If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/5/13

It’s the start of another busy week of TV. May Sweeps, season finales… Thank goodness I got switched over to our new cable & DVRs! It was a bit of a hassle because of some misinformation & miscommunication, but in the end, I’m a happy TV viewer once again. Tonight is a light night compared to most of the week, but there’s still some good stuff on, so read on to see what Kyle & I are recommending. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

thementalist55smallLast week’s The Mentalist was all about LaRoche and his mysterious plastic container. Jane confessed to Lisbon that he didn’t really know what was in the thing, even though he’s basically blackmailing LaRoche with his “knowledge” of what it is. When it was stolen by who turned out to be a husband and wife locksmith/safe cracker team and the husband was killed by LaRoche, he called in Jane personally to ask him to find the thief who stole the container. Throughout the episode, we learned two huge things: One, a man had raped LaRoche’s mother—and in retaliation, LaRoche had cut out the man’s tongue, and that’s what was in the container. Ick. I found it funny that Jane never did find out what LaRoche was hiding, although I don’t quite understand WHY he didn’t want to know. You’d think his curiousity would have pushed him to open it. But I do love that Lisbon knows…and I wonder if she’ll tell Jane… Two, Brenda Shettrick was a dirty, dirty PR lady. We knew she was, but finally, Jane figured it out and the team was able to catch her. The way they did it—setting her up the way they did—was a lot of fun.

Tonight is the season finale, and while I don’t think we’re going to get a resolution on the Red John aspect of the show (they’re gonna drag that sucker out till the series finale, aren’t they?), we should get one more step closer to learning who the man is that killed Jane’s family. I hope we get some cute Lisbon/Patrick and Rigsby/Van Pelt moments, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! And just as an aside, I’ve read that it is supposed to be a cliffhanger. Damn them! LOL There’s also a ton of guest stars with recognizable names/faces on tonight’s episode… Emmanuelle Chriqui is back as Lorelei Martins (a dream/memory, perhaps? cause the woman’s dead…). Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me, Saving Grace), Tangie Ambrose (In Plain Sight), Alice Amter (Raj’s mom on The Big Bang Theory), M.C. Gainey (Bo Crowder on Justified), & Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica, Teen Wolf) also guest star.

On tonight’s episode, “Red John’s Rules,” just as Jane narrows down the Red John suspect list to seven, Red John strikes at a victim with links to Jane’s past.

To see who makes the short list and who Red John goes after next, tune in to CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing America’s Funniest Home Videos, Chopped, The Bletchley Circle, & Iron Chef America.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

tarsmallThe Amazing Race is down to the final 4, and tonight is the exciting 2-hour finale. Last week, it was YouTube hosts Joey and Meghan who got eliminated in Scotland. They got named in the Double U-Turn and had to fight it out against their friends, Mona & Beth. Meanwhile, newlyweds Max & Katie won their second leg in a row, brothers Bates & Anthony came in second, and band-mates Caroline & Jennifer came in third.

Which teams will make it to the final three and get the chance to race to the finish line in the US? What kind of final task will they face? Last time, it was more of a brute force/memorization task of matching flags to countries, and that allowed the arguably weaker goat farmers to pull out a surprising victory. Will they have the teams do something a little more physical this time? I’m rooting for Bates and Anthony to take home the win.

On tonight’s episode, “Beacon of Hope,” the race continues in Belfast, Ireland, where the final four teams go bog snorkelling. After one pair is eliminated, the last three teams fly to Washington, D.C. and scour some of the city’s historic landmarks for a chance to win the $1 million.

See who pulls out the win tonight on the 2-hour finale on CBS at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Mentalist, Once Upon a Time, The Cleveland Show, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Chopped, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Veep, and Nurse Jackie.

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