If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/9/13

By the time tonight’s new TV rolls around, I may be right in the middle of some severe weather. So hopefully I won’t miss anything, but I may be very sad come tomorrow morning! Regardless, there’s a lot of great TV on tonight, so check out our thoughts on what you should be watching.

Jenny’s Choice

countingcars1smallMy whole family loves seeing Danny the car guy on Pawn Star$, so when we heard he was getting his own show on the History Channel, we were thrilled. We watched every episode of the first season and really enjoyed it. Danny & his crew are a lot of fun to watch, whether he’s chasing down a hot car, bringing in a heaping wreck of a car that no one thinks he can fix up, or arguing with his money man, Scott, Danny is charismatic, funny, sweet, and pretty damn sexy as he speaks “car.” (My husband & I have both said we want to marry him and have his babies. We’re a little nutty, though, so… 😉 ) Season two starts tonight, and hopefully, it’ll be a blast, just like season one.

I recently spoke to the big man himself, Danny Koker, about the new season among other things. You can check it out here: Danny Koker Interview.

On tonight’s first episode, “You Talkin’ to Me?” Danny gets sidetracked by a curious lady in a hot pink Beetle while trying to score a classic Ford Galaxie. Later, a Hollywood icon confronts Horny Mike and Roli in the shop parking lot. Will Danny be able to diffuse the situation before it gets explosive?

Then on the second episode, “Size Matters” Danny’s friend Brian has always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but has never been able due to his physical limitations. Will Danny and the guys be able to get Brian in the wind for the first time? Later, the tables are turned when a car-loving couple pulls Danny over to check out his treasured ride.

Don’t miss the start of a great new season tonight on History Channel at 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Counting Cars @ TV.com.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

hellskitchen2013smallHell’s Kitchen has been quite good this season so far, especially since the chefs are all a disaster overall. I am always amazed how quickly a team that is doing so well (aka the red team) can completely bomb at service. Last week, we watched as Jeremy got a little light headed and weak, then got rushed off to the ER. Not to sound insensitive, but I really feel like he was only doing it to get out of work. The breakfast service was a disaster, and the red team looked like fools making a mess out of pancakes—seriously, my 11-year-old step-daughter can flip pancakes better than these fools. In the end of the episode, we saw Mary and Jacqueline up for nomination—but Jacqueline called out Nedra, and after Chef Ramsay sent Mary and Jacqueline back into line, the screen went black. I really hope that Chef Ramsay doesn’t send Nedra home, because I actually like her and think she has way more talent than either Mary or Jacqueline.

On tonight’s episode, “16 Chefs Part 2,” in the continuation of a heated elimination, Chef Ramsay makes an unexpected decision that changes the competition for good. Later, Jean-Philippe begs Chef Ramsay for extra help in the dining room, so he sends one chef from each team to assist the wait staff during dinner service. But when the chefs-turned-servers send illegible tickets to the kitchen, dinner service is at a virtual standstill. After one of the most infuriating dinner services yet, Chef Ramsay asks each team to nominate two contestants to be put up for elimination.

To see who goes home this week and if even Chef Ramsay has his breaking point, tune in to FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hell’s Kitchen @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching Body of Proof, Ready for Love, Hart of Dixie, NCIS, NCIS: LA, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and The Voice.

Kyle’s Choice

themindyproject49smallLast week on The Mindy Project, Mindy went to a club alone and went home with a guy named Adam, only to discover that he was actually a male prostitute. The next day, Mindy caught Danny in a lie and learned that he was having a small dinner party without her. So Mindy announced to the entire office that Danny was throwing a party on Saturday. Danny told her she wasn’t originally invited because her dates are always horrible. So Mindy decided to take Adam as her date and introduced him as a musician. Danny seemed to be getting a bit jealous after his classical piano piece didn’t wow the party-goers as much as Adam’s performance of a Nora Jones song. But all was right again when Adam proclaimed that singing was not his dream and that the thing he really enjoyed in life was his prostitution.

Last week’s episode was so much fun and was a perfect example of why this series is so great—from Mindy insisting Adam get a Pretty Woman-style prostitute makeover, to her attempts at lying seductively across the piano and her impersonations of Danny in the Subway. Each episode gives us a blend of different styles of comedy—from pop culture references to slapstick and situational humor. With only 4 episodes left this season, I’m so glad this series has already been picked up for a second year!

On tonight’s episode, “Santa Fe,” before attending a medical conference in New Mexico, Mindy gets a message from her ex-boyfriend Josh, who’s relocated to Santa Fe and wants to meet up with her. Meanwhile, Morgan assists Jeremy with an important presentation that could affect his future.

See how Jeremy’s presentation goes & whether or not Mindy meets up with Josh tonight on FOX at 9:30/8:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Mindy Project @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching/recording Body of Proof, Hell’s Kitchen, New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Chopped, and Cougar Town.

Jenny’s Choice #2

cougartown49asmallThey did it! Travis and Laurie both admitted they have feelings for one another right at the end of last week’s episode, which is good because I don’t think that story line could have been drawn out much further. lol Last week was really funny with the Breakfast Club tribute, although it might have been even funnier had I seen the movie before! *snicker* One thing I love about this show is that they revisit certain stories or jokes—like Andy being Latino (which we’ll see again tonight). We get double episodes to finish up the season tonight, sadly. (Well, sad that it’s the end of the season, but yay for the double episodes. 😉 ) Will Travis & Laurie end on a good note? Will Andy get to do anything more as mayor?

cougartown49bsmallOn tonight’s first episode, “Don’t Fade on Me,” Chick (guest star Ken Jenkins) comes to housesit while the gang goes on vacation. But when Jules discovers that her father hasn’t been to the doctor in years, she insists on taking him. Laurie and Travis go on their first date as boyfriend and girlfriend. And Bobby is crushed to discover that Dog Travis is just using him for food.

Then on the season finale, “Have Love Will Travel,” after discovering that Chick (guest star Ken Jenkins) has health issues, the gang decides to take him to Hollywood. Once there, they’ll stop at nothing to arrange for him to spend an evening with one his favorite stars, Tippi Hedren. Meanwhile, Laurie and Travis try carefully to set up the perfect first kiss. And Andy is upset to discover that no one recognizes him as Latino.

Don’t miss the end of season four tonight on TBS at 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Cougar Town @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Hell’s Kitchen, NCIS, 19 Kids & Counting, NCIS: LA, Dancing with the Stars, Ready for Love, Chopped, & Body of Proof.

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