If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/26/13

Television is slowing down a bit as most of our favorite shows are coming to an end for the season, but don’t fret. The summer season is just about to spring to life. As for tonight, it’s a little slow, so let’s see what is on tonight that we think you should tune in to.

Megan’s Choice

smash526smallIt’s surprising to me that Smash didn’t do as well this season as it did last. Especially when shows like Glee manage to squeak by with another season when their last one was mediocre at best. In all truth, I found this season of Smash to be way more entertaining and well-balanced than last season.

Unfortunately, tonight, the lights go out on our favorite Broadway show. My hope is that the writers care enough about the viewers to make sure we get a nicely wrapped-up ending. NO CLIFF-HANGERS, PLEASE!!!

On tonight’s finale, “The Nominations/The Tonys,” tension escalates as Tony nominations loom.

To see how this series wraps up, tune in to NBC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Iron Chef America.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

arresteddevelopments4smallThe Bluths are back—after 7 years, Arrested Development finally returns for its fourth season, and Netflix has posted all 15 of the episodes today! In preparation for today, I re-watched seasons 1-3 on DVD last weekend and was reminded of just how hilarious this show was. It is so masterly-crafted, with seemingly throw-away lines and jokes leading to big payoffs episodes or even seasons later. Plus, the show had some amazing guest stars who have gone on to have their own shows since.

This fourth season is structured a little differently than the others, as each episode focuses on one Bluth family member. So several of the episodes actually occur simultaneously. However, the creators have said that you should still watch them in order, as there are jokes that build on previous episodes (I’m not sure why anyone would watch out of order anyway!) I just hope we still get to see the ensemble together, as that was always one of the best parts of the show.

I’ve stocked up unlimited juice to keep me going and have some hot ham water on the stovetop for lunch—now bring on the marathon, because I can’t wait any longer!

I’ll also be watching/recording Smash, Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited, and Nurse Jackie.

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