Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “A Defense of Marriage” – 11/25/12

Diane, Alicia, and Will receive unsolicited help from a well-experienced lawyer who’s eyed their case to fit his agenda. Alicia’s mom pays a visit to the family in Chicago and will dig up any and all secrets.


While Cary suffers a harsh beating from one of Nick’s henchmen, Owen arrives back in Chicago, sits in the gallery in court, and tries to watch his sister work her lawyer-magic.

Bucky Stabler (Brian Denehhey) is back, and so is Judge Friend (Bebe Neuwirth). On the stand is the owner and CEO of, Mr. Foster. He’s accused of submitting tax refunds to criminals using stolen social security numbers and says that he entrusted his employees to oversee the distribution of refunds. He specifically refers to Dale, his co-defendant in the case, represented by Lockhart & Gardner.

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Bucky wishes to use a wiretapped conversation between the CEO and his wife but is stopped, as there is no evidence of a conspiracy, therefore their conversation is protected by spousal shield.

Owen has news: their mom is coming. It’s obviously not great news, judging by the look on Alicia’s face.

Cary, looking much better than I assumed he’d be, pays Nick a visit to update him on their case and to make sure Nick knows of Cary’s close relationship with the State’s Attorney’s office.

Mr. Foster is back on the stand, and Bucky attempts to use another wiretap, this time between Dale Lambourne and his spouse. Only, Mr. Lambourne is gay, and the federal courts do not recognize gay marriage. Judge Friend decides to rule on the matter on the following morning.

Mr. Jeremy Breslow (Korsak on Rizzoli & Isles), aka Supreme Court super lawyer Breslow, has volunteered his expertise. He wants to help their case and overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. And he’s incredibly eager about it.

Will is skeptical about Breslow’s offer, but after hearing that their co-defendant no longer faces charges, they don’t have much of an option.

Grandma (Stockard Channing) is here! She came back to bury her lover, Malcolm, and says that she’s having some legal troubles with his son. She came to the right place, then! She hands over what she thinks is a will but is actually a subpoena, for yesterday.

Mr. Breslow takes the stage, and his first witness is former Attorney General Arthur Shipton, who says that the US chooses not to enforce DOMA, as it is believed unconstitutional.

Bucky points out the many levels of government that do enforce DOMA, hoping that it will include spousal shield for his wiretap. When Alicia objects to Bucky’s testifying, Breslow shoots her down, saying that he alone will make those calls.

Judge Friend wants evidence of Lambourne’s marriage before ruling on the inclusion of the wiretap.

David Lee meets Alicia’s mom, Veronica Loy, with M&Ms and his own brand of humor. She engages in conversation with Will and Owen, and Alicia comes by just in time to stop it.

Veronica promises to keep quiet during the meeting with Malcolm’s son and his lawyer, but she skimps out that promise very quickly. Malcolm’s son accuses her of cheating and wanting to divorce his father. In fact, he told Malcolm that, prompting him to change his will. Without proof, David can sue for inheritance interference.

While he’s thrilled with his performance, Alicia pulls David aside to tell him that her mother DID cheat on Malcolm. But as long as the secret stays with them, they’re safe.

Dale is on the stand, professing his love for Warren—love that’s not based on financial benefits.

It’s Bucky’s turn, and he asks about Free Fridays. They’re date nights, with other people. During this questioning, Alicia strongly suggests that Breslow have Mr. Foster put back on the stand, as he has had 12 affairs, yet his marriage is recognized by the courts.

While Judge Friend agrees that both marriages are equivalent, she chooses to uphold DOMA and allows the entry of the wiretap into evidence.

Veronica and Alicia share a heart-to-heart over a glass of wine, and in that conversation, Alicia finds out that Owen blabbed about her and Will. He was defending Will’s heterosexuality!

Warren is on the stand, and after Bucky finishes his line of questioning, Breslow refuses to cross-examine, even after much urging from both Diane and Alicia.

Breslow refuses to cross examine once again when Foster takes the stand, but Alicia convinces Dale that they need to start now.

Alicia uses Foster’s previously precluded wiretap to make Foster a liar and to show up Breslow.

Bucky offers a plea bargain of just four months, and while Diane, Dale, and Alicia are over the moon about it, Breslow is looking at the bigger picture. He’s asking them to lose so that they can take the case to the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA. And they’re buying it.

Owen’s back at the firm, but not to say hello; he’s been subpoenaed for Veronica’s case. If he tells the truth, she loses the inheritance; if he lies, it’s a felony.

Mr. Collegio, the head of IT at TaxLaunch, says that Lambourne is innocent of any fraud. He also says that Dale is an honest guy. Breslow has now offered Bucky the opportunity to ask Collegio if he had a sexual relationship with Dale.

Back at L&G, Veronica engages Will in conversation about the vagina book she so desperately wants Alicia to read. (Alicia’s face in this scene is priceless!)

Diane and Alicia looked into the second wiretap mentioned by Kalinda, and it turns out that Mr. Foster was being investigated for embezzlement. This is good for Dale, bad for Breslow and his fight against DOMA.

It’s family dinner-time over at the Florrick household. Owen decided to lie for his mother, winning her the probate. Cristian and Jackie have arrived, too, and she’s a little too used to having him around.

Veronica questions her daughter’s happiness. Even in all her zaniness, she can see something between her and Will. She urges Peter to “help” Alicia and divorce her.

Alicia’s form of rebellion: having her way with Peter during the dinner party.

If there was an award for most brilliant use of guest stars, The Good Wife would win. However with all this talent bursting through the seams, some stories are going to be placed on the back burner. Nathan Lane, the ever-so-present trustee, was nowhere to be found, and Cary and Nick shared only one exchange. Grace and her smoking beau? I’ll just have to assume that we’ll pick up on these open-ended stories next week.

Bringing the Florrick/Loy family together was oh, so brilliant. Mary Beth Peil and Stockard Channing are the perfect horrid mother-in-laws!

– Lindsay

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