Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Life Support” – 12/4/12

Cooper takes us through Charlotte’s pregnancy.


Charlotte is now 26 weeks into her pregnancy, and Cooper, the ever-dutiful husband, has prepared a beautiful breakfast buffet for his super-pregnant wife. Charlotte wakes to find that her water broke.

We go back to the start of Charlotte’s pregnancy, narrated in breaks by Cooper. (I sure hope he stops talking to the camera soon.) Charlotte makes the announcement to everyone, but they already knew; Cooper isn’t so great at keeping his mouth shut.

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As Violet goes on about her loss of Pete, Cooper can only think of babies, babies, babies.

During Charlotte’s ultrasound, Addison wants to discuss Charlotte’s options and risks during the pregnancy; reducing the bundle to two would decrease the possibility of losing Charlotte, but she doesn’t want to hear any of it.

Violet finds a more listening ear in Gabi, a woman from her grief group. They ditch group and have lunch together. Violet’s conflicted about Lucas’s decreased memories of Pete, while Gabi wishes that she could forget her memories of Ally to make letting her go easier.

Charlotte, somewhat insensitively, complains about her pregnancy to Amelia, who convinces Charlotte to agree to a shower; it’ll cut down on the amount of baby shopping she’ll have to do!

While Cooper is over the moon about having three little girls, Charlotte can’t help but think of her future surrounded by little girly, silly versions of herself.

Violet took it upon herself, as usual, to get a second opinion about Ally’s health. Unfortunately, Amelia’s prognosis is the same as Ally’s other doctors, but Gabi views Violet’s “help” as an invasion of privacy.

Mason and Cooper search for homes that accommodate their new brood, and they’re all way out of their price range.

Charlotte attends a breathing class without tape over her mouth, and the couple gets kicked out for harassing the other humorless couples. (Okay, she was being very mean, but it was funny!)

Cooper asks Sam and Jake for advice for a “friend,” who’s looking up information online about sex during pregnancy. That “friend” has a doctorate and is Googling medical advice?

Violet apologizes to Gabi for overstepping, and while she accepts, she says that she has had trouble letting go, even after hearing the same thing from every doctor. A psychic told her there was hope for Ally, and it’s got her holding out for a miracle. Ally was her true love. Somehow, this prompts Violet to admit that Pete was her true love. What?! How?

Charlotte and Cooper argue over whether to raise their three girls Jewish or Christian, and Mason is the one that suggests both: it will double the presents!

Now we’re back to 26 weeks, where Charlotte is rushed into the delivery room. Addison delivers one of the babies and then closes Charlotte back up to give the other two more time to develop. Their first little girl must have heart surgery.

Gabi takes Ally off life support.

The surgery is successful, and Cooper spends his night talking to his new little girl (and not to us!). Once Charlotte’s awake, Cooper is able to tell an emotional and relieved Charlotte that her firstborn is alive and well.

Yes, I’m glad that we didn’t just gloss over Charlotte’s pregnancy, but hearing/watching Cooper narrate every single thing was excruciating! Was this intended to have the audience scream like Charlotte? Breaking the fourth wall once, maybe even twice, is cute – funny, even – but over and over again? Longest 42 minutes ever. It took me a while to notice the corresponding foods that matched the size of the babies, but that was a nice touch. And watching Charlotte and Mason bond is always sweet, reminding everyone that she’s not entirely horrible. I love that she’s hilariously mean.

Violet’s side story was a refreshing break from Cooper’s antics right up until she admitted that Pete was her true love. What?! Who says, “Yeah…I guess he was my true love?” Her relief after his death made complete sense, as Pete was a childish prick who was ready to leave at a moment’s notice, and we’re supposed to believe that was true love? No way.

Even though following a single character’s story line seems very anti-ensemble-ike, it’s near the end, and ending their stories this way seems appropriate. However, there are only a few episodes left of this show, and I’d appreciate it if none of them repeated this episode’s formula. I want to miss the show, not celebrate its cancelation.

– Lindsay

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