If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/7/13

Thank goodness it’s Tuesday. That’s gotta be better than Monday, right? I had a hellacious Monday—at least it felt that way most of the afternoon and evening. I’ll say it again… Being the parent of a teenager is the hardest damn job there is. On the TV front, there were some great new episodes last night to take my mind off things, and tonight, I’ll get to curl up to watch some of my favorites. So let’s see what we’re recommending tonight to get your mind off whatever troubles you…

Jenny’s Choice #1

ncis57smallI’m on an NCIS kick tonight. Last week on the original, we learned pretty quickly that Tony and Ziva were both fine, other than a few cuts, bruises, and sore shoulders. They were ordered to stay out of the field, but when they learned about Bodnar, of course Ziva didn’t follow the orders. She went after him before the others could get there, and instead of killing him in cold blood (good for her, even though I’d have understood…), she chased after him. Then when they were fighting (she’s one tough chick to fight with the shoulder she was dealing with!), he was killed while she was defending herself.

We’re that much closer to the season finale, which is next week… Now that Bodnar is dead, will Ziva finally allow herself to grieve properly? How will all of this affect a possible Tiva relationship? Both tonight’s episode & next week’s finale are tied together in the aftermath of Ziva’s hunt for and then the killing of her father’s killer. Will she and the team come out of it intact? Eek!

On tonight’s episode, “Double Blind,” a Department of Defense investigator scrutinizes the NCIS team’s response to the Bodnar case involving the murder of Ziva’s father and Vance’s wife. Meanwhile, the team examines whether a Petty Officer is suffering from paranoia or if his claims of being followed are tied to a matter of national security. Colin Hanks (Dexter, The Good Guys guest stars (and he looks eerily like Sean Murray, who plays McGee. LOL)

See if Ziva is help accountable for Bodnar’s death tonight on CBS at 8/7c.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

grimm57smallI wasn’t sure about NBC switching Grimm to Tuesdays, but I’m sure glad they did! It makes my Friday nights nice and light, but adds some extra excitement on my Tuesday—a win-win. Last week, we watched as Nick helped save a family of Gluhenvolk—a Wesen that glows blue and eats cow ovaries while pregnant. When the woman gave birth, the baby was defended by Nick, Rosalee, and Monroe from a hunter that wanted to sell the baby to the highest bidder. This was a really creative story line, and I enjoyed the interesting Wesen a lot. I also like the fact that Juliette is starting to remember her love for Nick, and I hope this means they are on the road to getting back together.

On tonight’s episode, “Kiss of the Muse,” Nick falls victim to a muse-like Wesen who’s dangerously captivating. Meanwhile, Juliette’s feelings toward Nick intensify as her memories come back.

To see if Juliette finally tells Nick she is in love with him, tune in to NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Hell’s Kitchen, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Body of Proof, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Hart of Dixie.

Jenny’s Choice #2

ncisla57smallLast week’s NCIS: LA was a big one for Callen, who learned that Hetty had taken many, many kids from foster homes to groom them for positions within the agency, just like she did Callen. She told him that story of Hitler doing that in Russia to groom children from a young age to become sleeper agents in the US. (I was so reminded of Alias with this episode. LOL) I would love to se Andrea Roth back, as I think Callen needs to get some, and she’d be the perfect choice for that… Just sayin’! LOL We also got some great Kensi & Deeks stuff, which should continue this week, as well. Yay!

On tonight’s episode, “Parley,” Deeks goes undercover to obtain information about an infamous arms dealer looking to get back in the business, but the woman he befriends leads the operation in a dangerous directon. Meanwhile, Kensi confronts new emotions as she runs surveillance on Deeks and his female source. Jeananne Goossen guest stars.

To see how jealous Kensi gets and if she admits to herself or Deeks that she has feelings for him, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Hell’s Kitchen, 19 Kids & Counting, Counting Cars, Chopped, Body of Proof, & Grimm.

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