Bottom Ten Shows of 2012

As you saw yesterday, we posted our Top Ten Shows of 2012 list. We had a good number of shows in common, and our top picks were Castle, Bones, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. What do you think we put on our Bottom Ten Shows of 2012 list? Check it out below!

Bottom 10

Jenny's Choice: Take It All
Kyle was shocked that I was including Take It All on my Bottom 10 list. I did enjoy the show—although sometimes, Howie Mandel can get a bit annoying—but really, all the show did was make me realize two things: One) In general, people suck. They are greedy and won't hesitate to lie their asses off if it suits their purpose; Two) I can never ever go on a game show like this one because I would get my ass handed to me. I would believe every lie that came out of my competitor's mouth and they would walk off with all my money because I would want to be honest and go home with my money while letting them go home with theirs. It irritated me that one time out of six, the people both told the truth and both walked off with a lot of money. Five out of six times, someone cried, lied, and weaseled their way into the other player's heart and trust to win the money—although one of those five times, both players lied and both went home with nothing. Bah! LOL
Megan's Choice: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
I almost feel guilty admitting I've watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and found myself caught up in the drama and goofiness of the show. It's horrible. This show is a disgrace to the intelligence of the average person... It's so bad, it makes the everyday redneck seem sophisticated. Overall, it's a waste of time and should be off televisions everywhere.
Kyle's Choice: Cheap Imitation Reality Shows
This past year, there were quite a few low-quality imitation reality shows. Escape Routes (rip-off of The Amazing Race) felt like that free ad-sponsored version of the app you get for your smartphone: it was a 6-hour ad for the Ford Escape (as well as other products). Glass House (rip-off of Big Brother) had a few good aspects, but only having a single episode a week and its reliance on watching a daily live web show made it worthless. And finally, there was Redneck Island (rip-off of Survivor), in which the contestants sit around on beach chairs, are well fed, and write their evictions down on beer cozies. (And if I had a few more to add to the list, they would be the horrible Rob Schneider comedy ¡Rob!, as well as two shows that had interesting concepts but just ended up being pretty boring: The Mob Doctor and Alcatraz.)

Jump with us to see numbers nine through one!

Bottom 9

Jenny's Choice: The Bachelor / Bachelorette
Excluse me while I copy/paste what I wrote last year: It used to be that I could watch these shows and find at least a few of the men or women that I thought were there for the right reasons—including the bachelor/bachelorette themselves. Now? I just don't see that at all. When they can't even take themselves seriously, how can I? I'm a romantic at heart, but watching these shows was just sucking the romance right out of me. Of course, I said that...but it still continues to pull me in. I loved Emily on the last season of The Bachelorette, but in the end... I don't think she was any better than the most of them. Still...I'll at least start the upcoming season of The Bachelor... Sean is a hottie. What can I say? **grin**
Megan's Choice: Glee
*Ducking* Yes, I, of all people, have to be true to myself and say that this recent season of Glee has been especially terrible. It's true that there have been some decent musical numbers, but overall, the story lines have been scattered and unfocused, and I feel the show itself has officially tanked. Ryan Murphy better redeem himself soon before I'm forced to jump ship completely.
Kyle's Choice: The Firm
What a huge disappointment. I was a huge fan of the book and film of The Firm and was looking forward to this series. However, it was so dull and boring and failed to capture the excitement of the original that I quit after just a few episodes. I would have preferred a long-form retelling of the book's thriller over a case-of-the-week procedural that was a sequel to the book.

Bottom 8

Jenny's Choice: Survivor / The Amazing Race / American Idol
I don't have a lot of hatred for these show or anything. But like I put last year for Survivor, it's pretty much the same old sh...uh, stuff now every season. I thought with the addition of the returning players, I would enjoy it a lot more, but I still lost interest within 3 or 4 episodes. The same for The Amazing Race. There's always a team that I can't stand because of one or both of the players (whether the guy is a controlling ass or the girl is a bitchy bimbo, whatever), and there's always a team that I love and am rooting for that goes home early because they are too nice. And for American Idol, the contestants have all become a blur, and the show hasn't been the same since Simon and Paula left. I had gotten used to Jennifer and Steven, but now they are out and 3 new judges are in beside Randy Jackson? I don't really care about any of them, and the show just isn't worth my time anymore.
Megan's Choice: True Blood
I feel the tears welling up as I type this... It's the truth, though! The last season of True Blood was quite bad in so many ways. I hate vampire Tara, and I feel that using that as a last-ditch effort to save an already-horrible character made this season almost unbearable. The only thing that got me through was watching the sexiness that is Eric on the screen, and even that lost its allure because of the nonsense the writers pulled with the Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle. I really hope that this next season makes up for it, but I'm starting to believe that some things are better left as books.
Kyle's Choice: Partners
CBS does procedurals well but has very few good comedies. Partners was another one of their horrible ones. It had a talented cast, but the jokes were awful and the show was unfunny. I'm glad CBS canned this one early, releasing the cast to do other things, rather than letting it live on forever (like Two and Half Men and Rules of Engagement). I never made it past the pilot.

