Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Full Release” – 1/15/13

privatepracticerecap122smallCharlotte delivers the last of the triplets; Jake’s past may get in the way of Henry’s adoption.


Charlotte’s still waiting the arrival of Georgia’s siblings, as are the other doctors, who have now chosen to eliminate possible names for the two babies.

Violet goes to the bookstore to buy gifts for the new kiddies and meets (and flirts with!) the hot bookstore owner that recognizes Violet from her book. He’s read it five (!) times and wants to know if Pete, the husband in the book, is still in the picture. Obviously caught off-guard, it takes Violet a second to remember Pete before she tells Charles that Pete is, in fact, deceased. Charles tries to hide his smile in his condolences while Violet rushes off, blushing like a schoolgirl.

It’s Formal Adoption Hearing Day, for Addison at least. Henry will be officially hers!

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Back at the hospital, Charlotte guilts poor Stephanie into staying on as her lackey and forces Cooper out to pick up Mason from school.

Sam, the first this week to spend some quality time with Georgia, encourages the little week-old baby to be fearless. Good going, Sam.

James asks Amelia if she has thought about having other children. Fortunately, a patient is in desperate need of her brilliance, and she doesn’t have to keep the conversation going.

Violet meets Sheldon and Miranda for lunch, and they all get along well, even though Sheldon is still hiding his cancer from all of his friends.

Charlotte is at six centimeters and kicks Addison out so that she can attend the hearing, but she must go alone; Jake will keep watch over Charlotte. There are only two OB-GYNs in ALL of Los Angeles. Huh.

Amelia truthfully answers James’s question – when she speaks to Georgia; she can’t go through another pregnancy again.

Charlotte is at 7 centimeters and still very unhappy. This unhappiness is contagious! Violet sees Stephanie and Sam kissing in the hallway and bursts into tears. The gift keeps on giving when at the last minute, the judge presiding over Addison’s hearing announces that he can’t yet finalize the adoption.

After picking up Mason, Cooper gets a call from his real estate agent – the woman selling the house wants to meet with both families to make her decision. Mason and Cooper arrive first, but soon Dan and Darlene arrive, blabbering on and on about their love of volunteer work. Cooper’s a doctor. Saver of children. That should trump all.

Miranda encourages Sheldon to tell someone else about his cancer and their relationship because soon, she’ll be gone, and he’ll need someone to talk to.

Cooper is busy trying to buy a house, and Violet is need of a BFF. Since Sam is the closest one, she pours out her troubles to him. She sees everyone, in love and full of life, and she feels stopped. Initially, Sam offers a hug but, mid-embrace, offers some sage words of advice: Violet’s life is unfinished, and she won’t know what tomorrow will bring. I’d still want that hug.

Mildred, Addison’s caseworker, changed her recommendation at the very last minute because of her concerns about Jake’s violent past.

Charlotte’s finally at 10 centimeters, so Cooper must cut the fight-for-the-house meeting short. He makes one last ditch attempt to put the woman in their favor – he’d like to surprise his wife and his three new little girls with this house, but no matter where they are, as long as they’re together, they’ll be happy. How can you say no to that?!

Sheldon decides to confide in Sam. After all, he is the one that encouraged Sheldon to seek treatment in the first place.

Baby number 2 is out, and just one more to go! The next and last baby girl – Addison must turn her around before delivering the last Cooplet. Oh, the screams!!

After it’s all over, Addison sits alone, happy for Charlotte but miserable over Mildred’s last-minute decision.

Amelia’s changed her mind; she wants lots of babies! Lots of pretty babies!

Violet comes back to the bookstore to retrieve her gift and to make a new cute friend, Charles. I think they’ll have babies, too…

Jake goes to see the judge and gets thirty seconds to explain himself. He offers to leave Addison if that’ll make a difference in his decision.

Mason names the second baby girl Caroline, and the third, Rachel. And they’ve got their fourth baby – that beautiful house!!

Jake comes from the judge’s chambers with a letter saying that Henry is now theirs. Now it’s time to plan a wedding!

No one narrated any part of the story! That alone is reason enough to make this a fabulous episode! But four adorable babies, new love, new homes – it was a complete gush-fest! I loved every moment. One more ep left! Here’s hoping it’ll be bittersweet.

– Lindsay

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