Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Battle of the Proxies” – 12/2/12

Two men are charged with the same crime in different counties, and Eli faces a scandal all of his own.


A seemingly innocent admirer chats up Eli and reveals himself to be from the Department of Justice, looking to speak with Eli over his dealings with Wooster-Graff Industries. Obviously, it’s something he’d rather not discuss, as he hightails it out of the diner and back to his office.

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Will is up against ADA Hellinger once again. (The State’s Attorney’s office must be short-staffed.) This time, Will is defending Troy Mallick, accused of the murder of Brandi Colavita. At the same time, Gary Kuharski is being tried for the same crime. Will can only mention the other trial if it results in a guilty verdict. And the prosecutor in Minooka county refuses to work with any defense attorney, even if it means having to prove his case alone.

Eli takes his troubles to Diane and shows her the photo given to him by Kalinda. He wants to keep this from Peter, meaning that Will and Alicia must be kept in the dark.

Someone doesn’t know how to clear their Internet searches! Alicia finds a search for “types of condoms” on the family computer. Uh-oh!

In Minooka, Tom Szabo, head of evidence collection, found identical shoe impressions that matched Gary’s shoes. Chicago matched the imprint to Troy Mallick, the defendant in Chicago, too. In this case, the judge allows the mention of the other case. Lucky them.

The prosecutor has a sudden change of heart when he’s handed the soil analysis that places Gary at the scene of the crime and decides to accept Alicia’s help.

Alicia uncomfortably asks Zach about the search; he denies it and points to Grace.

Nick wants Cary off of his case, saying that he’s accused him of drug running, and Alicia tries once more to free the firm of Nick’s business. He semi-threatens Alicia into keeping his illegal activities a secret. (If she truly feels threatened, then attorney-client privilege no longer applies.)

A member of the security team at the Chicago concert saw Brandi and Troy fighting and followed them into the woods, where he found the bloody clothing. He said he heard screams and cries for help.

Will brings attention to the earplugs that the guard was wearing that night and asks for a short demonstration; Kalinda yells in the hallway, and with the earplugs, the witness can’t hear a thing. Oopsy.

Kalinda tries to assure Alicia that she won’t be in any danger from her psychotic ex-hubby. She’s not very convincing.

Mattan is back! And he’s helping the defense in Minooka.

Diane and a rarely silent Eli meet with David Laguardia, and he says that they’re only investigating discounts given in exchange for campaign donations.

Mattan is able to introduce previously denied evidence from Troy Mallick’s vehicle in the Minooka case, and Alicia has nothing to hand over to the prosecutor to refute it.

Grace adamantly denies searching for condoms on the home computer.

Brock Dalyndro is next on the stand. He saw Troy with a stuffed blanket with the image of a mountain peak over his shoulder. Will tries to tear apart his eyewitness account with the mention of all the drugs in his system, and it’s starting to work, when Hellinger interrupts and asks the judge that Will not show the witness a photo similar to that of the defendant. She’s catching on to his tricks!

Kalinda rams her SUV into one of Nick’s precious cars and uncovers several packs of drugs hidden within the transmission.

David, Diane, and Eli meet again. This time, David offers Eli a deal: they’ll drop the investigation in return for information on Peter Florrick. Eli walks out first, prompting David to turn to Diane to continue with the details, but she won’t hear of it, either.

The “mountain peak” that the witness saw is the inverted image of the logo of Troy’s company, and it wont take long before Hellinger finds this out, too.

Knowing this, Alicia wants to halt her assistance to the prosecution in Minooka, with a case that they now know is against an innocent man, but Will says that they must do whatever is in the best interests of their client. Alicia does her duty and helps Lee question Mattan’s credibility on the stand when they bring up his Tillman case – a man he wrongly convicted and sent to prison for 10 years.

Cary, making another rare appearance in the office, has found a problem in the Minooka case: the soil matched Gary’s shoes because he worked in the area. It’s further evidence of his innocence, but Alicia must keep quiet about it.

David comes back, not to share another meal but with a warrant; they’re seizing everything in Eli’s office.

Zach ran a search on the computer, and it’s Jackie searching for condoms!! Whoa, Grandma.

The juries in both Chicago and Minooka return with a guilty verdict.

Kalinda meets Nick in the darkened offices of L&G and offers him a chance to cross the border with a wad of cash. She says she’s outed his smuggling to the police.

We cut to the bar. Alicia’s waiting for Kalinda, and she arrives, this time very confident that Nick won’t be bothering them ever again. I wonder why…

Another fun episode, but I must say, I thought Cary’s beating was going to give him a major storyline before we got rid of Nick. He was in one scene! I think he had more scenes when he worked for the State’s Attorney’s office. And speaking of them, it’s nice to see Mattan back. Amanda Peet works well with Josh Charles, but Mattan is a little more conniving and a little less flirty than Hellinger. (Even though the Will/Alicia story has been stomped out, I’d like to keep hope alive.) We need a change. But first and foremost, poor Cary needs more lines and screen-time.

And the trustee seems to have disappeared, as well. Come back, continuity!

– Lindsay

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