Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Je Ne Sais What?” – 1/13/13

thegoodwiferecap116smallAlicia, Will, and Diane step in on a case for Elsbeth Tascioni once she’s arrested. Eli and Jordan butt heads over Peter’s campaign.


Alicia’s got her mind on some steamy night with Peter while she makes the kids breakfast.

Zach uncovers a flaw on Maddie Hayward’s campaign website, linking her intent to go after racial bias in the workplace. He notifies Eli, who is quite busy butting heads with Jordan (T.R. Knight).

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Alicia receives a call from a familiar friend, Ms. Elsbeth Tascioni (my favorite, Carrie Preston).

Eli wants Peter to address the topic of racial bias, but Jordan prefers that he ignore it. They continue their sparring when talking to Maddie – she wants four debates, Jordan is willing to compromise for three, and Eli is stuck at one. This is going so well.

Elsbeth was arrested for harassing Simon Fassel, the CEO of Eribose, and wants Alicia to cover her case while she’s behind bars. Eribose reneged on a contract for $5 million for her client, Anna Budey.

Alicia hands the case over to Will while she tries to get Elsbeth released.

Ms. Budey filmed a commercial endorsing Eribose but was never paid for it. They’re arguing that her contract is now void, as she has been banned from this coming Monday’s race due to doping. She can appeal that decision but must do so before Monday.

In order to appeal the decision, they must take their case to the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

Alicia has found a judge willing to issue Tascioni’s transfer to the bond hearing to avoid keeping her over the weekend, but first, she must pass her psych evaluation.

Will and Anna attend the appeal hearing, and initially, all is fine until all of them start speaking in French. Will must, coyly, admit that he is not a French speaker, and the judges smugly agree to hold the hearing in English for Will’s benefit.

Anna was banned, as they found a similar spike in her hormone levels as those found in the Notorious Six, six athletes banned for using doping. The prosecution has an eyewitness – Anna’s roommate – who claims she saw a courier hand over drugs to Anna.

Alicia must prep Elsbeth for her psych eval. She’s not to talk too much and give short, simple answers. Their practice session doesn’t look promising.

Peter heeds Eli’s advice and asks Geneva if she feels that he’s racially biased. Once she’s assured that this conversation will have no effect on her job, she shows Peter just how biased he is. He fired five African Americans and promoted two caucasians. He also rejected the opportunity to speak at the Minority Rights Coalition.

Chanise James, Anna’s roommate, testifies to seeing Nelson Kimora hand Anna a bottle of pills. This time, Diane, fluent in French, has joined Will at the table and impresses the French panel enough to gain them an extension to work on their strategy.

Anna denies any drug usage and claims that Nelson was her boyfriend at the time.

It’s time for Elsbeth’s psych eval, and things are going well until the mention of alcohol and drugs leaves her thinking about the case: a pregnancy could account for Anna’s hormonal surge during the race!

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Anna admits it. She had an abortion. This new information can win her the contract AND enable her to run on Monday, but she refuses to let this come out and trusts that Will and Diane will win the case another way.

Well, Elsbeth failed her psych eval. Very shocking.

Dr. Chesterfield is next to be questioned. He’s pretty pompous when he describes his miraculous finding of the booster scandal and is sure that Anna was using.

Unfortunately, no concrete evidence of usage is needed to incriminate the runners; a sharp change in their hormonal levels is just enough.

Kalinda checks in on Elsbeth for help with the case that Will and Diane are now losing. She encourages them to attack the chain of custody of the samples.

Peter decides to give a speech at the Minority Rights Coaliton and it doesn’t go as well as planned. Alicia stops by after the speech to…lift his spirits but departs shortly afterwards.

Alicia takes legal advice from her lusty lover Peter and tries to have Elsbeth’s arrest tossed. Campus police arrested Elsbeth on the third floor stairwell, but the university only owns floors one and four. While the officers were technically out of their jurisdiction, the judge agrees that the officers had cause to arrest Ms. Tascioni.

On the third day of appeals, the lawyers attempt to attack the chain of custody. The rule book explicitly states that any unexplained delay in the handling of a sample renders it unusable. Even though the sample was delayed, the three judges allow for it, and the chain of custody remains intact.

After the arrest is deemed legal, Alicia asks that Elsbeth be transferred a few doors down to make bail. Geneva protests, as Elsbeth failed her psych eval, but if she was deemed fit to come to the courtroom, then surely she could go three doors down?

Elsbeth runs – literally runs, sans heels – across the field to finish what she started. She calls one last witness, Dedrick Klein, a cyclist previously suspended without any evidence; the panel confirmed his guilt. On that panel was Mr. Villapique, who excused Klein in favor of another cyclist, a French cyclist, Xavier Lavier.

Peter’s disastrous speech has gone viral and is gaining him unexpected support for his “bravery.” Jordan’s unhappy about how their gaining support, but Eli couldn’t care less. Peter’s happy about the results but wishes that he and Jordan would work out their differences, especially since Peter is aware of the investigation into Eli’s affairs.

Eli needs a lawyer, and he can’t come to anyone at Lockhart & Gardner. And it just so happens that Elsbeth has just finished and won yet another case. Can you imagine those two together?

Oh where, oh where has Cary Agos gone? He suddenly had oodles (actually, very little) of screen time last week, and suddenly, he’s nowhere to be found? Missing Cary, however, cannot detract from the marvelous presence of the other Carrie. She’s back, more off-the-wall & brilliant than ever, and now that she’ll be representing Eli, more hilarious legal hijinks will ensue.

Can’t say that I’m too happy about the Peter/Alicia love (lust?). But he seems more invested in this relationship than she is.

Till next week!

– Lindsay

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