If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/2/13

Dang, it’s been quiet so far this week with my kid gone. I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on TV, including the premiere of Under the Dome. SO many questions!! I’m not sure how much I’m gonna like this show. It’s really dark, and you guys know by now how much I hate in-fighting, and this show is ripe with it. But I’ll watch a few more episodes before I figure out if it’s something I’ll continue watching. 🙂 As for tonight, there’s some great stuff on, so check out our recommendations. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

rizzoliisles72smallI LOVE Rizzoli & Isles. I love both the cast and the story lines. In last week’s premiere, we found out that Maura did give her kidney to her half-sister. Maura was hurt when she didn’t hear from either her mother or sister, and she convinced Jane to help “spy on her kidney.” That’s when her sister caught her and said thank you. She also gave Maura a gift—a cameo or pendant or something—that her birth father gave Hope, her birth mother. Hope had passed it down to her daughter (Maura’s sister), but Cailin decided it should go to Maura instead. And Casey was back, walking! He went in for the risky surgery, only to find out the diagnosis had been wrong. They removed the shrapnel pressed against his nerve or spinal column or whatever, and he’s well on his way to being back to normal. He was going back to Afghanistan to learn how to help other soldiers. But when he gets back to Boston, he & Jane said they’re going to give their relationship a shot (which scares her!). Case-wise, a female senator was assassinated in front of her ex-senator father during a parade. Her sister killed her because she was digging into why children were getting sick in a nearby town, and the sister had been paid to cover it all up. It was really heart-wrenching for the father and for the husband of the dead woman.

On tonight’s episode, “In Over Your Head,” while investigating the homicide of an overzealous journalism student, Jane is not happy when a former colleague returns to BPD as the new lieutenant of the drug unit (guest star Amaury Nolasco, Prison Break). But the murder she’s investigating soon forces her to deal with him—and the event that wrecked their relationship. Meanwhile, an alarming tip from Cailin (guest star Emilee Wallace) causes Maura to investigate Hope (guest star Sharon Lawrence).

See what Maura has to investigate tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent, Chopped, & Total Blackout.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

bigbrother2012smallThe new season of Big Brother is in full swing—though I still don’t know most of these contestants’ names. Pizza boy McCrae became the first Head of Household and nominated Jessie and Candice for eviction because he thought they were the most-disliked houseguests. However, everyone seems to have figured out that Elissa is Rachel Riley’s sister and want her gone—though no one has told her they know. A third of the houseguests have also been assigned as Have-Nots for the week and got to see their new bedroom—which is made up of rows of airplane seats.

On tonight’s episode, we find out who America voted to be the first Big Brother MVP, who will make the third nomination (fingers-crossed Elissa gets added to the couch). Then the nominated houseguests will compete for the power of veto, and someone new may be put on the block.

I still haven’t figured out who I’m going to root for this season, because many of this year’s houseguests are so completely arrogant, narcissistic, and full of themselves—and that’s just the guys. 🙂 (Particularly David and Jeremy.) Although, this shouldn’t really be a surprise, when they hire a young cast full of models and wannabes.

See where the votes lie tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Chopped, Perception, Exit, and Total Blackout.

JJ’s Choice

sytycdlogosmallSomehow, this year on So You Think You Can Dance, the new format has really made it hard for me to connect to the contestants. I don’t have any real favorites yet, although Mariah keeps grabbing my attention whenever she’s on camera. I like Fik-Shun’s smile, but I’m already getting tired of it (it seems one-note..). It will be interesting to see who America voted for and what the judges decide to do.

On tonight’s episode, “Top 20 Perform/2 Eliminated,” the top 20 dance again and, at the end of the episode, learn which 2 dances will have to leave the competition.

Find out who goes home on FOX at 8/7c.

Sadly, no other shows are airing for me tonight.

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