Interview with Timothy Omundson & Maggie Lawson from Psych


Psych is celebrating its 100th episode, and recently, Timothy Omundson (Lassiter) & Maggie Lawson (Juliet) spoke with the press about not only that milestone, but other, upcoming episodes and what it’s been like for 100 episodes of the show. Read on to see what they had to say!

On what we’ll see in the 100th episode

psychcall327asmallTimothy Omundson: What aren’t you going to see in the 100th episode?

Maggie Lawson: Exactly. It’s going to be fantastic. It’s going to be silly. It’s going to be like non-stop. And there’s some crazy…some crazy thing we’re doing where we… I think it’s that the fans choose the ending. Am I right, Tim?

Timothy: You are correct, Maggie. It’s going to be … super awesome.

You’re also going to see a cornucopia of some of the greatest guest stars or certainly the greatest group of guest stars ever put together for our show in one thing.

Maggie: All in one episode. It’s crazy.
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On the musical episode

Maggie: Oh wow, it’s one of the most fun things I think we’ve ever been a part of. It’s wild…

Timothy: And this—I’m sorry to interrupt, but this is also coming from like we have done some pretty amazing things on our television program, and this is the top of the most amazing. Continue, Maggie.

Maggie: Yes, I guess just, you know, over the years, it’s something we’ve always sort of talked about because we’ve…we all enjoy, as you all know with the psycho outs and whatnot, singing, and Steve Franks just…he wrote and directed this like this unbelievable thing that we all got to be a part of, which is so cool.

I mean, he wrote the music. It’s all original. It’s just…it’s crazy. And it was a bit terrifying at first. And then it ended up being I think one of the most like incredible and fun episodes we’ve done.

And Tim is… Tim will blow your mind. Like it’s…

Timothy: Stop it.

Maggie: Oh, I’m serious, Tim. It’s so good. And [he’s] quite a dancer, I might add.

Timothy: But God bless you. And I have to say it has been quite a while since I’ve had dance rehearsal, you know? And it’s always the thing to tell me that’s a triple threat. So it’s an Achilles’ heel.

Maggie has a voice like an angel. I’m just going to put that in there right now.

Maggie: Oh.

Timothy: You know, everybody on this show actually, we… Kirsten [was] wonderful. Everybody just…

I think we kind of shocked the hell out of each other because, you know, we all sing and goof around, but everybody really brought their A games to this one.

And it’s a two-parter by the way. It’s a two hour Psyche extravaganza.

Maggie: Yes, it’s a… It was pretty incredible and recording everything. It was start to finish just…

Timothy: …If you think recording a song in Frank Sinatra’s old study in Hollywood is cool, I mean, you know…

On the partnership between Lassie & Juliet

psychcall327bsmallMaggie: Well, in my opinion, [Lassiter] always has O’Hara’s back, and O’Hara always has Lassiter’s back. So when one person is either held up or taken by who we think is Big Foot, the other person steps up to the plate.

And I think…but I do think this season what’s interesting about Lassiter is we see a little bit of a softer side.

He’s…I think he’s softening up a little bit. What do you think, Tim?

Timothy: He’s going…I think he’s going through a mid-life crisis…

Maggie: That’s what that’s called. Okay.

Timothy: Like, if you look at the Lassiter/O’Hara relationship, it really—like we’ve had some amazing moments on this show, but it’s really—there’s so many opportunities this season where you get to see the other…sort of like you get to see, I mean the first three episodes just O’Hara kicking ass to the nth degree and saving her partner…and so anyway.

But then also, as we’ll see later in the season, she has his back emotionally. There’s some lovely [moments], you know, where she really steps up to the plate as a friend, which I think everyone will be blown away.

Maggie: Yes. I really love how this seasons unfolds with Lassiter and Juliet.

Timothy: Sometimes, it’s very, very uncomfortable for her. I’m just going to say that.

There’s something about Lassiter that she doesn’t want to see or know and can’t be unseen or unknown.

Maggie: No. Once it’s seen and known you can’t un-see or un-know it.

On the possibility of Lassie getting married this season

Timothy: Well, you know, Marlo’s in prison, so that’s difficult. Certainly, I would say other than O’Hara, which is, you know, other—well, since she’s divorced, O’Hara’s pretty much one of the few female that he speaks to other than… Well certainly trusts but speaks to other than arresting. So when Marlo comes along, it’s got—it just turns his world upside down. And I’m so grateful for, you know, especially James and Todd for giving me that story line of creating this next place for him to go with the lovely Marlo, the beautiful Kristy Swanson.

It—yes, he finally has an emotional partner and a life partner. And we’ll see where the relationship goes.

I mean, Lassiter’s a crusty old dog, so we’ll see if she can truly tame it, you know?

On how Lassie has changed in 100 episodes

psychcall327csmallTimothy: That’s an excellent question. He’s—I mean, he’s this—in many ways he’s the same guy. It’s just we have now gotten to see because these writers have given us the opportunity to—and I’ve gotten to play—the other facets of them.

I mean, he’s still that same, you know, by-the-book lovable dick that he was in the pilot. But of course, like any human being, he’s evolved and he has relationships that change him. And they’ve all changed him for the better.

And that—you know, that’s why he… I’ve never really thought about this, but Shawn maybe has changed him for the better. Certainly Marlo has, certainly O’Hara has.

So I love where he’s gone. I love where we have been able to take him, and it’s just the—it’s the greatest role I’ve ever gotten to play. And I don’t know when something like this is going to come around the bend again, so I’m trying to just suck every ounce of juice out of it that I can.
Thanks to both Timothy & Maggie, who both clearly love the show and love their roles.

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