Recap/Review – Private Practice – “In Which We Say Goodbye” – 1/22/13

privatepracticerecap131smallTwo happy couples say “I do” in this final episode.


Addison’s making a video and describes her first wedding as a fairy tale gone wrong. But now she’s found a new prince. Aw.

It’s the day of the wedding, and Addison refuses to get married without her BFF Naomi. Nai arrives at the last minute, and the happy couple are wed to the tune of “No Diggity, No Doubt.”

Jump with me to read more.

After the R&B’d nuptials, Charlotte worries about her triplet girls, even when they’re in the care of a pediatric resident, Violet is scribbling her book on a napkin, and Amelia and Miranda are bonding over their similar personalities.

Naomi and Sam share a short and sweet update about the past two years and soon end up in a hotel room. Poor Stephanie.

Three months later…

Violet’s told her patient that she thinks it’s time to end her therapy after 5 years; she’s successfully reached all of her goals.

Because we’ve fallen in love with Miranda and Sheldon, you know it’s time for tragedy, and Miranda seizes in the Oceanside office.

Cooper’s spouting synchronized poop conspiracy theories about his three new daughters when he’s signed up to be a stay-at-home papa. And it’s only been three months!

Naomi is back, and she’s pregnant! And Addison is thrilled, as she thinks the baby is Fife’s. Ha!

Everything looks great, except for Naomi’s worried expression. She and Fife aren’t living together anymore.

Amelia admits Miranda to the hospital and convinces her to stay one night for observation.

Jake’s daughter Angela is following Eli, her much older boyfriend, to Rome, against Jake’s advice.

Violet’s patient, Holly, has been accepted to a cooking school in Paris but won’t go because it’s too far away…from Violet.

Sam and Naomi share an awkward (and very obvious) conversation, if you can call Sam’s stuttering and fumbling that. Addison’s got them all figured out and confronts Naomi. She won’t tell Sam about the baby, as that is the reason why he and Addison broke up. And she doesn’t want Addison to say anything, either.

So Addison tries to get Jake to justify sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, and well, he won’t do it. So she sees Sam anyway and doesn’t tell him of the pregnancy, just that Naomi still loves him and is no longer with Fife.

Miranda has discharged herself from the hospital and asks Sheldon to walk away; she doesn’t want him to watch her die.

Cooper threatens to sleep with one of the other sleep-deprived moms if Charlotte doesn’t agree to hire a nanny.

Sam breaks it off with Stephanie, but I have a feeling she already saw it coming.

Holly spends her next therapy session talking about recipes, and Violet tells her that this will be her very last appointment.

Sheldon becomes Miranda’s angry knight in shining armor when he quits his job and demands that he be there to love her until the end.

Violet puts Holly in a cab to the airport, where she can begin the rest of her life.

Jake settles things with Angela before her trip to Rome with Eli.

Sam interrupts Naomi’s business meeting to profess his undying love for her and finds out he’s gonna be a papa.

Addison’s fairy tale video is for Naomi, her newly remarried BFF.

The doctors gather at Oceanside to discuss Cooper’s new patient and the title of Violet’s new book: Private Practice.

A nice episode, but it didn’t feel anything like a series finale. I am thankful that there were two weddings and NO funeral; I really thought we were going to have to say a permanent goodbye to Miranda and Sheldon.

Anyone else think that Holly was representative of the audience, having to say goodbye and move on after 6 years with our favorite docs? No?

Even with its up and downs, PP still made for very good television, and I’ll miss the docs. Maybe someone (Amelia, James?) will show up on Grey’s?

– Lindsay

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