Recap/Review – Private Practice – “I’m Fine” – 12/11/12

privatepracticerecap1217smallSheldon is plagued with problems in both his professional and personal life that he is unable to share with the rest of the doctors at Seaside.


The episode opens with Sheldon receiving radiation treatment.

We jump back to a few weeks prior, where Sheldon, looking quite snazzy in his tux, is dancing with a woman, who I’ll assume is his ex-wife. He tells her about the prostate cancer, and she says she won’t be able to help him through it. Ouch.

Jump with me to read more.

Sheldon comes back to the hospital around the same time that Sarah has gone missing and meets a woman by the vending machine. He takes his frustrations out on it and gets her a chocolate bar.

At this time, Sarah has been missing for 37 days, and Sheldon discusses this with his therapist.

She’s trying to get Sheldon to resolve himself to the fact that his patient, Nick, may not come back. He’d rather not discuss that, so she switches the subject to his prostate cancer, something else he’s not keen on discussing. His options there include active surveillance, surgery, or radiation. And Laura’s (his ex-wife) reaction to his plight isn’t up for discussion, either.

Sheldon meets the woman from the vending machine again when he goes in for treatment. He doesn’t immediately recognize her without her wig.

Sheldon isn’t ready to tell the gang about his prognosis and attributes his constant lateness to a new gym membership.

Amelia notices the rock on Addison’s hand and offers congratulations to the bride-to-be. Sheldon offers his brand of congratulations too, but then starts to ramble on about the hardships of life, confusing everyone.

Nick comes back after Sheldon’s many messages inquiring about his absence. He again denies taking Sarah and is eerily happy. He says that he’s met someone—Alyssa—and talks cheerfully about their connection. Sheldon doesn’t beat around the bush and asks about Alyssa’s age. According to Nick, Alyssa is 25, but Sheldon doesn’t believe him.

He thinks Alyssa is Sarah Nelson. Sheldon’s therapist thinks that he made up this story to make up for losing Nick’s trust, but Sheldon is convinced that Nick is lying. So am I.

The woman from the vending machine has a name—Miranda—and after sitting across from each other in silence for a few days, decides that they can make small talk but won’t take anything further than that, as the last woman she bonded with passed away.

An arrest has been made in the Sarah Nelson case; one of the janitors working on the floor that night is a registered sex offender. James apologizes for assuming it was Sheldon’s patient.

Nick is back and happier than ever. He says he’s doing great but wants to keep up his therapy, and he wants to move his relationship with Alyssa to the next step.

Miranda and Sheldon start out talking about the weather and the like but soon are sharing more personal information about their work, exes, and sock choices. Once Sheldon gives Miranda the title of cancer-buddy, she confesses that she’s terminal; she’s undergoing treatment just so she can make it to her niece’s graduation. She tells him that he must find someone else to confide in.

And he almost finds that person in Charlotte but can’t bring himself to talk about anything other than the gym.

Miranda invites Sheldon out for a motivational salad, but he can’t bring himself to go out with her. His therapist likens his behavior to Laura’s.

Sarah has now been missing for almost two months, prompting a discussion of sex offenders between the docs. This sends Sheldon into a rant of whether these people can be helped or if they only deserve to be put away forever.

Speaking of sex offenders, Nick is back, and his mood has drastically changed; he no longer has strong feeling for Alyssa and swears that she isn’t the one.

The next day, Miranda isn’t there for chemo, and Sheldon assumes the worst.

Sheldon, unsure about the arrest, goes to the station and asks for the evidence against the janitor. Everything they have is circumstantial, and Sheldon tells Joe about his suspicions regarding Nick, but without any confession, Joe can’t look into it.

A desperate Sheldon changes Nick’s appointment and schedules him to come in at the same time that Ron and Dana see Violet.

During their session, Sheldon brings up the couple, and Nick is confident that Sarah is better off wherever she is because he remembers the amount of arguing that went on in front of her. Sheldon never mentioned Sarah’s name, yet Nick can remember it some three months after hearing her name? Odd.

Over in Violet’s office, Dana and Ron are arguing again, this time because Ron has chosen to go back to work and believes that Sarah is dead, while Dana refuses to leave the house and feels that Sarah is alive somewhere.

Nick’s not close to confessing anything, so Sheldon starts throwing out questions about Alyssa: what does she do, and where’s she from? And then he flat-out accuses Nick of taking Sarah. Nick has that odd, happy smile on his face again; he admits to nothing and calls Sheldon powerless. Once he walks out, he is met by officers. Sheldon has placed him on a 5150 psych hold to keep him from leaving. That’ll give Sheldon 72 hours to find Sarah.

Sheldon heads over to see Joe once more and claims that Nick confessed to taking Sarah, giving Joe probable cause to search his home. At first, they find nothing, until they look into a basement decked out in pink. Underneath a small bed hides Sarah, and Sheldon stays with her until her parents arrive.

Violet thanks Sheldon for his work, and while everyone else is relieved, Sheldon is upset that it took so long to find her.

Back in radiation, Sheldon has changed his socks, perhaps in memory of Miranda. But she soon walks in; she didn’t show up yesterday because of car trouble. He kisses her and promises to have lunch and dinner with her every day for as long as he can.

Well, this more than made up for last week’s disaster of an episode. Before anyone goes and says that he broke the rules and then won out at the end—nothing is ever tied up in a neat little bow on this show. There have been plenty of times that it hasn’t happened. Take a look back at most, if not all of Violet’s patients. Every other doctor has followed their gut, and sometimes they were wrong and have come close to losing their license. One could argue that Sheldon’s behavior was similar to that of Violet: obsessive and intrusive, (something he’s always found time to lecture her on), though Nick was entirely too creepy to not have taken that little girl.

It’s nice to see him seeking advice from someone else after serving as the listening ear for all these years. And after sifting through story after story of unrequited love—Charlotte, Violet, Amelia, and Laura—Miranda’s immediate, although likely short-lived, affection has been a long-time coming.

– Lindsay

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