In Memory of Adam Wright (February 22, 1988-January 17, 2013)

Usually, our posts have something to do with television or a recent interview. Today, this post is about something more sombre but someone who was a star in a lot of eyes. Adam Wright, creator/editor-in-chief of the website, passed away recently at the young age of twenty-four.

Adam was a force to be reckoned with as a writer and as a TV viewer. In fact, his anger at some moments on popular shows led him to create the hashtag #AdamRage – justifiably so. If I’m honest, there were many times I wanted to unfollow him on Twitter because his rage at certain shows (Glee…) was driving me bonkers. However, Adam, I should tell you… You may have been smarter than I was. It’s really terrible lately.

Adam guest contributed to TVIsmyPacifier a while back, to our “If We Controlled Your Remote” column. He was funny, poignant, and as always…purely Adam. I had the pleasure of sharing a few chats with him, bonding over our being Canadians and a love for Tim Hortons coffee. (Although, he won because he drank WAY more than I did.) Adam was quick to invite me over to his site to live-blog during award shows, and I found myself with lack of comments because I was so enthralled in his minute-by-minute commentary.

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This young man was a talent of epic proportion, and it is with a sad heart that many of us bid him farewell. Perhaps the rest of us TV critics should divide the shows up and unleash #AdamRage regularly to keep his spirit alive? Indeed.

This little post doesn’t nearly do this excellent TV critic as much justice as he deserves, so head over to A Helpless Compiler and read what Les Chappell has to say about his dear friend.

Adam’s family and friends will be keeping his site, TVDoneWright, up and running until Adam’s birthday on February 22nd. Don’t be afraid to drop by and marvel at the empire this young man built before it’s gone.

Adam, you will be missed.

– Megan

**Note from Jenny: Megan pretty much said it all. I was shocked at the news of Adam’s death. Whether you agreed or disagreed with his opinions, he was always amusing to listen to because he felt SO MUCH for all the shows we all either love or hate, and he wasn’t afraid to express those opinions.

Adam was our first male guest poster on the Remote posts, and he contributed at a time that I was still feeling my way around things and how I wanted them to be done. He made me happy that I’d asked him and made me realize that adding in the guy’s point of view to the column is exactly what I’d wanted and needed. I will forever be grateful to him for that.

As Megan said, Adam, you will be missed.

– Jenny

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