If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/15/13

I know we have all been bombarded with a lot of sad news this weekend, but I would like to take this moment to send out condolences to Cory Monteith’s family, friends, and fans. He was a talented young man who’s life ended far too soon. The choirs will sound even sweeter with his beautiful voice joining them. Now on to some distracting television.

Megan’s Choice

thebachelorette2013smallI don’t usually choose those silly dating shows, but I have fallen into the trap of The Bachelorette this season. (Kyle, not a word.) To be honest, I couldn’t help myself, because Desiree is quite amusing, but the men this season are also intriguing (and yes, hot). Last week, we saw Michael go home, which I wasn’t surprised at all by because the relationship between them seemed very forced. He also kind of creeped me out—sorry, just saying. I’m rooting for Drew or Chris. I can’t decide which yet.

On tonight’s episode, Brooks, Chris, Drew, and Zak bring Desiree to their hometowns, where she meets their families.

To see how the family interactions go, tune in to ABC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Teen Wolf, American Ninja Warrior, Mistresses, and Under the Dome.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

kingmaxwell715smallKing & Maxwell is officially my favorite new show of the summer. It has everything I want in a cop show: fun cases, great chemistry, likeable characters, humor. Last week was a little darker than some of them have been. Family members of Sean’s old Secret Service team were being killed (or targeted, when one team member was accidentally killed instead of his brother). Watching Sean & Michelle figure it out was great. One thing that I found irritating (and not on the show’s part, but all on TNT & the powers that be, maybe?) was that the episodes were clearly aired out of order. This should’ve been aired before the kidnapping case from the week before. In that episode, Sean got information from Benny, who seemed like she was a former CI. This week, it felt like he went to find her for the first time since he’d last seen her years ago. Their banter didn’t seem like they’d just seen each other somewhat recently. Aside from all that, we got more information from Edgar (I simply adore this character!) about the shooting that ended Sean’s career—this time, that Bob Scott, one of the other members of the Secret Service detail, didn’t scramble when the gun went off. He was standing there looking calm, almost shifty, as people around him were scattering. Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser!

On tonight’s episode, “Stealing Secrets,” a congressman with a connection to Sean’s past hires King and Maxwell to uncover the secret identity of a menacing tabloid blogger. When the target of their investigation is suddenly murdered, their search leads them to a hired hit man and an unexpected betrayal. Jerry O’Connell (star Rebecca Romijn’s real-life husband) guest stars.

Find out who betrays whom tonight on TNT at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing American Ninja Warrior, The Glades, Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, Major Crimes, Longmire, & Under the Dome.

Kyle’s Choice

underthedome715smallLast week on Under the Dome, the (now former) deputy was locked up, but escaped and ran off into the woods. Big Jim organized a manhunt to find him, recruiting Barbie to join him. Even though Big Jim had learned earlier that Barbie had given his son a beating, he didn’t let on and actually seemed to be okay with it—he felt his son could use some toughening up. Meanwhile, Junior and Julia tried looking for an underground way to escape from the dome. And the neighborhood kids took advantage of Joe and his generator.

I’ve been really enjoying this series so far. Julia finally seems to be getting a little worried about what’s going on with her husband and curious about who Barbie really is. I’m hoping that Angie is able to escape soon and let people know just how crazy Junior is. I’m also anxious to learn what’s up with Big Jim—why is he stockpiling fuel, did he know what was going to happen, and what is he up to?!

On tonight’s episode, “Outbreak”, an outbreak of meningitis causes panic in Chester’s Mill as the town’s already-depleted medical supplies further dwindle. Meanwhile, Julia continues to search for answers into her husband’s disappearance.

Find out if Julia gets any answers tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, Siberia, Switched at Birth, Major Crimes, King & Maxwell, The Glades, and Teen Wolf.

JJ’s Choice

mistresses715smallI never expected a show like Mistresses to grab my attention like this. Somehow, it reminds me of the better seasons of Desperate Housewives, with a more interesting narrative and even prettier people in the cast. Last week, Savi and Josslyn got into it after Savi told Josslyn about her affair and the potential baby daddy. The scene broke my heart, and Jes Macallan (Josslyn) was great in it!

On tonight’s episode, “All In,” Josslyn moves in with April, Harry and Dominic face of at a social event, Karen meets up with Detective Newsome, and April attempts to put memories of her dead husband behind her so she can move on with Richard.

See if that works on ABC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Under the Dome.

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