If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/19/13

I have been spending a lot of time fishing lately, and I have learned a few interesting things about myself. It’s amazing how much we learn about ourselves when we push our comfort zone—unfortunately, how far I push my comfort zone, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to handle putting the bait on the hook myself… Worms feel icky. 🙂 Good thing I have someone who will do it for me, just like I help plan his television schedule! Speaking of schedules, let’s see what you should be watching tonight.

Megan’s Choice

americanbakingcompetitionsmallAt first, I was skeptical about whether or not CBS would be able to pull of a baking show, but with The American Baking Competition, they proved to me that they can! I have really been enjoying the level of challenges on this show, as well as Jeff Foxworthy’s hosting—he is actually quite funny. Last week’s cake challenges were tough, but I loved all the surprise cakes at the end, especially Kolette’s checkered cake. I now want to challenge myself to make an awesome checkered cake like that.

On tonight’s episode, “Breads,” the contestants must bake and present bread to the toughest judge of all—Paul Hollywood; one contestant add red-hots to her bread.

To see whose bread rises above the rest, tune in to CBS at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching MasterChef, Franklin & Bash, and Hot in Cleveland.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

futuramasmallGood and bad news, everyone… Futurama finally returns tonight for the second half of its seventh season…but these will be the final 13 episodes of the series. That’s right, the Planet Express crew will be hanging up their hats at the end of this season. So I, for one, plan to savor each and every episode we have left this season—and tonight, we get a double-header to kick off this final run. We’ve been in this situation before, so even though it’s been “cancelled” for now, it’s certainly possible for the Planet Express crew to come out of retirement at some future date for more wacky adventures!

On tonight’s first episode, “2-D Blacktop,” the Professor joins a street-racing gang. Then, in “Fry and Leela’s Big Fling,” Fry and Leela’s romantic getaway goes awry when their vacation spot turns out to be an alien zoo.

See how the end begins tonight on Comedy Central at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The American Baking Competition, Family Tools, How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life), MasterChef, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, Franklin & Bash, MythBusters, and Royal Pains.

JJ’s Choice

masterchef2012smallI was very late to the MasterChef party, but since season 4 started, I’ve grown to love it so much that I’ve binge-watched season 2 (Jennifer!) and season 3 (Christine!!!) in the meantime. I love the judges and mostly love all the contestant (oh my, that Christian was annoying in season 2, and Natasha is getting on my nerves this season as well), and this season so far has been great. I’m loving me some Krissi. I love her loud mouth, especially since she directs it at the right people and has been able to back it up so far. And I love a good redemption story, so the addition of Luca in this season is great. But he needs to start performing better and be more consistent; otherwise, he won’t stay too long.

Last week, the contestants teamed up to cook for 101 firefighters, with Bime and Bethy as team captains. Bime’s team lost the challenge, and in the pressure test, only Krissi and Bri were saved and the remaining four contestants were given one more chance to stay in the competition by cooking in one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. In freaking Las Vegas!! Natasha was being a bitch in the kitchen there, but in the end, Luca and Kathy had to fight it out in the cook-off, which Luca won.

On tonight’s episode, “Top 15 Compete/Top 14 Compete,” the contestants must create an exquisite dish with the foreign ingredients in the mystery box challenge, and for the elimination, Joe’s mom and legendary chef Lidia Bastianich will help judge which pasta will win and which is worst. In the second hour, the contestant team up to cook for the cast and crew of Glee, and Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, and Matthew Morrison help judge which team takes the win. In the end, two more cooks will have left the competition.

Find out who goes home on FOX, starting at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, and Hot in Cleveland.

Jenny’s Choice

hotinclevelandsmallI’m so happy because tonight is the return of three adorably funny comedies on TV Land. This little network really made a name for themselves when they first started Hot in Cleveland. I really love that show. Besides the fabulous Betty White, the other ladies are just as great. I also love the cast on The Exes (so glad Turk is back on my TV! 😉 ) and The Soul Man—and while I love that HiC gets a full 24 episodes, it’s odd because they split up the season, so it isn’t like we get it more often than the others, which only have like 10. Still, all three are back tonight, with the continuation of season 4 for HiC and the season premieres of the other two, so I can’t help but recommend them all!

When we last left Hot in Cleveland, Victoria told everyone she was going to Morocco with Emmett, Melanie said she was moving in with Alec, which meant Joy would be alone with Elka—a recipe for hilarity & disaster! Right at the end, Joy found…something Elka’s been keeping secret in the kitchen. I don’t think we know what it is, so that’ll be interesting…

theexes619smallOn tonight’s episode, “It’s Alive,” Joy, Melanaie, & Victoria realize that Elka’s life could be put in danger because of her recent illegal activities. They attempt to help their friend out of a difficult situation. Tonight’s episode is LIVE, which should be interesting & a lot of fun!

Last season of The Exes ended with a bang, when the gang, including a very pregnant Eden—who was a surrogate for Holly’s boss—crashed a party on Phil’s boss’s yacht. Eden went into labor, but the only ones available to deliver the baby were the group of friends. In the end, they posed for a picture with the new little one. It was cute & funny. 🙂

On tonight’s episode, “Toy Story,” Stuart, Phil, and Haskell accidentally break Holly’s…pleasure-enhancing device and must attempt, as quickly as they can, to repair it before she gets home and finds out so their friendship isn’t put in jeopardy.

thesoulman619smallFinally, on last season’s finale of The Soul Man, Loretta Devine guest starred as Barton’s ex-wife, Della, (Boyce & Stamps’s mother). She showed up in St. Louis, just before there was a blackout. (Coincidence? LOL) Barton was planning to move to Florida, but Della convinceed him to stay in St. Louis—and is a reunion in the works for them?. And Lolli thought she was pregnant, but the test showed negative.

On tonight’s episode, “Get Thee Behind Me,” Boyce must undergo a medical physical as the result of a new church policy, and he’s very confident that he’s in outstanding shape, but the doctor reveals a test result that could be serious. Lolli’s sister, Kim, moves to town.

To laugh along with me, turn to TV Land tonight at 10/9c & stick around for the other two at 10:30/9:30c & 11/10c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The American Baking Competition, MasterChef, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, Franklin & Bash x 2, Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, Royal Pains, & Top Shot.

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