If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/6/13

If reality competition shows are your thing, then Thursdays just got better—there are three new ones starting up tonight! TNT has The Hero, in which The Rock tests to see which contestants have the attributes of a hero—strength, courage, and integrity. Following that on TNT is 72 Hours, in which teams of 3 strangers are dropped in a remote location with limited supplies and have 72 hours to find and retrieve a suitcase of money before the other teams (it sounds better than it is). And Reelz has Race to the Scene, which finds host Dolph Lundgren and the teams of contestants recreating memorable scenes from Hollywood films. But enough about reality TV—here are the dramas we recommend you check out tonight.

Kyle’s Choice #1

graceland66smallUSA Network adds the new series Graceland to its lineup tonight. The series finds young undercover agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and US Customs living together in a seized beachfront property known as “Graceland.” The opener finds rookie FBI agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) moving into the house when another agent is wounded after his cover is blown. Warren looks forward to meeting his mentor, the legendary Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata). While Warren is a more by-the-book kind of guy, Briggs is anything but.

USA made this pilot available a month ago on OnDemand, and I really enjoyed it. It’s got everything you’d expect from a USA series—action, mystery, and humor. Though this falls more on the Burn Notice/Suits side of the spectrum than say…Psych. I liked the characters, the premise, and the relationships they have set up, and there are some unexpected twists and turns. I’m looking forward to seeing where the series goes.

On tonight’s 73-minute extended episode, “Graceland (Pilot),” FBI rookie Mike Warren is assigned to Graceland, a beachfront mansion where agents from multiple law-enforcement groups work and live. Mike learns the ropes with help from star agent Paul Briggs, who has a unique philosophy on the job and is fiercely protective of Graceland.

To see if this new drama is right up your alley, tune in to USA Network at 10/9c.
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Jenny’s Choice

burnnotice66smallBurn Notice’s sixth season was a huge game changer in a lot of ways. Fiona went to prison after the problems Michael & the team had at the British consulate. While in prison, she was targeted for murder. She eventually got out of prison after agreeing to do some favors for the CIA. Michael teamed up with his old trainer at the CIA, Tom Card, which eventually led to his brother Nate’s death. After tracking down the man that killed him, Michael & the team learned that Card was behind it all, and they then teamed up with the shooter to try to bring down Card. In the end, Michael killed Card, and that put him and his team in Agent Riley’s crosshairs. They were barely able to keep a step ahead of her, and then Sam was shot. They got him help from a doctor who’d had his license taken away, but while there, assassins stormed the house, and Michael & the team figured out they’d been sent by Agent Riley, who was in bed with a drug cartel. Meanwhile, Sam, Fiona, Madeline, & Jesse were arrested, and when Michael was able to get Agent Riley to turn herself in, the whole story came out. Right at the end of the finale, the others were released from prison, but they learned that Michael had made a deal to get them all freed, much to Fiona’s irritation.

It seems Michael is back and somewhat in charge at the CIA. That should make for an interesting season. Are Fiona and Michael over? Surely not, not with this being the final season for Burn Notice. I can’t imagine them not having the pair together in the end. I’m sure the road won’t be smooth for their relationship this season, but… And how will Maddie’s relationship with Michael be this season? She was so angry with him last season after Nate was killed while helping his brother. I hope we see a bit of the old Maggie, not just the mother that lost her son.

On tonight’s episode, “New Deal,” Michael is hired by an underground terrorist to steal sensitive equipment from a defense facility in the Dominican Republic where he works undercover as part of his CIA deal, while Sam and Jesse chase a tip that Michael’s life may be in danger.

See the final season premiere tonight on USA Network at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Hell’s Kitchen, The Hero, Chopped, Pawn Star$, Renovation Raiders, Men at Work, & Graceland.

Kyle’s Choice #2

intheflesh66smallTonight, BBC America kicks off a three-night event, In the Flesh. Years after a zombie outbreak, doctors have found a way to cure the undead, and a law has been passed allowing the rehabilitated “Partially Deceased” back into society. However, just because it’s legal for them to return, it doesn’t mean that society will accept them. As Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), an 18-year-old rehabilitated zombie, tries to adjust to life after being returned to his family, he also lives in fear of the neighborhood watch, who don’t approve of the integration.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first hour of this series. It was a well-thought out, thought-provoking drama. It’s not the usual zombie story that’s all about outbreaks, attacks, and gore. Rather, the zombie twist is merely used as a backdrop for an exploration of human nature and society. It’s an interesting look at how people react to change and fear. While primarily a drama, it also has some humorous and thrilling moments.

On tonight’s episode, Kieren returns to his home village of Roarton, but he isn’t warmly received by all, including his sister.

Watch Kieren’s trials and tribulations after his return home tonight on BBC America at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Save Me, Hannibal, Hell’s Kitchen, Does Someone Have to Go?, Chopped, Giving You the Business, Men at Work, The Hero, Burn Notice, Race to the Scene, and Greatest Event in Television History.

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