Interview with Danny Masterson from Men at Work

dannymastersoncall1smallI recently spoke to Danny Masterson, one of the stars of the TBS comedy, Men at Work. He was funny and it was easy to tell he really enjoys working on the show and loves his character Milo. Men at Work is different from other shows about groups of friends, partly because the core group of friends are all men. Danny said, “There’s not a lot of shows that aren’t sort of…the gentlemen and ladies together, so it’s definitely fun having the one-sidedness of it all.”

Season 2 premieres tonight, April 4, on TBS, and Danny spoke about how he got his part, what’s coming up for Milo, and the guest stars this season, so check it out.

Q: How did you get the part and what drew you to it?

“One of my old bosses at That 70s Show is one of the executives at Turner, so I think she had some influence, and then Breckin Meyer (Franklin & Bash), who created the show and has written…oh, half the episodes… I guess he was just looking for somebody not like him to play him, which I think for him was more interesting than getting somebody who’s very much like him. So he hired someone who’s totally opposite to play a version of him that comes off as sort of interestingly awkward, and it’s a lot of fun to play.”
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Q: Milo was dumped early in season one, so he spent most of the first season unhappy about that and trying to deal with wanting her back, wanting to find someone new to be in a relationship with, that sort of thing. Can we expect more of that, or will we get to see Milo exploring the dating scene more, just wanting to hook up like some of the others, rather than trying to find “the one”?

“We have him definitely chasing girls and competing with the other guys on the show, which probably doesn’t work out as well for him as it does for them. We have a really great romantic arc with Sarah Wright, where he’s in a full-blown relationship, he’s so happy, and it instantly becomes like they’ve been together for thirty years, so he doesn’t know how to handle that, and all of a sudden, that kind of falls apart. And that brings up the idea of him still chasing the dream and trying to find that perfect person. [Sarah] was amazing, so getting to play all those scenes with her was just really fun. She does a bunch of episodes, so it goes from awkward to in it and they very quickly becomes like they’re an old married couple.”
Q: There are some big names in television guest starring in season two… Seth Green, Jason Lee, Mark-Paul Gosselaar to name a few. Who was your favorite to work with, story line-wise?

“Honestly, I’d probably say Jason Lee. It was really fun because…he’d never done a live comedy, so watching him sort of figure out how to do so…and just his character is so f***ing annoying. He plays this office guy who’s just… I mean, he literally walks into a room and your hair stands up, so that’s always a lot of fun. Basically, anything that’s just awkward and not normal is sort of the most fun things to play. So yeah, I have a great time with everybody. I’m a massive fan of Kevin Corrigan and I worked on his old show, Grounded for Life, so having him in what was our season finale… This guy, we were just sort of sitting at this wedding, going back and forth… I’m a massive fan of his, so that was also… I mean, every week, it was like a birthday present.”
Q: In episode 3, Milo gets into a tight spot, and he…basically panics…

“Yeah, Milo very quickly unravels. I think that’s one of the great things about him is that if you need someone to sort of be cool, calm, and collected, and Okay, things are going wrong; who’s going to take care of everything?… It’s not Milo. Milo has this panic attack, where he feels like he’s been [spoiler alert so no hints here] for three days, and he goes to take a s*** in a shoe, and no one really knows why. And of course, no matter what happens, everything he does wrong, the new boss walks in and sees him doing [it]. So he spends the entire episode positive he’s being fired, trying to figure out how he’s going to be able to pay his rent, which adds more anxiety and more panic, which makes him do even stupider things. That was a really funny episode.”
dannymastersoncall2smallQ: Is it hard to get through filming this without having to stop because you can’t quit laughing?

“No, it’s easy. You just keep laughing, and they say cut. Then you start all over again, and you keep laughing and they say cut. And you know, it’s sort of comes with the territory, I guess. Our writing staff is fantastic and Breckin’s doing a great job, so I’m really excited to start shooting season 3.”
Q: TBS has been bringing some great original comedies. What’s it like filming on that network?

“It’s amazing how much freedom they give us to sort of go out there and do something just perfectly wrong. TBS is a big fan of that, so we’re really happy with how supportive they’ve been.”
Thanks to Danny for his time! Follow him on Twitter @dannymasterson, and don’t forget to check out the season premiere of Men at Work tonight on TBS at 10/9c.

– Jenny

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