Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD Giveaway! ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

Congratulations to Christelle for winning the Teen Wolf giveaway! Check your email.

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12 Responses to Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD Giveaway! ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

  1. Christelle Lawson says:

    The entire Teen Wolf series has brought me nothing but joy when it first came out, the imagination that it has and the way it makes me feel–it always leaves me reeling! Every episode doesn’t fail to either leave me in awe or even angry that I had to wait and entire week to see what happened next!

    My favorite part of season 2 was when the characters started to come together (more or less) for the common cause of keeping those they cared about safe. I loved how much the characters evolved and more of the dynamics were uncovered (I loved seeing Stiles interact more with his father!)

    Season 3, I can’t wait for whatever may be happening. I just can’t wait. It’s insane…how much I can’t wait for season 3. I want to see more of Peter Hale and I want to see Issac smile more! Just a few of many wishes that could be fufilled…

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more Derek and Stiles moments!

  2. bill norris says:

    The show is awesome as well as the cast! When they brought more of the Hunters into the show while meeting at the funeral it made for a great story arc and trying to find out who controlled the evil water hating baddie…awesome. I so wanna see Styles get the love of his life…instead of being totally denied all the time. The commercials for ssn 3 with the evil looking scott drowning himself…..intense

  3. tina krauss says:

    Haven’t seen the show since season 1, so that is why I want it.

  4. Ronald Oliver says:

    I think Teen Wolf is a fun series..even for those of us who are well beyond their teen years..HINT! 🙂 The series is entertaining, well written, and I always look forward to each new episode. The entire cast of young talent are well suited for each of their character roles in the TV series. And collectively, they help make for a great show! I would love to be able to procure a DVD copy of Teen Wolf Season TWO! I own Season ONE on DVD, and Season TWO is a MUST own as well! Thanks for the chance.

  5. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I love teen wolf! it’s one of my all time favorite shows! Tyler Posey & Dylan O’Brien are amazing!! i cant wait for the new season!! I’d love to win this season set so I can catch up before season 3!

  6. Stefanie Gladden says:

    also retweeted! stephcoupnsxx

  7. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says:

    Have been super busy and missed the start of the season, so I decided to wait and catch up on BD

  8. Lindsay says:

    Huge fan of the series. I want more Derrick in season 3!

  9. bn100 says:

    I’d like to watch the episodes I missed

  10. Simri Bautista says:

    The reason why I love teen wolf is because I ca. Relate with every single character on the show in some way ! It has an amazing storyline and it’s full with mystery , action and romance !!! I could seriously go on and on about why I love the show ! I talk about it alllll the time like literally every single day ! Lol my favorite part about season 2 was the episodes titled raving and battlefield , I liked raving because of all the action and the mystery and the mind twisters and aaaaaahhhh Derek saves Scott and bites Allison’s mom !!!! I like battlefield because its when Alison goes all evil and stuff and she is so cool ! And then Gerard attack and it’s just full of action and is like when you are so excited and you don’t want it to end ! In season 3 I’m spec tiny more mystery and I really want Derek to find a love interest and like not suffer so much . I also want to know more about the weird symbols placed on beacon hills .

  11. Tiare says:

    I am a really big fan of this show I love!!! TEEN WOLF so much!! I have always wanted to own a teen wolf dvd because of how I really like the show.
    The reason I would like to win the dvd is because I love how the writer gives. Us a promo and we think its going to happen. Ut the it turns the complete opposite thing.
    My favorite part of season 2 was when allison turned bad because what i think that the scene meant the she will risk anything for family and she made me feel like if my mom dies I would want to the person that did something to her pay ands thats how it was. But what I also like was season 2 episode 4& 5 abomination, venomous because we get to see that lydia is amuned. And derrik thinks is jackson.

    What i think that is going to happen in season three is that scot will have to let go of his old pack which is lydia allison and stiles beacause he wants the alpha pack to leave so he will try everything for then to leave. Thank you and I hope I have a chance

  12. David says:

    I like the series, because not only does it appeal to the young audience, but it also appeals to LGBTQ youth. They can relate to the characters, and it also deals with trying to fit in, and the realistic awkwardness of youth. Plus, I haven’t seen an episode, so it would be great to introduce myself to the show.