medication prescribed by Violet. Now that Violet wants to take her off the meds, Rom argues that it’s the only way to keep this nightmare they’re living at bay. The one positive here is that they’ve reconciled.

Megan, Jake’s patient that broke down in the hospital, is now pregnant again. And Addison is silently judging him for not helping her to pursue alternative methods.

Dr. Peterson tries his best to cure Amelia of her ability to distance everyone as they share the same table for lunch.

Jake and Addison meet Angela’s new boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure that he’s older than Jake! Jake takes his anger back to the bench to discuss it with her mom. Addison takes it to her coworkers. And we find out that Violet slept with not one, but three professors.

Jake’s meeting with the social worker doesn’t go quite as smoothly as he’d hoped. He feels prepared, but she assures him that he’s not. He’s also surprised by the fingerprinting that’s needed.

He was arrested for beating his ex-wife’s drug dealer a while ago and must confess it to Addison before Mildred does.

It’s time for lunch with the daughter, and Jake tries to convince Angela that older man-Eli isn’t right for her. But she loves him!

James asks Amelia out on a non-date. Someone’s awfully determined.

Sarah’s story is out of the papers, prompting Violet to ask at what point should she urge Sarah’s parents to move on.

Jake wants to have hurt Eli in so many ways, and Addison wants to have the May-December couple over for dinner.

Megan’s checked herself into the ER, even though nothing is wrong. She’s nervous and waiting for something to go wrong and asks Jake to stay with her for a bit.

Addison thinks Megan’s requests are unreasonable and intrusive, while Jake feels that it’s his responsibility to provide extra support, especially since Megan’s husband is away. Jake refuses to change the way he treats his patient to satisfy Addison’s insecurities.

Jake is back at the bench, receiving bits of wisdom from his former wife.

Jake’s finally learned not to mind his own business and advises Amelia to take James up on his offer and be happy.

It’s awkward double date time with Eli and Angela! Basketball talk is too much for the two couples, and Jake leaves the table. Eli goes after him and tries to defend their relationship. Jake isn’t buying any part of his story and tells him to end it. Now.

Violet makes a house call on Dana and Ron, and while she can’t promise the return of their daughter, she wants them to be strong, hold on to their hope, and pray that the pain will subside.

Megan’s calling for Jake, again, in the middle of the night. After he calms her down, she moves in to kiss him, saying that they have a connection. All this extra care that he’s been showing MUST mean something. He turns her down and apologizes for the misunderstanding. When it’s not coming from Addison, it sounds like a more viable argument, huh, Jake?

The following morning, Jake meets Megan with a list of new doctors; he can no longer care for her. And she isn’t too happy about it, mouthing off to Addison that he kissed her. Aware of Megan’s previous unnecessary calls to Jake, Addison tells the ex-patient, ever so nicely, to back off.

Mil-dread, the social worker, is coming to see Jake and has perfect timing when she walks in on Angela accusing Jake of threatening to kill her boyfriend. However, Addison’s uncharacteristically hopeful about everything.

Amelia meets James for their non-date, and hopefully, she’ll be nicer this time.

Addison comes home to find a trail of petals leading to the back porch, where a snazzy Jake and a mountain of candles await. She proposes again, and he accepts!

I love these character-centered episodes. With Pete gone, it feels like the boys are growing up, and I like where they’re headed. But if all’s well, you know that trouble must be coming.

– Lindsay

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