Interview with Bitsie Tulloch & Sasha Roiz from Grimm

grimmcall38asmallTonight, the fan favorite, Grimm, returns after an almost four-month hiatus, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. This is a show that I never fail to miss and one that is near and dear to my heart.

Grimm has been giving us a solid second season, but there have been so many ups and downs for our favorite characters that my heart is a little uneasy about tonight’s premiere. How’s Nick going to handle everything with Juliette and Captain Renard? I’m anxiously awaiting the premiere tonight.

The good news is that recently, Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Juliette, and Sasha Roiz, who plays Captain Renard, took the time to speak with journalists about the show, their characters, and a few little juicy tidbits to keep you entertained.

*Beware! Possible spoilers ahead*

Jump ahead to read what this talented duo had to say.

On their favorite episodes

Bitsie: I really like… From Season 1, I really like the episode “Game Ogre,” just because that was sort of the first time Juliette was inadvertently drawn into the fray in a sort of physical way. I think it was Episode 10 or something.

And I also liked, from Season 1, the thing with feathers, which is the one where Nick and Juliette go away for the weekend to that romantic cabin and all hell breaks loose. And again, I think one of the reasons I like it is because she ends up, you know, having to hunt down and sort of save Nick.

And then there’s been a lot of great stuff from Season 2, but I would say from Season 2 so far, my favorite episode is the one that’s going to premiere—or going to air on Friday night.

Sasha: Yes, I would agree, the one that airs Friday night is pretty amazing, and it’s… I think it’s got something for every character, so I think that is really what appeals to me is when everybody’s kind of featured and there’s such high stakes.

I think from Season 1 [it’s] probably “Three Coins,” I believe it’s called, because it was the first time we get a sense or a glimpse into the captain and some of his personal life and some of his ambitions. So that was a lot of fun for me.

On Captain Renard’s showdown with Nick

Sasha: I was actually surprised it’s as soon as it is. I thought it could even be dragged out until the end of the season. But I’m really glad that it’s happened. I’m really glad that we had a chance to finally confront each other, because I think it’s something the fans had been waiting for a long time. And we, as characters and actors, had been waiting for as well. So yes, I don’t think it’s a moment too soon.

On the changes that Juliette’s gone through

Bitsie: In Season 2, I’ve had a lot of… I’ve had so much more to do with her, which is not to knock the story line from Season 1 because… You know, at the beginning of Season 1, this guy who I’ve been dating, who I loved, he lost basically the woman who raised her.

And I know a lot of fans were sort of saying, how can she be so naïve, how is she not seeing this, but she was just being really understanding and sensitive to Nick’s situation.

But waking up in Season 2 in a coma and then having just this big empty hole where this man once lived…has been sort of crazy and I have to say you have not seen the worst of it. What goes on with Juliette gets much worse before it gets better. So they’re just sort of starting to lay out what’s going to happen the rest of Season 2.

So as an actress, it’s definitely been so much fun for me to really go into these deep dark depths of the character and her mental space. And she’s really starting to lose it, kind of.

I mean, as you can imagine, she… It’s crazy to wake up and see pictures of this guy, this stranger, all over your house and be told that, you know, you guys were going to get married and all this stuff and you have no recollection whatsoever.

And then all of a sudden, she’s lusting after someone she barely knows and can’t control herself. I mean, it’s enough to make anybody mad. So that’s been a lot of…that’s been fun for me.

On how far Renard and Juliette’s relationship goes

grimmcall38bsmallBitsie: Well, what happens on Friday night, we’ve not seen the likes of on Grimm so far. I think it’s really fun, and I think it’s kind of a… I think it’s just a great way to sort of deal with what’s going on between the two of them and also to highlight how little control they have over it, that this is not some, you know, slow-burning love like they literally are both…they can’t control the lust.

And obviously, it gets to a sort of violent place and neither of us, neither them is really wanting this to happen. They can’t help it.

Obviously, Sasha’s character understands more of what’s going on, coming from that world, and Juliette is just like all right, well, I guess par for the course. I’m already losing my mind.

Sasha I think viewers have seen it escalate, and this will be a great payoff, I believe. It’s fun. It’s fun to explore new ground, new territory with Grimm. It’s almost like Grimm after dark… A little, you know, racier version. So I think they’ll be pleased, and it’s a good payoff after this long hiatus.

On the impact on Nick, Juliette, and Renard from this whole situation

Sasha: Well, it’s going to be very delectate moving ahead, and you know, I don’t want to say too much because we’ll see what happens, because it’s really Nick’s choice at this point whether he wants to move ahead, whether he wants to stay in Portland, or whether he wants to, you know, deal with me with her.

So there’s going to be a lot of fall out, and that’s going to occupy I think the remainder of this season to see what will transpire and how pieces will fall and…where they fall, I should say. So that’s really going to be a very delicate balance, I think, moving on.

On the dynamics between Renard and Adalind

grimmcall38csmallSasha: It’s very antagonistic and it’s… You know, she’s definitely a thorn in my side and she’s out to thwart all of my plans. She’s also incredibly conniving and manipulative just the same as I am I suppose—or Renard is.

And so she knows how to play him and, you know, what I love about some of the writing is you really don’t know who’s playing who sometimes. I think, you know, there’s always a turn of the tables, and so it will be interesting to see what transpires.

But she certainly has presented herself at a very difficult time for him at a very… He’s very vulnerable at this point, and so she’s found a weakness and her timing couldn’t be better.

On where we go from here

Sasha: I think at least for Renard, there’s going to be a real challenge in keeping the Grimm loyal, keeping the Grimm in Portland, keeping the plan that he had concocted for so long in place, keeping Adalind at bay.

And making sure that, you know, we could continue as a police force and continue as also this mythological team to keep outside influences and forces at bay from encroaching on our domain.

Bitsie: What happens in the rest of Season 2 I think has been really fantastic. I mean, literally every episode once we got back from our hiatus at the end of January, every episode… I mean, they’re really doing huge episodes that are just very grand in scope that… You know, I’ve read some of them and been like, are you guys crazy? There’s no way you’re going to be able to shoot this in eight days.

New Wessen, and they’re sort of delving deeper into… I want to say it’s not just the mythology or the way that we’ve been referring to the mythology, but literally mythology, almost like a God-like creature.

They’re really going in new directions, and the episodes really get better and better. And I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to do in Season 2 and where it’s going. And I think the fans are going to be super, super excited about the last ten episodes of Season 2.

On whether there’s anything real between Renard and Juliette

Sasha: I would say probably not. I got to be honest. I mean… But, you know, I think that it’s forced us into a situation that is probably pretty unnatural.

I mean, not to say that she’s not an attractive woman, but I don’t think that Renard would even allow himself to even venture in that, you know, territory if he was not under the spell.

Bitsie: You know, the truth is they barely knew each other. The assumption is they may or may not have met at a couple work functions.

So who knows if they want to sort of play with this more down the road, but the reality is when they first came under the spell, they didn’t really know each other, so this sort of lusting and obsession really is, you know, for lack of a better word, man-made. You know, it’s chemical.

Not chemical in like the pheromone way; chemical like literally poison and they’re both under a spell kind of a way. No love at first sight.
That’s it from these two fabulous actors, and I know I am chomping at the bit to watch tonight’s all-new episode. Don’t forget to tune in to NBC at 9/8c for the return of Grimm.

– Megan

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