Wedding Band Season 1 DVD Review

weddingbands1dvdreviewsmallThe TBS comedy Wedding Band hit shelves a couple of weeks ago. If you missed this show when it was airing, you missed a good time. It’s quirky, fun, and was sweet and funny—a great combination. Plus, it had a great cast: Brian Austin Green (most notable as David Silver on Beverly Hills 90210), Harold Perrineau (Lost), Peter Cambor (NCIS: LA), & Derek Miller (Secret Girlfriend). Twentieth Century Fox describes it as the following:

“You’re cordially invited to party it up with the WEDDING BAND, the hilarious and light-hearted new comedy starring Brian Austin Green and Harold Perrineau. Follow the outrageously funny ups and downs of four friends who are members of a fun-loving Seattle rock band called Mother of the Bride. They haven’t figured out their personal lives, but they do know one thing for sure—weddings are the best place to meet women, drink up and rock out. Featuring A-list guest stars like Megan Fox and Molly Sims, this Wedding Crashers-meets-The Wedding Singer comedy mash-up marries two key elements to any party…terrific music and lots of laughter.”

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The DVD features all ten episodes and great special features: Finding the Rhythm: Music and Comedy—basically a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show, including the combination of music and comedy; Wedding Themes; Wedding Band Jukebox—allowing you to look back at the musical performances on the show, done by the actual actors, which was impressive!

Wedding Band may have only lasted one season on TBS, but it’s something you shouldn’t miss. It’s not perfect (what show is? *shrug*), but it’s funny, sweet, and a show you can totally rock out to. (I mean, really, don’t you want to sing along with them as they totally blow the normal wedding songs out of the water by tackling Aerosmith—my favorite—and more?)

Get your copy of Wedding Band Season 1 on DVD now. Rock on!

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