Bottom 7

Jenny's Choice: Rookie Blue
I honestly can't believe I put Rookie Blue on my Bottom 10 list...but this last season pissed me off something fierce. First, there is Sam & Andy. They had such a great relationship—from the moment they met, there was a chemistry, even when they were nothing but co-workers who were attracted to one another—and then last season, the show worked so hard to bring them together, and it was beautiful. The scene when Sam starts to undress her and then carries her over to the bed to make love will always be one of my favorites. And then this season, the show broke them up after...well, that leads me to the second thing: Jerry died. Yes, I know it's a cop show, and there is an inherent danger for cops. But come on! I liked Jerry a lot, so I was sad to see him go—especially since his death is what prompted Sam to end it with Andy, because he didn't want her to hurt if something happened to him...or whatever. And finally...Dov. I HATED the story line where he ruined his relationship with his bomb cop girlfriend because he was spending so much time with the sister of the guy he shot and killed. Whatever. By that point, I was so over the show. Unless something seriously changes in the upcoming season, I won't be watching anymore, and that just about kills me because I loved it so much up until this last season. 🙁
Megan's Choice: The Amazing Race
Perhaps I swallowed a cranky pill before writing this, but I found the most recent season of The Amazing Race to be boring and repetitive. When the time came for the finale, I didn't even care who won, and we all know I'm always full of opinions. I will continue to watch, in hopes they get a more interesting group of people next time.
Kyle's Choice: Napoleon Dynamite
What were they thinking?! The original movie of Napoleon Dynamite was already bad enough, and eight years later is not the time to try to capitalize on any fans it did have.
JJ's Choice: American Idol
American Idol was plagued by the most annoying duo of judges ever: Tweedle Jackson and Tweedle Lopez. And they got more screen time than any of the contestants. Steven Tyler was only marginally better... He thought everything was “amazing,” but sometimes, he contradicted Jackson and Lopez. This year, Jackson will be back, but the rest of the judging panel is new, so here’s hoping there will be some improvements.

Bottom 6

Jenny's Choice: Breaking In
I was so upset when Breaking In was canceled the first time. My husband & I loved that show. We're big fans of Bret Harrison (& still think he needs to find another show STAT!), and I loved the rest of the cast (I've had a crush on Christian Slater since I was like 17 & saw the movie Untamed Heart. So when FOX brought it back, we were thrilled. But then I saw the news that Megan Mullally had been cast as the new boss, and I was quite unhappy and worried. I liked her on Will & Grace, but I've only ever really liked her as Karen on that show. I've never really liked her on any of her other guest starring roles or anything. I would have bet money that I wouldn't like her on Breaking In...and I'd have been right. I didn't like her character, and for me, she ruined the show.
Megan's Choice: Dancing with the Stars
Why does one show, Dancing with the Stars, need to take up so many nights of my television viewing? Why can't they condense it? Why are these people considered stars? All these questions and more bounce around in my head every time I see this title listed on my TV guide. Stop now... Please, I beg you, no more dancing with the has-beens.
Kyle's Choice: Anger Management
Will someone please just put Charlie Sheen out to pasture?! Two and a Half Men wasn't funny, and Anger Management is just more of the same Charlie Sheen comedy garbage. I don't know who actually enjoyed this, but they have 90 more episodes to look forward to! Yay! I never made it past the first double-header of episodes.
JJ's Choice: 2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls is an infuriating show. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are amazing as the leads, but there was so much that didn’t work. Especially the scenes in the diner and some of the jokes that they ask the girls to read. Just no. Season 2, the show improved because it is moving out of the diner more.

