If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/4/13

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I’m really enjoying the lighter TV schedule we’ve been having lately—it has given me a chance to actually catch up on most of my shows! But even with there being a lot of reruns, I haven’t found primetime lacking in viewing options. Tonight, there’s lots of great stuff on, and we’ve got some suggestions on what you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

hannibalasmallTonight, everyone’s favorite cannibalistic psychopath makes his way to the small screen in the new NBC series Hannibal. The show follows Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), a criminal profiler working for the FBI, whose remarkable emphatic skills allow him to get into the mind of the killers he pursues. Assisting him is the brilliant Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen)—but Graham doesn’t know about Lecter’s dark side.

Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite films, and I also really enjoyed the Hannibal Lecter origins film, Hannibal Rising. So I’m really looking forward to seeing this latest take on the earlier years of this ultimate serial killer. Add to that the fact that the series is executive produced by Bryan Fuller—who always adds a unique, beautiful look to all of his projects—and I can’t wait to see tonight’s premiere!

On tonight’s episode, “Apéritif,” a gifted criminal profiler teams with a cunning psychiatrist to solve a string of brutal murders. Based on the characters from Thomas Harris’s novels. Laurence Fishburne also stars.

See how it all starts tonight on NBC at 10:01/9:01c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hannibal @ TV.com.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Go On, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Archer, Legit, Men at Work and Nathan for You.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice #1

menatwork44smallI’m so excited because one of my favorite new comedies last summer is back for its season premiere tonight. Men at Work is about a group of four male friends who all work at a magazine as writers, a photographer, and an ad salesman. Danny Masterson (That 70s Show) is Milo, a writer who was dumped early in season one and is trying to get back into the dating scene. James Lesure (Las Vegas, Mr. Sunshine) is Gibbs, a photographer and quite the ladies man. Michael Cassidy (Privileged, The O.C.) plays Tyler, a metrosexual features writer. Finally, Adam Busch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is Neal, a somewhat nerdy ad salesman and the only one in the group with a steady girlfriend. Together, they make up a great circle of friends who are incredibly fun to watch.

I’ve seen the first three episodes of the season, and the premiere especially is great. It sets up some things for a good number of episodes to come this season. I really enjoyed it. I got to watch early because just the other day, I spoke to Danny Masterson about his character and the new season. You can check that out here: Danny Masterson Interview

On tonight’s episode, “Missed Connections,” Tyler comes up with an ingenious plan to “create” the perfect woman for Milo and help him find an offline love… online. Gibbs experiences a different side of Neal while driving to a family engagement and tries to unleash the beast. Sarah Wright (Mad Love, 7th Heaven, Quintuplets) guest stars.

Laugh with me as I watch again tonight on TBS at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Men at Work @ TV.com.

Megan’s Choice

tbbt44smallThank goodness there’s a new episode of The Big Bang Theory this week because I was starting to go through withdrawal. There’s something amazing about a show that not only has a fabulous cast, but also has superb writing and comedic timing. While watching, I often find it hard to believe that this show is run by the creator of Two and a Half Men. Inconceivable!

Last episode, Bernadette and Howard had a dinner party, but Sheldon brought take out because it was too hard to stray from his usual Thai food-night ways. As punishment, they made Sheldon organize Howard’s dishevelled closet, but being Sheldon, he loved it—and did an outstanding job. (I wish I could hire him!) Sheldon found a letter from Howard’s father that he’d received when he was 18 years old, but Howard didn’t want to know anything about it. The gang, being the friends they are, all ended up getting the truth about the letter out of Sheldon and tried to convince Howard to read it. Eventually, they each told him a version of the letter and told him to choose the one he wanted to believe was true. It was a sweet moment because he decided not to choose, but instead to focus on the happy memories they helped him create. That’s what I love about this show. It’s a perfect balance of character growth and humor. I’m addicted for sure!

On tonight’s episode, “The Tenure Turbulence,” Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj fight for tenure at the university, and the competition heats up when the girls get involved.

To see which guy comes out on top, tune in to CBS at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Big Bang Theory @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching Hannibal, Grey’s Anatomy, Person of Interest, Elementary, Community, New Girl, and The Mindy Project.

Jenny’s Choice #2

personofinterest44smallIt’s been three weeks since the last new episode of Person of Interest, and I’m definitely jonesing for some Reese & Finch. I love the pair of them silly. I even love Carter & Fusco. On the last new episode, Reese & Finch traveled to Atlantic City to keep an older man—a widow—from being killed by the casino owner who was up to no good. They saved him and ultimately helped him win a ton of money, in addition to getting the bad guy arrested. It was a fun episode and kind of heartbreaking, actually… You just had to feel for the old guy. We also found out the guy we THOUGHT Carter could trust was in fact working directly for the head of HR…and the two of them killed off a good cop AND the D.A. to help out a criminal in prison. I just have to say that it takes…guts to have someone shoot you on purpose. Damn.

On tonight’s episode, “Trojan Horse,” when the number of a leading tech executive comes up, Finch infiltrates her corporation to gather intel but can’t determine whether she is working in her company’s best interest or planning to destroy it from the inside. Meanwhile, Carter continues to question Detective Beecher’s integrity after he provides incriminating information about a fellow detective. Enrico Colantoni is back as Elias.

See if the POI is the good guy or bad tonight on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Person of Interest @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, Elementary, & Hannibal.

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