Recap/Review – Castle – “Death Gone Crazy” – 1/21/13

castlerecap130smallCastle and Beckett investigate the murder of a sleazy entrepreneur.


Beau Randolph, the founder of College Girls Gone Crazy, arrives on the red carpet; on one side are his fans, happily snapping photos of the young man, while on the other side, a small group protests his arrival.

This new setup is a part of “Volume 12 – College Girls Take Manhattan.” Classy.

After announcing the start of Volume 12, Beau heads to the bar, telling the bartender that there won’t be another one.

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Castle has found Alexis’s vlog, and he is appalled. Fortunately, someone has been murdered to stop the helicopter papa. Beau is their victim, strangled in the women’s bathroom. The murder weapon: a $250 bra, and he was killed shortly before midnight.

There’s no official list of suspects, as the pretty girls were let into the bar for free and the guys paid $20 each.

Beau’s bodyguard, Scarlet Jones, was outside by the car at the time of Beau’s death. She offers them their first suspect, Beau’s ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Shaw. She tried to get in the club earlier but was stopped by Jones.

Castle and Beckett speak with Beau’s producer, Troy Strickland, deeply saddened by the death of his friend and business partner.

Gary Moore, the COO of Beau’s company, says Beau received death threats on a daily basis.

Ryan doesn’t find Tiffany on the security footage but sees Beau on camera at 11:50. He notices something off camera and leaves. He passed by a girl in horrid pink. She’s at the station but is of no help, as she wasn’t paying much attention at the club.

Gary takes Castle and Beckett to the company offices. The key log says Beau swiped his key card at 12:09…after he died. The person went into Beau’s office – specifically, his safe. Before the thief leaves the office, they get a shot of her face. It’s Scarlet Jones.

According to Scarlet, she took this job as a favor for her friend, Mindy Norton; Beau kept their sex tape as blackmail, and Scarlet only broke into the safe to retrieve it. She says she left the club at 11:45, giving the theft as her new alibi. She has another suspect in mind; a man in midtown threatened Beau, and she had to step in once the fight got physical.

Esposito’s all too thrilled that Scarlett’s alibi checked out.

Ronald Armstrong, leader of Voices For Decency, organized the protest last night. He isn’t saddened by Beau’s death and won’t cooperate with Beckett in giving the names of some of the more violent members of his group.

After Scarlet provides the detectives with a sketch of the mysterious midtown man, Esposito asks her out on a date. WHAT ABOUT LANIE?! This is unacceptable.

Alexis shows up at the station for a lecture about her exposure to the internet world. She soon leaves, refusing to take down her vlog. Castle finds the guy from the sketch on the video: Seth Parrino. He was convicted of racketeering two years ago, prompting one of Castle’s mafia theories.

They bust in on supposed mob boss Seth Parrino, and the lights flash to show some scantily clad male dancers. Seth has his own show: “College Guys Gone Nuts.”

Seth and Beau had a falling out when Beau suddenly ended their partnership and decided to invest in kid’s programming. He ran into Beau in the back of the club fighting with a woman and remembers a distinct mole on her lip. They find the woman on the security footage, and it’s a badly disguised Tiffany Shaw.

Six women purchased the overly expensive bra, and one of them happens to be Tiffany Shaw. She comes into the station, excited to see her beloved bra in an evidence bag until she learns that it was used to murder Beau. Tiffany admits to arguing with Beau that night; she wanted to know why he suddenly broke off their relationship, and she wanted to hurt him – not physically… She just hooked up with a random stranger in the restroom of the club.

She followed his bodyguard, Scarlet, and watched her pick up a wad of cash in Bryant Park. The detectives look into Scarlet’s work history and find that she previously worked for Fortune 500 companies before signing up to be Beau’s bodyguard. And there was no sex tape; Mindy recanted her story. Scarlet paid her $1000 to give that story to the cops. If only they had a cop on her tail. Oh wait, Esposito! Poor Espo… They cut his date short and bring Scarlet back to the station.

Scarlet finally relents and tells the truth: her employer, Little Frog Enterprises, sent her to find dirt on Beau. Their CEO didn’t want Beau investing in the company. Since Beau guarded an SD card with his life, Scarlet figured it held some juicy dirt on Beau, but it was just a sex tape. One with a familiar face: the girl in that horrid pink dress that claimed not to know anything. Her name is Candace Mayfield, daughter of protester Ronald Armstrong.

They bring Candace into the station, and she’s still playing dumb, but now she wants a lawyer.

Ronald didn’t know about Beau’s rendezvous with Candace and claims to have had nothing to do with his death.

Among Beau’s financials, they find a $5 million trust for a J.D. Mayfield. (Don’t they usually look at financials FIRST?) Candace must be pregnant with Beau’s son.

Candace met Beau at a bar, knowing nothing of his little enterprise. They hooked up, she found out about the pregnancy, and once she told Beau, he vowed to change his life. He was cleaning up his act, ridding himself of the College Girls videos and investing in children’s music.

He told Candace he was shutting down his business, and he also told his business partner, Troy. In looking at the camera footage he shot, his handheld camera wasn’t in motion for the few minutes around the time of Beau’s death. He couldn’t let Beau give up all that money just for some kid. There’s one person who shouldn’t procreate.

I liked this episode, though I pegged Troy as the murderer from the beginning. No Caskett love, but the lovestruck Esposito bit was adorable.

– Lindsay

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