Our Thoughts on the CBS 2013-14 Pilot Trailers

In case you missed it, Megan, Kyle, & I gave our opinions yesterday on the ABC trailers. You can view that here. Now, we’re here to give you our opinions on the CBS shows, starting with the dramas.


  • Jenny: I want to like this show so badly because I love Dylan McDermott, and it’s part cop show…but I have a feeling it’s going to be a no-go for me for several reasons. One, the drama aspect (like all the stuff going on with the kids—the pregnant daughter, drug-dealing son or something), and two, I hate watching things with dirty cops. (One of my most hated movies I’ve ever watched is Training Day, with a dirty Denzel Washington.) But I’ll give it a shot because of how much I want to like it. – Curious.
  • Megan: Very rarely do I not like a Jerry Bruckheimer drama, so I’m sure this is quickly going to become a must watch for me. The premise of a political conspiracy where Ellen (Toni Collette) is being coerced to assassinate the President to save her family, who are being held hostage by Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott) is a very intriguing and exciting one. I love that it’s only a 12-episode season so the story line is forced to move quickly and dramatically, similar to shows on cable networks like HBO. – Excited.
  • Kyle: This looks like an exciting series from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott, who I’ve enjoyed in other dramatic series. I like that it is only a 12-episode series, starting in September and ending in January—which means that it should hopefully be a lot tighter in the writing, won’t drag on, and will give some resolution by the end. – Excited.

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  • Jenny: Immediately what came to mind when I saw this trailer and heard about the show was that it was a combination of Chuck & Jake 2.0, which were two shows I adored. Add in the sexy Josh Holloway and terrific Marg Helgenberger and I’m sold. – Excited.
  • Megan: This looks like an intense action thriller that will appeal to both men and women. I love when a show is able to draw my attention episode after episode. This is going to be one of those shows, I can just tell. Gabriel (Josh Holloway) is a great choice for a hero, and I love seeing Marg Helgenberger from CSI back on my TV so soon! This is one drama I am really looking forward to. – Excited.
  • Kyle: This looks like another fun action/adventure show. I like the cast and the premise—even if it is really just a combination of 6 Million Dollar Man, Chuck, & Jake 2.0. – Excited.

Now on to the comedies…


  • Jenny: There are comedies that are so wrong, I can’t help but love them (Raising Hope), and then comedies that are so wrong, they’re just wrong (Two and a Half Men, even though I still watch. LOL). I’m not sure which of those categories this one’s gonna fall into for me. I want to like it, but time will tell… – Curious.
  • Megan: I like Anna Farris and I love Allison Janney, so I’m a little more leinient then some about the sometimes crude humor that the show resorts to. In all honesty, I found quite a bit of this funny—even the licking cocaine crumbs from a shag carpet. Can a mom that was an alcoholic turn it around and be a good mom? Who knows, but the journey to do so with Anna is probably going to be funny, so I’m in for now. – Curious.
  • Kyle: I really wanted to like this because of Anna Farris, but I don’t think even she can save this show. It resorts to jokes about licking cocaine crumbs from a shag carpet? Why does CBS feel the need to resort to trashy low-class humor—and why do the Nielson households eat this stuff up?! – Most Likely 1 and Done.


The Crazy Ones

  • Jenny: I’m not as excited as this one as Megan & Kyle are. I’m hopeful that this’ll be good, but sometimes, Robin Williams can be over-the-top for me in a bad way. I loved him in Mrs. Doubtfire, but when I see him on talk shows & stuff, sometimes he annoys me. I’m very interested to watch the full pilot, though. Hopefully it’ll be as good as I think it can be. – Curious.
  • Megan: This cast is like a dream come true for me. I adore Sarah Michelle Gellar (Hello! Major Buffy fan here…), but I think that because she’s always been seen as this badass demon fighter, people forget how funny she was on Buffy as well. This is a chance for her to stretch that humorous side out and show the world she’s got what it takes. Robin Williams as her father is genius casting, and together, I think they may just have a slam dunk. I’m optimistic that David E. Kelley can break his funky streak and deliver a great show, but again, time will tell. – Excited.
  • Kyle: This may be the most promising of the new CBS comedies. It’s got a great cast with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robin Williams, and Hamish Linklater and an interesting premise. The extended trailer shown during the upfront presentation wasn’t all that funny, but the clips in this behind-the-scenes video looked like fun. My concerns are that David E. Kelley hasn’t really had a good show in a while, and I can’t think of a successful single-camera comedy on CBS without a laugh track. – Curious.


The Millers

  • Jenny: Another family comedy? This one starring Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges, & J.B. Smoove? I’m totally in. The trailer made me laugh, and I can’t wait to see more of Margo Martindale especially in this comedic role. – Excited.
  • Megan: What would happen if you were recently separated and then your mom moved in with you because your dad decided that he too wanted to “be happy?” Personally, I would probably end up on America’s Most Wanted if my mother moved in with me—but Nathan (Will Arnett) seems to be handling it better. It’s a funny idea, and it’s probably going to get even more hysterical as the season goes on. I’m definitely in for at least a few episodes, but I’ll probably be here the whole season. – Curious.
  • Kyle: This is another show I wanted to like, because it comes from Greg Garcia and stars the wonderful Margo Martindale and Will Arnett, but once again, it resorts to low-class fart jokes (there were a lot more of them in the full trailer shown during the upfront presentation). Maybe if the show can clean up its act, I’ll stick with it. – Curious.


We Are Men

  • Jenny: I am more excited about this show than Megan and Kyle are. For one, I love the cast. The trailer (or Fall Preview video, rather) made me laugh, and I love the premise of the other three helping the newest member of the group after he was left at the alter. I’m cautiously optimistic about this one, simply because I’m not sure how it’ll do in the ratings, but I can’t wait to see the whole pilot. – Curious.
  • Megan: I’m a little hesitant to like this show because of the cast. I love Jerry O’Connell, but every time he’s in a show, it seems to get canceled. That aside, the trailer was just a little “blah” for me, although it did at least get one or two laughs, so I’ll watch the full pilot to see. – Most Likely 1 and Done.
  • Kyle: Wow, this show looks horrible!—I didn’t like the premise or the setting. I’ve enjoyed the cast in other projects, but I don’t think that’s enough to make me watch this—and I can’t recall a good comedy that Jerry O’Connell has done. – Most Likely 1 and Done.
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