Great New Site for TV (& More!) Recommendations!

PopCircleExpertI wanted to post today about a brand spankin’ new site for people who love not only TV, but books, music, & movies. Megan and I are both TV Experts on PopCircle, which is really kind of a cool and different type of place to not only share your own recommendations, but find others that are recommending things you might like as well. Here’s what PopCircle says directly from their site about their site:

“PopCircle is the best place to discover and share the Books, Songs, Movies and TV you love with others who share your taste. While many sites give you recommendations based on complete strangers (or companies pretending to be real people), PopCircle allows you to get recommendations from the friends, families and experts you choose, those whose taste you value.

Before PopCircle, getting online recommendations was been like shopping at a “big box” store. PopCircle is like being in your neighborhood bookstore, music store or video rental with your most trusted friends always at your side, and knowledgeable staff experts right there in case you want advice.

Let PopCircle help you find more of what you’ll love to read, watch or listen to.”

It’s really pretty cool! I am still getting started putting in everything I want to put in (as is Megan), but there’s lots to check out already. You can look over at the sidebar and click on the PopCircle icon to go directly to my profile and see my recommendations. Sign up and let me know how you like it! PopCircle Signup

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