Our Thoughts on the CW 2013-14 Pilot Trailers

Megan, Kyle, & I have been giving our opinions on the trailers for the new fall shows. You can check out the ones we’ve already posted: ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX. Now, we’re here to give you our opinions on the CW pilot previews.


  • Jenny: Not. My. Thing. At. All. Even less so than regular dramas. Marking as Most Likely 1 and Done…but I’m not even going to give it that much. – Most Likely 1 and Done.
  • Megan: A story about Mary Queen of Scots? I’m intrigued…but cautious. This is an astronomical story to tackle, and if they mess it up (which, frankly, The CW has a history of doing), it’ll be horrific. Don’t mess with historic figures unless you can do them justice. All that aside, the trailer looks promising and I’m mildly hopeful. – Curious.
  • Kyle: From the video, you can’t really tell what this is about. If it falls into the political Tudors-style show, then I’m excited. However, if it falls into a romance drama like most CW shows, I’ll most likely be dropping it quickly. – Curious.

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  • Jenny: I’m always leery of CW shows. I have yet to find one I like since One Tree Hill. Don’t know if I’ve outgrown them or what… Regardless, this trailer drew me in and has me curious about what’s up with the new kids…so I’m looking forward to the pilot to find out! – Curious.
  • Megan: Unlike Kyle, who seems to have a distaste for The CW’s romantic dramas, I am all for the romance. This one looks promising, and I’m so intrigued to see if the love between two unfathomable people will unite the nations. – Excited.
  • Kyle: Can’t figure out what this show is about from the trailer, but the production value looks good. Once again, I fear it may turn into the usual CW romantic drama. – Curious.


The 100

  • Jenny: I quit watching Terra Nova when it started focusing more on the drama and the conspiracies than adjusting to a new world complete with dinosaurs. I’m curious as to what will make this one different… – Curious.
  • Megan: I was excited about Terra Nova last season, but that flopped for me, so I’m nervous to want this to succeed. Although, if anyone does outlandish ideas well, it’s The CW. Could these 100 juvenile delinquents be the salvation for the human race? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely worth a couple episodes of my time. – Curious.
  • Kyle: The premise sounds interesting, but can’t really tell from the clip—could be a good replacement for Terra Nova or just another CW angsty romantic drama. – Curious.


The Originals

  • Jenny: I haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries since like mid-way through season 1 or something. So not at all interested in this one. Like Reign, I’m marking this as ML1aD, but I’ll be skipping without watching the pilot. – Most Likely 1 and Done.
  • Megan: I enjoy The Vampire Diaries when I actually get a chance to catch up on it, so I’m interested in this show. Honestly, I’m more interested in this show than The Vampire Diaries as of late, but that’s a rant for another post. 🙂 Let’s just say that I’m optimistic that this cast, paired with superb writing, will make it a hit—and hopefully it won’t follow in the footsteps of The Secret Circle. – Excited.
  • Kyle: I quit watching The Vampire Diaries after two seasons and never watched the backdoor pilot for this show. I will watch the premiere, but most likely that will be the only episode I watch. – Most Likely 1 and Done.


The Tomorrow People

  • Jenny: This one is probably the one I am most looking forward to checking out. I love the “powers” aspect of it. But again, it’s a CW show, so I’m leery about whether or not I’ll enjoy it. Looking forward to the pilot. – Curious.
  • Megan: This is another show that has peaked my curiosity—although we all know about the cat and curiosity. I don’t think my demise will be quick with my love for this show because the special effects are intense, the cast seems solid, and overall, the story is one that can always be told in a thousand ways. I’m ready to embrace tomorrow… Are you? – Excited.
  • Kyle: I never really watched either of the two previous versions of this series—just saw a few random episodes of the remake when i was younger. However, I like the premise (kind of a Heroes/Alphas vibe), and it looks like they’ve got some good effects. – Curious.
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