Recap/Review – Major Crimes – “Final Cut” – 6/10/13

majorcrimesrecap613smallThe Major Crimes squad is back, and this time, they’re investigating the murder of a director’s wife, all the while assuming that he did it. A new Assistant D.A. arrives and clashes with Raydor when she aggressively prepares Rusty for trial.


Detectives pull a bloody body out of a pool. Flynn and Provenza are first on scene; Provenza skipped out on a retirement dinner to spruce up his evening with the some police work. Gretchen Elliot, wife of Martin Elliot, big-time director, is the woman in the pool. He had a state of the art security system. However, as Provenza has guessed, it mysteriously malfunctioned during the time of her murder. Mr. Elliot found his wife in the pool, but did not attempt to rescue her; he simply called 911. Elliot, well aware of his rights, goes through the story of how he found his wife, for the camera.

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Next, in the morgue, since the body was left out for so long, Dr. Morales gives the detectives a four-hour window for time of death and the news that Gretchen was three months pregnant. She was stabbed and likely asleep when so.

Deputy D.A. Emma Rios interrupts the proceedings. She’s there for the Phillip Stroh case, but has recently been assigned to Gretchen’s case.

The knife was found in the pool and matches the set found in the Elliot’s kitchen.

Rios isn’t so quick to believe that the husband did it without concrete evidence.

Raydor shows Mr. Elliot a copy of the press release, and his only concern is that they leave out the name of his film. He must be overcome with grief. He makes further changes and adds his alibi: an actress he was with that night. He also admits to knowing that his wife was pregnant; she was supposed to be his second chance.

The detectives give Mr. Elliot his phone, and he makes a call to someone, asking them to make sure to tell the police that she was with him the night of the murder.

Rios interviews Rusty for the case against Stroh and pursues a line of questioning around his years as a child prostitute. Rios also learns that Raydor is Rusty’s guardian, and she isn’t too happy about that.

The number Mr. Elliot called is registered to his corporation. The detectives track Mrs. Elliot’s phone calls while Ashley, Elliot’s ex-wife, walks into the station with their two children. Ashley claims that Martin cheated when she was pregnant with their second child and hasn’t taken much of an interest in the boys. She also admits that she and Gretchen went from Martin’s mistresses to wives. His first wife, Britney Wells, commuted suicide, and valium was found in her system. He found the body after coming home from work. Gretchen too had valium in her system.

They present the evidence claiming that that it must be someone close to him, as all of it points to him being the killer. He presents his alibi: a Ms. Jennifer O’Brien, but they already know he told her to lie. With this new information, Elliot asks for his lawyer, but then learns of how it will tarnish his oh-so-sacred image and begrudgingly cooperates.

Taylor threatens to place Rusty back with DCFS if he doesn’t cooperate with the unlikeable Rios.

Sharon convinces Rusty to keep talking with Emma—without bringing up Taylor’s threat.

Rios, obviously unfamiliar with the premise of the show, wants to go trial and avoid a deal. Taylor convinces her to wait it out.

Flynn power walks while Provenza ponders over retirement yet again before meeting with Jennifer O’Brien, Martin Elliot’s faux alibi. And the maybe mistress has a husband. They take Jennifer to his house and then to the precinct. She says she felt compelled to be his alibi so that she could stay in his movie. She was supposed to meet Martin at the Hotel Parino the night of Gretchen’s murder, but Martin never showed. And Gretchen received a phone call from the hotel right before her death.

The detectives visit the hotel with a warrant. The room has a standing reservation every Wednesday for Mr. Elliott. Buzz notices the camera, and the team visits the security room to view footage from the night of the murder. On it, they find Ashley, Elliot’s ex-wife.

Now at the precinct, Ashley denies any involvement in Gretchen’s murder. Raydor and Rios claim that she killed both his first and present wives, as neither had prescriptions for valium. They give Ashley a chance to confess and take the deal of 30 years for two second-degree murders.

As the detectives watch on the screen, Rusty pulls Provenza aside. He’s agreed to talk with Rios, only if he can do it alone, and he wants Provenza to convince Sharon not to be in the room.

Ashley knew that Martin was a creature of habit and would be meeting with his mistress on Wednesdays. She didn’t mind him leaving her for Gretchen; she just didn’t want him to have any more children. Once she made sure he was at the hotel, she paid Gretchen a visit, slipped valium in her smoothie, then stabbed her and dropped her in the pool. Ashley doesn’t outright admit to murdering Brittany, but does little to deny it.

Martin Elliot wins sole custody of his sons and is mortified that their presence will interfere with his film.

Sharon has agreed to let Rios interview Rusty alone, but will not put him out of her home.

Wow, I missed this show, and it didn’t disappoint…for the most part. I don’t like this Rios character (doesn’t she look like she’s 17?!), but then again, we aren’t supposed to like her now that Sykes has taken a back seat on the annoying-character-of-the-season role. And it’s always fun to watch her lose to the always calm Raydor. I didn’t expect the inclusion of Stroh’s trial in this season. I thought it would have been something that would have happened between seasons and we would just watch the aftereffects. It’s going to be interesting to see how that will play out.

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