Bottom 5

Jenny's Choice: Smash
I wanted to like Smash. Truly I did. The cast had some great people on it, and I was excited to see the kind of show I thought it was going to be. Instead, it felt disjointed, and there was a lot more drama than I liked. I watched a couple of episodes before I decided I just didn't like it enough to continue.
Megan's Choice: Survivor
How many times can Survivor take a bunch of gorgeous people, a few rednecks, a token African American, and an Asian, put them in a remote location, and make it fun to watch? The answer is three, because that has been the number of seasons that have been interesting. Again, I say STOP!
Kyle's Choice: House of Lies
House of Lies has a talented cast in Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, and Ben Schwartz, but I wish they were doing other things. The series was just a bit too artsy/flashy for my taste. I didn't care for the still-pause effects or gratuitous nudity (just because they were on cable). I found the characters not very relatable/likable and really hated the whole cross-dressing son aspect. I never made it past the first few episodes.
JJ's Choice: The X Factor
This season on The X Factor? The new judges, the annoying hosts, the stale format, the scripted "moments" between the cast, the shouting in the studio, and how the auditions were not-presented. Nothing seemed to work. And then there were hardly any interesting contestants on the live shows. Time to just quit it, because I can’t really see how it can be saved other than a *complete* behind and in front of the scenes retool.

Bottom 4

Jenny's Choice: Breaking Amish
When I saw the previews for Breaking Amish, I was kind of excited because I thought it would be a neat look into the practice of Rumspringa that Amish teenagers go through. Instead of being interesting, though, it was dramatic, silly, and kind of stupid. I didn't even make it through an entire episode.
Megan's Choice: Whitney
Who is still watching this horrid comedy, Whitney? It is NOT funny! Whitney Cummings is a terrible actress, and the only way this show would be funny is if someone with some talent played the main character...and even then, it's a stretch. Honestly, people, let's get some good comedies on the air and let this one bite the dust.
Kyle's Choice: Animal Practice
I like Justin Kirk and JoAnna Garcia, but take away the monkey, and Animal Practice had nothing to laugh at. It was painfully boring and unfunny. Hopefully, we'll see these two on better shows soon!
JJ's Choice: Gossip Girl
How about that ending of the fifth season of Gossip Girl? Did they want to go back to season 1 to set up the story for season 6? I was annoyed with myself for sticking with the show for all that time when I saw the season finale. At least season 6 was marginally better and especially more focused.

Bottom 3

Jenny's Choice: In Plain Sight
I had a lot to say about In Plain Sight to friends and on Twitter, etc, when the series ended. But even though it started out as one of my favorite summer shows ever, it ended as one of my least favorites, so I had to include it on the list. When Mary McCormack became pregnant again before the season started, producers decided to write her pregnancy into the story line. But rather than go the route of say...Bones and have her character sleep with her partner (& who most viewers, I believe, wanted her to be with), they had her sleep with her ex-husband, and that's who the baby daddy was. Not only did they NOT pair up Mary with Marshall, but he had a new girlfriend-turned-fiancee who basically told him that it was her or his friendship with Mary, and he chose her. I understand that happens in real life, but for a show that had such a great, unique relationship between Mary and Marshall to do that? It pissed me off so much, I quit watching. This is, quite possibly, the show that angers me most when I think of it disappointing me.
Megan's Choice: Two and a Half Men
Two and a Half Men is another comedy that isn't funny. It hasn't been for a long time, and it's time to throw in the towel. Ashton Kutcher didn't save it. The show got even worse with him on board. I have finally faced facts that most of America has no sense of humor, because they continue to tune in to this show. PLEASE, I beg you, stop watching.
Kyle's Choice: Girls
I don't understand all the critical acclaim for Girls. I watched the first few episodes and thought it was awful. I found the main characters completely unlikeable and situations totally unrelatable. It was billed as a comedy, but I never laughed once. And with her excessive nude scenes, it seemed like Lena Dunham was primarily using this show to fill some exhibitionist need in her life.
JJ's Choice: Glee
Glee hasn’t been in fine form ever since season 2, but season 3 annoyed me so much that I actually quit the show. The fun was out of it, almost all the characters were annoying, the storytelling was all over the place, and the single episode that was great didn’t weigh up to the mess of the rest of the episodes.

