If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/24/13

It’s nearing the end of April…so WHY did I get snow today?! Granted, it didn’t stick, but seriously. Come on! Ugh. To take my mind off the fact that Mother Nature is a…witch, let’s see what we’re recommending you watch tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

psych424smallLast week’s Psych was…confusing. We flipped back and forth between reality and Shawn’s dream day, where he and Juliet were together and over-the-top happy. I was really hopeful at the end when Juliet showed up, even when I realized the “dream” wasn’t real…but apparently Shawn hadn’t learned anything, because he totally screwed up by saying things would still be great if he hadn’t given her his jacket. Seriously, dude? SERIOUSLY? I’m beyond ticked off at him right now, and if he doesn’t shape up, he deserves to have her leave him for good. Hrmph.

On tonight’s episode, “Juliet Wears the Pantsuit,” Shawn bonds with Woody, and Juliet befriends a girl who Shawn believes to be a killer. Kurt Fuller and Sage Brocklebank guest star.

See if Shawn’s right about Juliet’s new roomie tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Psych @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Law & Order: SVU, How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), & The Americans.

Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

duckdynastysmallTonight is the spring finale of Duck Dynasty, and I’m actually a little sad because I’ve been loving all these new episodes! Something about this family makes my TV viewing that much more enjoyable—not to mention the troublemaking boys like Si and Jase are hilarious to watch. Honestly, I’m as shocked as some people were that I love this show, but who am I to argue with funny, family-friendly TV? 🙂

On tonight’s episode, “Aloha, Robertsons,” Willie takes the entire clan on a trip to Hawaii to reward them for their hard work, but soon learns that his family members would rather do their own activities than follow his planned vacation itinerary.

To watch this awesome family take over Hawaii, tune in to A&E at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Duck Dynasty @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching Law & Order: SVU, How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), and American Idol.

Kyle’s Choice

survivor2013smallWhat a great turn of events on Survivor last week! Reynold won the individual immunity challenge, but later that day, Malcolm manged to find an immunity idol as members of Stealth R Us looked on. So Stealth R Us decided to split their votes between Malcolm and Eddie. (Wasn’t that a show on the UPN?!) What they didn’t know was that Malcolm already had an immunity idol from his original camp. At the start of tribal council, Malcolm put on his necklace and gave the other to Eddie and announced to everyone that the three amigos would be voting for Philip. Stealth R Us was shocked, and the group started scrambling, whispering to each other and trying to figure out what to do. However, Philip was the one who ultimately did go home.

I was so thrilled to see Philip go. He acted like he was this super intelligent mastermind and king of the camp. However, he was just an insane, crazy, and deranged man who brought a negative attitude to camp. While it was a great move by Malcolm, I thought he should have waited to reveal the second idol until after the vote. By showing his cards beforehand, he risked not having the numbers to eliminate Philip. However, the benefit of the early announcement was that it really shook up Stealth R Us and forced them to start thinking about turning on one another.

Will the three amigos survive another week, or will Stealth R Us stick together, even without their captain?

On tonight’s episode, “Come Over to the Dark Side,” the castaways take part in a food auction; and the so-called three amigos concoct a lie in a desperate attempt to take control of the game.

See who’s voted off tonight on CBS at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Survivor @ TV.com.

I’ll also be watching/recording How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), Arrow, Supernatural, The Americans, Psych, and Forever Young.

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