Interview with Bailey Buntain from Bunheads

baileyb1smallUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen or heard something about ABC Family’s amazing show, Bunheads. I was a fan from the beginning, especially because I was already such a huge Amy Sherman-Palladino fan from her work on Gilmore Girls.

The cast on Bunheads is so talented, with their dancing and their acting combined. It’s a fabulous recipe for success.

Recently, the adorable and fiesty Bailey Buntain, who plays Ginny, took some time to speak with journalists about her character, the show, and life in general.

Jump ahead to see what this up-and-coming actress had to say.

On the Dancing

Bailey: I actually was trained equally; my core training was in ballet, jazz, and tap. Much like Ginny, my body type—I’m really short—always lent itself better to the jazz and tap style, so I find all the dances pretty equally challenging. I’ve had my favorite, that’s for sure. My favorite dance number that we ever do is actually in the finale, and so I’m so excited to see how that one turns out.

On Michelle’s influence on Ginny

Bailey: The Musical Theatre episode gave Ginny confidence that she never had before, and Michelle was the person that helped teach her that and give her that. It just shows how much Michelle has really incorporated into not just like Paradise life, but into like each individual girl’s life. It’s not so much just the four “bunheads” in the show. She’s starting to affect us in our private life individually.

It’s showing how much she’s becoming a part of our lives, and Michelle definitely still has a lot of stuff to go through as far as what she’s going to do with her career in musical theatre and auditioning and stuff. For Ginny, she’s got some fun stuff coming up ahead, I’ll tease that, but it mainly just showed the relationship between Michelle and Ginny.

On why she wanted to play Ginny

Bailey: I was a really big fan of Amy Sherman-Palladino, so I would have been so over the moon to play any character that she writes because she writes such quirky and fun characters. But some of my favorite things about Ginny is I love that she takes care of people. She totally thinks she’s an adult, even though she’s not, and so she’s constantly trying to take care of everyone and their friends. I mean like organize things and orchestrate things, and I love that about her.

I also like that she has a lot of like gusto and fire in her, and that’s a lot of time what totally like winds her and freaks her out, but she doesn’t quite have the confidence to follow through anything. In this last episode, she has so much fire, she’s so ready to go get Frankie, and then she just looses all confidence and all follow through, and I like that about her. And especially as we develop more as a show and our characters get to develop more, I find new things out about her, and so these eight have been really fun because I really got to explore more of who she is.

On her fellow cast

baileyb2smallBailey: Our hours are crazy, so we’re together all the time and really get to know people, and [luckily], we all get along really great. Sutton is like a really great balance of being nice and fun but also super professional. Like working with her and being around her has been such an influential learning experience because she’s just such a pro as an actor but she’s also an amazing person. She’s so funny. Trust me, I can’t say enough nice things about her.

Then the other four girls, yeah we’re friends. We’re together like all the time when we’re filming. Me and Julia carpool a lot, which was really fun because, as you know, LA traffic is horrible, so that right there is a couple hours that we would spend together. And then me and Emma actually just went and saw a production of Peter Pan last week. We wrapped filming, but I’m sure we’re still going to all see each other because I’ve seen all of them since we wrapped, and it’s been a week and a half so we’ll see each other.

On Ginny and all the boys this season

Bailey: I did something right with the writers that they’ve given me all these cute boys. I don’t know as far as Josh and Charlie how that’s going to come in to play. I do know that the dynamic with her and Frankie continues to grow. I think that she had the same boyfriend forever and so the second—it’s kind of like she was married so the second she didn’t have that, it was like she just went a little boy crazy. You know, had crushes on everyone.

Frankie particularly is such a mystery, and she just could not figure him out. He’s nothing like the boys in Paradise, and I think that like excites her, confuses her, all the above, and with everything that’s going on in her family life and with her friends, her whole life is kind of like spinning around, and things with her and Frankie definitely grow as the next two episodes happen. And you see him shirtless in this one so…
That’s all from this bubbly girl. She really was a joy to interact with. If you haven’t checked out Bunheads, honestly, you’re a fool and simply must do so immediately.

The season finale airs tonight on ABC Family at 9/8c.

– Megan

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