Bottom 2

Jenny's Choice: Toddlers & Tiaras / Cheer Perfection
Here's part of what I wrote about Toddlers & Tiaras last year: Teenage girls normally have horrible, horrible self-esteem issues. That's part of being a teenager and something society does NOTHING to help. But when parents deliberately start telling their little girls at 5 and 6 years old that they need to slather on makeup, use whitener on their teeth, prance around in the hottest or fanciest clothes, etc etc to win or be popular or be the cutest, all that is doing is setting them up for even worse self-esteem as they get older. They are also making these little girls self-centered, pampered, spoiled brats who yell, scream, whine, and basically act like little turds. I hate that it happens in real life, and I hate even more that TLC made a show glorifying it. And now, they are just adding to it with the new show Cheer Perfection, which just recently started. Yes, you're guessing right: It's about young cheerleaders who are being pushed harder than any child should be to be the best. Like the other, this show does more harm than good, in my opinion, and showcases parents who I believe have no business being parents.
Megan's Choice: The Apprentice
The Apprentice was a close run for the worst show of 2012 but ended up as second—for one major reason: Donald Trump is a pompous, cranky old man who needs a new hair style. He reminds me of a less endearing version of Scrooge, and I wish someone would send the ghosts of Christmas to visit him. I despise listening to him ramble on as if he knows everything. Just stop, old man. I don't want to see you on my television anymore.
Kyle's Choice: Work It
This Bosom Buddies remake was downright awful. The jokes were terrible and dated, and there was no way these guys were believable as women. If anything, their new co-workers would have thought they were trannies (and not very convincing ones at that)!
JJ's Choice: How I Met Your Mother
I realized in 2012 that I had been hate-watching How I Met Your Mother for quite some time. Hardly any likable characters anymore, the constant back-and-forth between Ted, Robin, and Barney, and then Lily and Marshall had to move out, pushing me over the edge to giving up on the show. Afterwards, I realized I really hate the storytelling devices as well and how they kept postponing and PSYCH-ing us with all the moments Ted didn’t meet the mother. Time to wrap it up.
And our picks for our LEAST FAVORITE shows of the year 2012 are…

Bottom 1

Jenny's Choice: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
Like my top two shows, my bottom two shows could have gone either way. In my opinion, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is just about the most ridiculous, unfunny, horrible thing on television right now. I don't know how this family is in real life. But on the show, they are portrayed as the stereotypical southern, redneck, hillbilly family who are stupid and showcasing their bratty youngest child and pregnant teenager. Now, I come from a long line of southern, redneck, hillbillies, so I'm used to the accents, the slow moving feel of the people and culture, and what not. But when viewers watch this show and laugh, I can't help but feel like they are laughing AT the family, rather than WITH the family. No thanks.
Megan's Choice: Jersey Shore
I know it seems redundant, but I hate Jersey Shore. The fist-pumping, vagina-flashing Snooki as a mom makes me nauseous and want to claw everyone's eyes out just so they won't accidentally watch this crap. It's a relief that this is their last season of ruining television everywhere, but it's about 5 seasons too many. Farewell, you orange, fake-tanned, failures to society. (Yes, I feel that strongly about them.) May life treat you with the respect you' ve earned.
Kyle's Choice: "Reality"-palooza
This includes any reality show about a hillbilly redneck toddler, losing weight, dating, showing talent, "real" housewives, people from New Jersey, or celebrities dancing, applying for a job, or earning stripes. I swear, this list gets bigger every year. The problem is these horrible, bloated reality shows never seem to go away while new ones get added to their ranks. This year, the most disgusting new entry has to be Here Comes Honey Boo Boo... I wanted to vomit after just watching a minute of that thing speaking. Also new this year was Stars Earn Stripes, which was just a glorified ad for the armed forces and its weaponry.
JJ's Choice: The New Normal
I saw two episodes of The New Normal before giving up on it, and what a hot mess. It didn’t make me laugh once, and it felt like it contained every bad part of Glee combined in a new show. I'm amazed it’s still on the air.

What do you think? Did we hit the…low points? Did we miss something you think we definitely should have included? Let us know by commenting below!

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6 Responses to Bottom Ten Shows of 2012

  1. Kyle says:

    I don’t think you can blame Take It All for good old human greed 🙂

  2. Kyle says:

    Oh, and for lack of Samdy making Rookie Blue hit bottom 10–I’ve always hated Samdy but the break-up wasn’t enough to make it to my top 10–they need to kill off Sam–he should have died at the end of season 2–they had their chance! At least with blonde cop back on the show, maybe the pairing of him and Andy can be fixed.

  3. Jenny says:

    *laugh* Sure I can. It made it easier for people to be douches. LOL

    And gah, Kyle. Come on! It’s SaNdy, not SaMdy. 😛 And Sam was one of my favorite parts of the show, so… Bah! 😛 LOL

  4. C says:

    Showtime’s “Reality Show.” The last episode was the worst i’ve seen in 28 years of tv watching.

    • Kyle says:

      I actually watched the entire Reality Show–while I thought the concept was great and I liked the interesting ending, the execution was horrible and the acting and script were atrocious. The main actor/creator was awful. Perhaps that should have been an honorable mention on my list.

      • C says:

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it was awful. I agree the concept was totally there; what a disappointment!